The Legend of how Scientia came to be.

Our country's name came from the woman who founded the link between the realms of the unknown and the reality. In the year 2258 the world was in crisis. Darkness was slowly enveloping the world, as the unraveling of science became man's first objective. Cultures, traditions and religion were no more. The population was slowly decreasing as well as the sun's diminishing light.

With lesser sunlight, vegetation was slowly dying and oxygen became scarce. The land flooded and the fire was a rarity. The world was slowly coming to an end.

Man fought for survival. Kill or be killed. Their numbers inevitably dwindled while their human values were already discarded. That was when Scientia, the founders of our country came and saved the world. She was the sole member that guards the secret within the Bermuda triangle. It was prophesied that a blind woman will restore the line to the guardians of the unknown. She had gathered the remaining living man in the world and she had called them her eight guardians. They were given the power to wield the four elements, and together they rebuilt the country within the Bermuda Triangle.

As the legend goes, Scientia was the least intelligent in their country of geniuses. She was the only survivor from the disease that struck her countrymen; a disease that targets the most intelligent of people, deteriorating their mental capacity.

Together with her eight guardians, they waited for the constellation to align and form a hexagram. As the sun struck the center of the Bermuda triangle, the earth stop in its axis and a New World began. The sun's light activated and triggered the earth's movement and the constant changes. The withered flowers and plants began to bloom and grow. Insects and small animals went out from their hiding places to explore the New World with renowned curiosity while the fishes hump over and through the water currents with excitement.

It was the beginning of the 28th world. After the fall of Atlantis and the Ice age era, the secret country within the Bermuda triangle was given the duty to restore the world before it totally end.

That was why in the 19th and 20th century, even in Christopher Columbus' time, people who had went missing near the Bermuda triangle or within, had actually discovered, quite by accident, the secret country within the Bermuda triangle. Most people in that era believed that sea monsters ate the missing people, or as any genius with new scientific concepts, they vanish due to a time warp that surrounds in the Bermuda triangle. However, that isn't far from the truth. Those missing people were actually made citizens of our country; forbidden to leave the country and from ever revealing our secret to the oblivious world.

We are a pacifist people. We loathe wars and bloodshed. One of the reason we don't want any part of the outside world. The Bermuda triangle serves its purpose by protecting our country from the outside and within.


Thanks for reading.

Wonderful Dreamer