"… And this is how you work this equation. Any questions?" Said a short lady, writing on the chalkboard, her frizzy red hair has to her shoulders, her glasses pushed up high onto the bridge of her nose, magnifying green eyes. Her shirt was a plain baby blue button up shirt that clung to her shoulders but fell baggy around her everywhere else. Her skirt, a plain khaki, was to her ankles and she had on flip-flops that showed baby blue painted toe-nails.

"Yes Mrs. Li, I have a question about number thirty-one." A boy with shaggy brown hair that fell in his face said. "Ah yes, number thirty-one I'm glad you caught that-" Mrs. Li started to say, but was interrupted by a knock at the door. "Ah, the new student finally arrives." Mrs. Li said. All of the students turned their head towards the door as a girl with long brown hair, unnaturally green eyes, and pale skin walked in the room.

The girl pushed her bangs out of her face, looking at Mrs. Li. She opened her mouth to say something but Mrs. Li cut her off. "You must be the new girl, Karri if I remember correctly." Mrs. Li said. "Yes ma'am." Karri said, her velvet voice, as is she was singing, ringing out and striking all of the student, plus Mrs. Li. "Well Karri, take a seat." Mrs. Li said after a moment of shock. Karri nodded, walking to the back of the class, her black skirt swaying as she walked, her hair that went past her shoulders and to her knees flew back a little, she fixed her red shirt that had a black broken heart and said 'LOVE SUCKS' In big black letters, because it had risen up a tad.

The students she walked by were either jealous of her or were love struck, depending on the gender of the student. She sat down in the far back of the class, putting her bag beside the desk. The boy with shaggy brown hair smirked and turned around, realizing that she had picked the seat behind him. "Hey, I'm Leon." He said. "I didn't think I asked." She said, the melody that was her voice flowing from her lips and to Leon's ears. "I-I was just trying to be polite." Leon said. "I would rather you leave me be." Karri said, twirling her hair around her index finger.

Leon stared at her, shocked that she would say something like that to HIM of all people. "Well fine you little bitch." he said, turning around so his back was to her. 'Stupid boys.' Karri thought as she sat through Mrs. Li's class. The bell rang for second hour and Karri stood up with the other students. As she reached for her black gothic happy bunny purse someone reached out and snatched it first. Karri glared up at the person who grabbed her purse to see it was Leon.

Leon smirked mischievously and held her purse just out of her reach. She glared. "Give it back Leon." She said. "Not unless I get a little something." Leon said with a smirk. "I'll give you the gift of not being down on the floor if you hand over my purse right now." She said with a glare. Leon started laughing, holding his sides with one arm, the other still keeping her purse out of her reach. "You? Hurt me? Don't make me laugh!" Leon said laughing.

Karri glared and grabbed him by the neck, clenching around his neck with strength it didn't look like she had, watching as Leon's face turned red. "Want to give it back?" She asked, letting go, Leon didn't give it back and glared at her, reaching to grab her wrist and pin her to the wall but she ducked under his arm and got behind him, grabbing his arm and pinning it at an unnatural position behind his back as she took her purse, then pushed him forward.

Leon was in shock as all of the events occurred, first he was messing with the new girl, the next thing he knew he was pushed on the ground, a pain in his arm from being bent at the unnatural position for a little while. He watched as Karri slung her backpack over her shoulder and slid the purse strap onto her shoulder and stated walking. Leon blinked and stood up, suddenly, the red spade on his left hand that was hidden by his jacket started shining red. "What the…" He started but covered it up so that no one would see it. 'That's weird, why did it just start shining like that? Leon thought, then shook the thought from his head, deciding not to worry about it.