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Well, I have a reviewer, The lone canine. Thanks for the support in the last two chapters, and I actually started this story a long time ago, but I never got back to writing it. but since I know there's at lease one person now who likes it, I don't want to disappoint you. I'm getting this chapter up for you, and hopefully I'm a bit better at writing now. I hope you like this chapter, and please note that I may not remember where I was going with this story.

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With a sigh, Karri walked along the side walk slowly. Everything was happening quickly, and she had no idea where things would be headed. Her bright green eyes turned up to the sky as a frown graced her lips. 'First those twins... Then Nina... What's going on?' She thought, then shook her head and continued on her way. The breeze in the air was nice, even with the slight chill that marked the beginnings of autumn. The random few people paid Karri no mind and a smile spread across her face, the first that day. 'This might be the only time that no one pays me any attention.' She thought, then continued on her way.

The side walk gradually went from new, clean, and crack free to old, dirty, and cracked almost everywhere. The houses grew shabbier and shabbier, each one seemingly worse than the last. After a few minutes, Karri stopped in front of a two story house. She swung the creaky, waist height gate open, then closed it behind her. If you cared to look, the grass was about as high as someone's ankles with weeds growing through out. There was a swing set that held two swings, though one was broken, that seemed to be rusting, and the color of the house wasn't much better. The paint of the house was cracking, in some places it had come off in big circles, the wood door was scratched and the handle old and screeched in protest when Karri turned it.

The door swung open and Karri walked into a big mess. There was paint everywhere, tiny hand prints everywhere on the walls. She heard deep cheering and some announcer's voice speaking about a sport that she didn't know anything about. "Dad's home." She muttered, then walked into the living room. True to her statement, a big man with a bigger gut was sitting on the couch. He was chubby, but he had the face of a kind and caring man, even when he was jumping up and down on the couch cheering for some football game.

Karri debated on leaving before her father, James Wington, saw her, but it was to late.


The nickname stopped Karri in mid-turn, her eye twitched a bit. "Dad, I told you I hate that nickname."

"You liked it when you were little."

"That was years ago."

"Oh, fine fine. How was school?"

"It was alright..." Karri clutched onto her purse strap tightly, then frowned and looked to the stairs when she heard giggling. "Where are the three little devils?"

"I think they went upstairs in-"

Karri had run up the stairs faster than he could speak, and he simply laughed and rolled his eyes.

Karri slammed the door open and the three figures in the room froze. The tallest was a girl with short, choppy black hair and blue eyes. She stood at the closet, clothes surrounding her. She had on a black shirt, which was much to big for her, that had a skull and crossbones on the front. She looked up at Karri with a guilty look, knowing she'd been caught. The other two were on the bed. The one on the left was a boy, slightly taller than the little girl he sat by, and had Karri's white apple laptop in his lap. He had brown hair that looked red in sun light and wide pale green eyes like his father's. The final figure was a little girl with long brownish-red hair like the boy's beside her and eyes that were a mix of blue and green that were wide and teary, as if expecting to get yelled at.

Karri looked at the three children and frowned. "Elienese," She said the name like 'Ellen-ease', "What are you doing with my clothes?" She asked her, her voice wasn't loud, but it was firm.

The black haired girl, the oldest of the three at age ten, looked up at Karri. "I was trying on your clothes...." She said guiltily.

"Why?" Karri asked softly, but still firm.

"I wanted to be like you..." Was the soft reply that caused Karri to falter for a moment, before she got her bearings again.

"You know that I don't like you going through my clothes and trying them on." Karri said, and Elienese looked down. Karri walked over to her and patted her on top of the head. "Clean this up and take off my shirt, okay?" She asked and Elienese nodded quickly, taking off the blank shirt, her own white and pink one ruffled under it as it was set free, then put the shirt on a hanger and put it in the closet, along with the other clothes.

As Elienese hurriedly put clothes away, Karri walked over next to the bed and the other two occupants. "Zephron, Lilla, what are you two doing with my computer?" She asked them calmly, which only seemed to add to the young girl's fear.

Zephron put the laptop on the bed, letting Karri see that they were playing one of the default games on the computer, the mind sweeper game. The little smiley face had the 'x's for eyes because when Karri came in Zephron's hand jumped and clicked the button, hitting a mine and killing the poor little smiley face.

"We just wanted to play a game....." Zephron said, then hugged Lilla that was on the verge of crying.

Karri sat beside Lilla on the bet and patted her head gently. "I'm not mad, but you know that I don't like you messing with my things without asking me." She said and Lilla looked up with big, wide blue-green eyes.

"I'm sorry Sissy," The word made Karri nearly fall over, "We won't do it again." Lilla said, clinging onto her older sister. Karri looked at Lila, blinking, then hugged her gently.

I think I'll take the time to stop and describe Karri's family. She was born from James Wington and a woman named Margret Williams. Margret had died soon after Karri was born, and James took on two jobs to support them. He, luckily, had family close by that would help take care of Karri when he couldn't be there. One day when was five, James came home and announced he'd gotten a new girl friend, and when she was six they got married. The lucky woman was a girl named Sheryl Jackson. She was a tall woman with curly black hair and blue eyes. By the time Karri was nine, a new member joined the family. Elienese was born first, then the next year came Zephron, and two years later Lilla was born. And currently, the ages are as so: Karri is seventeen, Elienese is eight, Zephron is seven, and Lilla is five.

And now, back with Karri, the oldest sibling of the four patted Lilla's head, then stood up. "Why don't all of you go down and mess with dad." She said and the three eagerly agreed. Karri ushered them out, even before Elienese finished picking up the clothes, then took over the job and placed all her clothes back in the closet. She closed the closet door, then went to her bedroom door and shut it, sighing and put her forehead on the wood for a second.

Rustling on the bed made her jump and spin around on her heel. There on the bed was the twins that she'd seen before, simply sitting there and looking at Karri. Karri stared at them, then frowned a bit. "What are you two doing?" She asked.

The yellow girl grinned widely and said in her nails on chalkboard voice, "It has begun."

"Two out of six have woken." The boy said, soothing Karri's ears, and in the blink of an eye, literally, they were gone.

Karri blinked again when they vanished. "Hey, wait, what's begun? Who are you talking about? Who's awakened?" Sher asked the air and got no reply. She rubbed her head and sighed, then sat down on her bed and grabbed her laptop. "This is insane..." She muttered, frowning.

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Filler chapter is filler. Just to show you all a bit about Karri's family, because you will be seeing the children again. Anyway, done for this chapter.

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