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Chapter 1:

- Sophie -

Before I explain to you the situation, understand that I am happy. I am very happy that I finally got accepted among my peers and I was happy to finally be getting a mission. Actually, I was pretty ecstatic about the whole thing. I mean, my first mission, going to go protect someone, getting to feel welcomed, and feeling all important.

But was it really necessary to send me, a first timer, to deal with the likes of him?

Here's the thing, I have lived, and I died quickly; and that's why I am now protecting people. In other words, I'm a guardian angel. I know, it's not the most impressive and exciting thing; but I like it, and I just want my chance to make sure people will live longer than I did.

Which couldn't be too hard, could it?

- Kristopher -

It was the second time I had woken up that night. I rubbed my eyes sleepily and groggily gazed out the window. It was still black outside which meant that I could go back to sleep and catch a few hours before I had to go to school again.

I cringed just thinking about school. The homework was fine, and I didn't mind the occasional glare that I received in the halls every once in a while, because I was used to their petty behavior. I didn't care if they were mad at me because I quit the football team before state. And they lost. It wasn't my fault.

Well, it kind of was my fault; but that's not the point.

It was the first day of my junior year, and I would be spending it alone. Just like last year... and freshman year, and that's why I was feeling miserable.

Since the news of my quitting the insignificant football team, probably did not make the front pages of your newspaper, I shall explain.

Two years ago, my freshman year, I tried out for the football team. I made it, and was the starting quarterback. That made me extremely popular with everyone - which is a freshman's' dream - and that included being known around our small town of King's Timberly. I was, in a sense, happy to get all this attention; but I craved more, I needed it. Then my dad died. He was the one that taught me to play the game, he taught me everything I knew. And suddenly I couldn't take the spotlight anymore. I despised it. I despised everyone, and I blamed them all for his death.

So I quit the team (which didn't go over too well, as you could imagine) and they lost, and everyone blamed it on me.

I was fine with it, until they found my dad's killer.

Once I found that there was one person responsible, I knew I had ruined the rest of my high school years. This town was crazy about it's sports and championships and I had screwed up their chance for success, which made me public enemy number one.

But at least they caught the murderer right? That should have made me feel better, but it didn't. That didn't solve any of my problems at school or anywhere else, for that matter.

I was still alone, and everyone still hated me.

I groaned and rolled over on my side, hiding my face in my pillow. I knew I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep at this rate. There was already way too many things on my mind.

I decided that it would be best to get out of bed and start early, though I really had no intention of getting out from under my warm covers; but there wasn't much for me to do, so I stayed where I was, keeping my eyes closed tightly.


"Kristopher Cole!" An angry woman was screaming, somewhere off in the distance. "You better be getting ready for school." The angered woman continued. It took me a few moments to place the voice, due to sleepiness, and soon recognized the woman as my mother.

"I am, mom!" I yell back to her. She didn't respond so I took it as her accepting that I was awake. I rolled over on my bed into a sitting position with my feet brushing against the fuzzy tan carpet.

I yawned, stretching my arms out as far as they could go, and blinked a few times. I guess I didn't have that much on my mind if I was able to fall asleep again. After stretching my arms out a few more times, I pushed myself of the bed and walked into the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror and ran my fingers through my black hair a few times, wondering to myself if I should brush or leave it be, and decided to leave my bed-headed spikes. It wasn't like anyone at school really cared about me anyways.

Once I had finished my daily routine, I walked back to my room to put on something on, other than my boxers and a black t-shirt (that I was sporting at that moment). I decided to wear my green hoodie and threw it on over my black shirt, along with some faded jeans that I found on my floor.

"KRISTOPHER!" My mother screamed again, this time more agitated.

"What mother?" I asked, walking down the stairs into the kitchen. She was standing in front of the microwave, starring at it impatiently, while waiting for the food to cook.

"Sorry," She mumbled, "I just need you down here. I have to work overtime tonight, so I wanted to make sure you had your house key." She looked at me expectantly as I grabbed my set of keys off of the counter. She nodded and turned her attention back to the microwave as I put my keys into my pocket.

Once the timer on her food went off, she grabbed it, along with her purse, and went out to her car in the garage. I heard the rumble as the garage door opened and shut once again.

I sighed out of relief as soon as she was gone. Although I love the woman, she drives me insane and causes unnecessary stress in my life.

I rubbed my temple and glanced up at the clock.


School didn't start for another thirty seven minutes. I normally would have waited until the last possible moment to leave the house, but something in the back of my head was compelling me to go. I shrugged inwardly, I didn't really have a reason to stay home until that long, so I grabbed a power bar and my backpack and headed out to my car.

My car was an Audi TT coupe, in black, with red leather interior. I bought the car with some of the money that my dad had left us, putting the rest away to use for college.

I opened it up, throwing my bag in the passenger seat and climbing in to the drivers side. I pressed the garage door opener and put the keys in the ignition, turning on the car, and pulled it out of the garage, shutting the door behind me.



It took me longer than it normally would to get to school that morning because of construction. At least I found out now, instead of the alternative being that I got stuck in the middle of the massive backup and having to be late to school.

I walked in the building, my bag slung over my shoulder, and went to the office to see if I could get my school schedule and locker.

The office was more like a long hallway with doors leading to offices and a long desk in the middle of the room. A small, blond, middle aged woman was sitting at the desk, talking to a frail looking girl that stood on the opposite side of the desk. The woman looked up as I walked in and smiled slightly. "I'll be with you in a minute, dear." She said cheerfully.

Once she said that, the girl turned her head to look at me. She had dark brown hair with deep red or maroon colored highlights. Her gray colored eyes were slightly obscured by her hair.

She smiled timidly and then looked back to the woman at the desk.

I sat down in one of the red fabric chairs that were opposite the desk. I watched the two converse, not really feeling like picking up one of the parenting magazines that were next to me, and saw the middle aged woman start to frown.

It made me curious, seeing the smiley woman's mood change, so I decided I would eavesdrop.

"I don't know how," The woman stated in a confused tone, "I sent them the email myself. I could probably call them down here..." The woman paused and thought something over. "But they probably haven't arrived at school yet."

"It's fine." The girl said.

"Oh, hon, but if you don't have anyone to show you around you won't find anything. I mean, I'm not implying that your directional skills are terrible, I'm just saying that this school is a very confusing place." The blond woman was rambling now.

It was all starting to irritate me and I decided that if I brought the attention on myself that the woman would hurry up so I could put up my stuff. I coughed, attempting to clear my throat, and noticed that the woman had turned her head to look at me. I had to hold back a smirk, my plan had worked.

The lady clapped her hands together and smiled brightly. "I know!" She exclaimed, "Why doesn't he show you around?"

I gaped at her. "Wh-what?" I stammered.

"Could you show her around the school, hon?" She repeated.

"I guess." I mumbled, forgetting why I had come to the office in the first place.

The girl turned around fully to look at me. Her eyes raking over my appearance. I figured if she could, then so could I.

I saw that she was wearing plain jeans and a sky blue colored shirt. She didn't have any jewelry on and she wasn't wearing dressy shoes. She had on a pair of silver converse with black and white checkered laces. A normal enough looking girl, I guess.

She smiled slightly and I figured that either she didn't know my name or didn't know about the whole town hating me. I guess that was good, but that just meant that I had to befriend her fast or I would spend my year alone, again.

I stood up and walked over to the edge of the counter. "Thank you for doing this." The woman stated. I nodded, trying to remember why I came into the office in the first place. "Here is her class schedule, if you could show her where they are."

Class schedule... class schedule.


"Do you think I could get mine as well?" I asked, pleased with myself that I had remembered.

"Of course, hon, what's your name again?"

"Kristopher Cole." I stated and looked over to the girl's face, trying to see if there was any kind of reaction to hearing my name.

"Here you are." The woman said after the sheet printed up and she handed it to me.

"Thanks." I murmured.

I walked out of the office and heard light footsteps on the tile behind me. I turned around to the girl and she looked at me in curiosity. I raised an eyebrow at her, wondering what she was thinking.

"Thanks." She said airily and I nodded in reply. "I'm Sophie." She held out her hand to me and I shook it, a little confused by the formalities of it all.


"It's nice to meet you."

"Uh same?" I stated, but it came out as a question. I shook it off and looked down at the two class lists in my hand.

Sophia Night:

1. AP English - Room: 218

2. Algebra II - Room: 143

3. TA - Media Center

4. Honors Physics - Room: 111

5. French III - Room 200

6. Creative Writing - Room: 115

7. American History Through Film - Room: 137

Homeroom: Vorhis - Room: 229

Locker #94 Code: 14-28-32

Kristopher Cole:

1. English - Room: 217

2. Honors Algebra II - Room: 145

3. Web Design - Media Center

4. Physics - Room: 112

5. French III - Room: 200

6. Creative Writing - Room: 115

7. American History Through Film - Room: 137

Homeroom: Meghan - Room 130

Locker #108 Code: 02-41-06

"Quite the genius, I see." I said.

"Not bad yourself." She grinned slightly as she looked around my arm to look at my schedule. "I guess we have some classes together."

"It would appear we do." I replied looking down at her. I was taller than Sophie by at least six inches. Either she was really short, or I was just ... well tall.

"Should be fun." I couldn't help but smile at her cheerful attitude. It was certainly refreshing to have someone to talk to. But would she still think the same way once she found out about me? Would she follow the crowd and ignore me completely or did she have enough guts to continue to talk to me?


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