The queen's visit to my hometown of Bury St Edmunds prompted me to write my feelings on the monarchy. I am the first to admit that I am an anti-royalist. Rich coming from me, I know. I come from a very old, rich family with ties to the old royals. I want to work in the secret services, for queen and country. So disliking the royals for me is very strange.

I dislike anyone who has not had to work for their livelihood. That they were born into money and power and have not had to do anything for themselves. I am not talking about the princes in the military. I am sure that being in the war protected from all sides is a very hard job indeed.

No, I am in fact talking about how they have never had to work in the emergency room on a Friday night, the screams of pain and cries of anger and hurt ringing in their ears hours after hearing them. The hustle of the doctors and nurses trying to save the lives of so many people at once. How they have never had to look into someone's eyes and tell them that their little darling is not coming to come home today, soon or otherwise. How they have never had to follow the dust van early in the morning, smelling of rubbish and the other waste people have carelessly thrown away. They have never had to go to school and work as hard as they can because if they don't get their a-levels, that's their whole lives messed up. In the instant of opening the letter containing the results.

I do not like the royals because they have never had to do the normal, everyday trials of the common men and women. I know they cannot help being royalty, anymore than the poverty stricken can help situation. No more than I can help my family background.

I like the royals because they can hold their composure when people like me start writing things like this, saying things like this.

Saying this, about how I am all anti-royalist, I realise that I am also anti-everyone. Everyone has their black and white everyone has their grey. You cannot hate people for something they cannot change.