Chapter One
Ridiculous! Bloody Ridiculous.

lacuna: (lah-kyoon'-uh) n.
1: a blank space or a missing part; gap.
2: a small cavity, pit, or discontinuity in an anatomical structure.
[From Latin lacuna "pool, pit, gap."]

"Mrmph." Dune rolled over, dragging the blanket with her, and gave a muffled grunt.

"Sandy, baby…" Without warning, Cal leapt onto her and tickled her sides. Even through the thick blanket, Dune could feel his insistent fingers jabbing into her ribs – and it hurt. Oh, god. Cal could be so annoying sometimes.

"WHAT?! Stop it! Cal, it's fucking…" She squinted at the clock under through the morning Melbournian sun – "…EIGHT o'clock, and you really wore me out last night, so at least have the decency to let me sleep…" She proceeded to wrap the sheets tighter around herself – not an easy feat to do, considering they had already been melded onto her body.

Unfortunately, Cal was evidently in a playful mood today. He wrapped his arms around her covered form, and placed a light kiss on her hair – he couldn't reach her lips; her face was currently pressed into her pillow. "Guess what day it is today?"

"Leave Dune Alone Day. Go away…"

"Wrong, and I refuse to. It's our one year anniversary!"

All traces of sleep forgotten, Dune started to inwardly panic. Shit, she'd been counting on him not to remember! Please don't let him say –

"I love you, Sandy."

Her heart sank. They'd gone through this so many times already. "That's nice."

Cal released her. She couldn't bear to remove the pillow from her face; she was in no mood to see his crestfallen expression at the moment. "When are you ever going to say it back to me?"

"When I can mean it."

It would have been fine if Cal had let it go, but he forged on. "You mean to say – that after a year of dating, which is almost, like, a twentieth of my life, by the way – you still don't have feelings for me? Sandy, baby, I know you have issues, but this is just ridiculous. Ridiculous! Bloody ridiculous. I can't believe it…"

Thankfully, Dune knew of a way in which she could placate him. She lifted her face and looked at him for the first time that morning. "C'mere, big guy. Hey, hey. Give me a kiss." In all honesty, Dune felt like a mother placating a spoilt kid, which was a bit of a turn-off, really.

"No! That won't work this time! Sandy, what am I?"

"You're a 'ridiculously' good-looking man who's going to get punished if he doesn't kiss me right now."

"No, Sandy, seriously. What am I? Am I just your boy-toy? Just your random flavour of the month – no, no – flavour of the year? I need to know. It really hurts when you feel like you're in a one-sided relationship, you know…"

Dune began to tune out. The way he repeated her name in every sentence was so irritating (well, the name that wasn't even her name) – besides, she'd heard it all before. He'd soon start to rant about feeling neglected and lonely and sad and dismal, and she'd silence him by distracting him with a blow job.

"I can't take it anymore. Sandy, if you love me, tell me now, because it breaks my heart that you can never say it back –" he paused for breath. "So tell me now."

She remained silent, and Cal sighed. "I'm sorry to do this to you."

Dune frowned, and looked at him suspiciously. Well, this was a different approach… was he actually apologising for pushing her to say what she didn't want to?

"Don't be hurt, Sandy, but I've been seeing someone else."

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