Summary: What would you like to find in your inheritance box? A gun or some money? Alester had one, Emile had the other.

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Alester - If He had a Million Dollars

By Kalista Jia

"If I had a million dollars, if I had a million dollars." Alester hummed as he tapped his index finger on the steering wheel of his new stolen red convertible.

The radio blasted the song, sending enough energy to tingle his bones.

The wind smoothly combed his short black hair backward as the convertible top was wide open. Alester hammered on the accelerator when he drove past by a group of bikini beach girls. He couldn't stand their girlie squeals. All he wanted then was a peaceful drive.

The sole reason he came to the coast was to view of the golden clouds floating over the glittering orange water. His favorite moment was sunset. The sky was painted with the most dazzling hues one could imagine. The breathtaking landscape was like something out of "what dreams may come". The calls of the seagulls calmed him. The sea had a music of its own. The rhythmic sound of the curling waves echoed in his heart as the soft breeze caressed his skin. The ocean was the only thing which could offer him comfort and tranquility.

"If I had a million dollars." Alester continued to drum along with the lyrics, ignoring the noisy squeals of the bikini girls and the jealous glances of the surfer boys.

Arriving at his spot, he parked his car on the edge of a cliff and sat on the car bonnet. It was kind of dangerous to have the car next to nothing but he didn't give a rat's ass about it. Pushing his dark sunglasses up his nose, he lit a cigarette and inhaled the toxin. He sat there and listened to the background radio station playing the song If I Had a Million Dollarswritten by Barenaked Ladies.

Alester chuckled. "Funny, I just stole a million dollar car today."

It was an easy task. Just an hour before, he went to collect a family inheritance from a lawyer named Lambert whom his father had trusted. Lambert handed him a wooden chest and chased him off his property. Pissed by the way he was treated, he vented his anger on anything that was near him. He didn't go there all the way to get an old rotten wood box and to get kicked out by an old fool. Alester cursed solemnly as he walked towards the exit. Just then, his eyes caught sight of the red convertible displayed proudly near the gate. Alester smirked and went over to the sports car. An immoral intention blinked in bright neon in his head. He grinned. With a few twists and snaps, Alester managed to start the engine without the key - after all, he was a mechanic.

He didn't care to whom it belonged. If by stealing that car smoothed his anger then he had no regret. Alester frowned, slightly disturbed by the idea of being tracked down and sent to prison.

"Nah" He made a face. He will deal with the cops later.

Alester reached for the wooden chest that was sitting on the front passenger seat. Lambert had warned him not to open it unless it was an emergency. "Only in a life and death situation can you open the box… your father had entrusted me with it. I hope you will not disappoint me, Alester," Alester quoted and laughed. "Gosh, he was pathetic."

He tossed the chest effortlessly while enjoying his Marlboro. He watched the thin gray smoke dissolved itself magically into the thin air wearily. Smoke was something that had always fascinated him ever since he started smoking. The way the smoke twirled and danced captivated his interest. It was like life; it appeared, bloomed, and vanished. He thought of the sphinx's riddle in Oedipus Rex: What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening?

"Man was the answer." Alester plastered on a smug face. He had solved this riddle the first time he heard of it at the age of ten. He was pretty proud of that. "Infancy on four, adulthood on two and old age on two with a cane."

Alester rubbed his thumb against the wooden material. His curiosity was getting the better of him when he decided to open the box. Hesitantly, he debated to save the excitement for later on or not!

Sitting up straight from his slumped position, he placed the chest on his crossed legs. Swiftly, he undid the lock and slowly lifted the cover. The box creaked eerily. A sudden shiver and thrill ran down Alester's spine.

However, before he could completely flip the cover over, a wild gust of wind blew and a piece of paper slithered out from the narrow opening into the vast evening sky.

"What the!" Alester shouted while he slammed the cover down to prevent any other content from escaping.

Without wasting a second, he quickly jumped off the car to the ground and snapped his head toward the sky, watching the innocent rectangular paper fluttering in the wind. Panic rose.

"Holy shit!" Alester shouted. "Gotta get that shit."

He hopped back into the brand new convertible, threw the box on the passenger seat and reversed. The vehicle made a loud scratching noise as the wheels rolled difficultly against the sand.

"This is going to be badass," he said to himself with a wide grin.

It was a wild chase. He ignored whatever was in his way as his eyes focused only on the paper in the sky and nothing else on the road. He heard vaguely many screams and shouts. He didn't give a shit. All he wanted was to get his hands on the paper that seemed to over run him. If possible, he would love to stop concentrating on his original target and think of how he had just turned his life into a Hollywood action movie scene.

"Screw those fake scenes, this is live!" Alester laughed as he spun the steering wheel in a one hundred and eighty degrees turn.

The red car, which was accelerating at ninety kilometers per hour, practically glided across the city street, leaving four trails of angry black wheel marks on the black tarred road. The car hugged the corner, knocking off a few trash bins in the process.

Alester whistled.

"If only this is filmed," he said regretfully, shaking his head in a disapproved manner. "I might be a millionaire."

For a brief moment, Alester's eyes left his airborne target for the road. Suddenly, a rushing silhouette charged in front of his path, forcing Alester to hammer the brake. The sudden brake jerked Alester off his seat, nearly sent him flying, though somehow, luck was on his side that day because he had remained unharmed without wearing a safety belt.

"What the fuck!" he shouted. Now not only had he lost sight of his mark flying six feet above him, he had almost ended up six feet under ground.

Alester tightened his grip on the steering wheel and panted heavily. Bellowing a string of curses and throwing angry glares at the suicidal maniac.

"Are you a nutcase rushing to your grave?" he questioned furiously. "If you want to die, go jump of a bridge or something. I am not fucking going to jail because of you!"

The person, who bent over the front of the car in cold sweat, had silky blond hair that curled slightly at the end and a pair of dazzling baby blue eyes. The young man was surely handsome with a slender body and rich fashionable clothing.

"Damn rich snob!" Alester banged the steering wheel to release his aggravation. "Get the hell out of the way!"

The bloke took a deep breath and straightened his back, staring directly into Alester's black eyes.

Alester felt uneasy for an instant.

"You…" the blond whispered quietly. Alester had to strain his ears to catch the word.

"I what…?" Alester raised an eyebrow.

"THIS IS MY STOLEN CAR THAT YOU ARE THRASHING AROUND THE CITY WITH!" the blue eyed man shouted, slamming his palms on the car front.

"What?" Alester held his breath. He was in deep shit.

"Get out!" The blond walked toward the side of the sports car. "GET OUT! Because of you, I have no freaking idea where I am because I had to take the subway and I am freaking lost! So would you kindly get your ass out my car so I can use my GPS and get the hell out of here?"

Alester gulped. His brain blanked as he stepped harshly on the accelerator and zoomed away from the yelling blond.

"What…" The blond made a confused face before he realized his car thief had just escaped before his very eyes. "Hey! What the hell?! Oh my god! Somebody calls the police!"

Ignoring the upset owner, Alester rocketed across a couple of streets before he started to slow down.

"That was a fucking close call." He panted, resting his forehead against the steering wheel. "Fucking great"

Watching through the side of his eyes, he realized that the rectangular piece of paper had mysteriously found its way back to him. It fluttered gently a few more times before finally landing on the top of the wooden chest.

"What do the Muslims call it again...ah! Insaallah!*" Alester choked a dry laugh.

With a tired motion, he grabbed the paper in his fist and brought it to his face. He read briefly the letters imprinted on the paper before he flinched in disbelief.

His eyes were not playing a trick on him; in his trembling hands was a check of a million dollars.

The music of Barenaked Ladies continued to play in the background… If I had a million dollars

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