She's the type of girl who dances constantly
To music only she can hear.
And he's the type of boy who can't help but
To love a girl like her.

She drifts through life with an attitude
That no one can compare.
He watches her float past
Wishing to be the one on her mind.

She can't help but notice the way he stares,
Or how he smiles at her.
He can't help but wish he could read her mind
And know how she really feels.

She's the type of girl who dreams of songs
With lyrics meant for her.
And he's just the boy who composes melodies
That could break her heart.

She stays wrapped up in her secure little world,
Afraid of letting him down.
He wishes he could think of the words to tell her
How unafraid he is.

She pretends to stop noticing
The things he feels for her,
And he can't figure out
What changed.

She's just the girl who convinces herself
That he's more than she deserves.
But he's the type of boy who would do anything
To prove her wrong.