Rooming with Ethan Brookes

CH 1

Never Took Him for a Cuddler

Letting out some of my pent up anger, I yanked opened the bedroom door, almost tearing it off its hinges.

No not really, if only I WERE that strong.

I spotted my intended target-the little lump curled up in the center of the bed.

And boy, was he in for a rude awakening.

Literally and figuratively.

"By God Brookes, I come home at this god-forsaken hour to see this of all things?" I screamed at him while attempting to tear my lovely hair out by its roots.

I was both disappointed and mad at the hoards of drunken strangers lying around downstairs after having screwed up the normally clean condo.

Ethan Brookes.

Age: 19

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Height: 6'3''

Weight: 170 lbs

Major: Bane of my Existence

Classes: Jackass 101 and...Nope, that's about all he needs.

I took a breath and it was then I noticed something.

Ethan hadn't responded to anything I said.

'Awkward' played over and over again in my head.

Here I was about to lecture him on the proper usage of our condo, and he wasn't even moving.

Usually by now, he would have shut me up with a hand over my mouth or a pillow in my face or a lollipop or…or…

A light bulb clicked on in my head.

Maybe he's dead or something?

Then the bump shuffled the sheets around just as I was about to walk over there to confirm my worst suspicions.

So he isn't dead.


Mentally, I wiped my forehead.

If he had been…well, not living, then I would have had to go call the police, and that's way too much of a hassle since class started soon and I badly needed a shower and a quick nap. But I don't have to worry about that entire process now since he's breathing and hopefully that also means he's alive and healthy as well.

And now since the fear was over, the anger reignited itself like one of those relighting birthday candles that you can never seem to put out in time so it doesn't drip wax on the cake.

I stalked over to his bed, loud stomps, peeled back the covers only to reveal a soundly asleep boy with his headphones in.

No wonder he didn't wake up. I forgot he slept with music on.

He looked childishly pretty asleep without that infuriating smirk etched onto his features 24/7 when he was awake.

The longer I stared, the stronger the urge to forgive him became.

And I can't let him off like I did last time can I?

No sirree. He'll just go out and throw another one without any repercussions.

I tried to stop, I really did, but I couldn't. Ethan just looked simply angelic in his sleep.

Woah. Pause. Rewind.

Where was all this coming from?

So I shook my head like one does when there's water in there and they're trying to get it out. One difference though, I wasn't trying to get anything out, I was making sure that all that studying in the library last night hadn't turned my brain into mush and was pouring out of my head through my ears.

Okay, brain seems intact.

He sifted once more and the realization was temporarily put on hold.

He seemed to be searching for the pillow I had pulled off along with his blankets.

His face was all scrunched up from the lack of warmth that the missing pillow had provided.

But he was still cute.

Jeez...where was all this coming from?

This time I had an answer.

Maybe it was always there, but in the five years you've known him you've never seen him asleep to think them.

Yeah…and that's makes a whole lot of sense.

Then, out of nowhere, a hand made a grab at me and I gasped a little.

In its sudden attack, I being too distracted by his looks and too busy conversing with myself about his looks had let it drag me onto the bed.

"Warm…" He murmured still asleep before snuggling closer to my neck and wrapping an arm around my waist.

Gee…This isn't awkward at all.

I was awfully sarcastic without my daily dosage of coffee, especially this early in the morning.

Now how to get out of here.

The lecture I had planned would have to be held at another time since I was kind of occupied pondering ways on how to avoid the embarrassing moment that was sure to ensue as he woke up.

Muttering to myself, "Maybe, I'll knee him real quick, jump off the bed, and run out the door before he has a chance to recover," then gleefully, "I heard it really paralyzes a guy when that happens."

This was comfy, Ethan and his room smelled really nice. Quite unlike the heavy scent of beer and all sorts of nasty stuff downstairs.

Must have taken a shower and brushed his teeth before bed, although it isn't like him to leave his own party early.

I was nodding off the sleep with thoughts of him.

"Yeah, I'll leave a note on the refrigerator too since he always looks there first thing in the morning and he can read that and maybe clean it up," I mumbled, eyelids drooping.

This is kinda nice.

"Warm." He blissfully sighed again into my hair, tickling my neck.

And apparently, he thought so too.

Well, at least he can respond to what I say even when he's sleeping. Albeitedly, it wasn't a very fitting answer.

I wiggled a little closer to him too.

Give me a break.

I haven't gotten enough sleep and everyone knows when I haven't gotten at least four hours, I start thinking I'm normal which by itself indicates a major dysfunction in my brain.

But that soon faded out of my brain as I stopped paying attention to the outside world, choosing to focus on getting a ferry to dreamland.

Slowly, my breathing began coming in even intervals, and the last thought that entered my mind before I drifted was:

Man, I never took him for a cuddler.

Blinking not once or twice, but several times, I willed the image to go away.

"I am not, can not be in Ethan Brookes' bed with a currently dormant Ethan."

"Not dormant as you so quaintly put it any more," he said with an air of cockiness, "Sweetheart, hate to tell you, but you are."

Then rolling over to squish me further, he picked up a pair of dark-rinsed jeans off the side and slid them on.

This boy was a pig.

My cheeks reddened more from embarrassment than anger.

I pushed him off of me and proceeded with the lecture that was supposed to occur a few hours earlier.

"Ethan Brookes, you are a filthy pig," I started out easy, "I leave you alone for one night telling you not to throw a party, and what do you do?" I stopped after my rhetorical question waiting for him to finish it.

He didn't, so I continued, "You throw a party and don't even bother to clean up."

He didn't answer and I frustrated by his silence screamed, "I hate you."

He stared at my sudden outburst for a second with bleary eyes then a smirk slowly crept onto his features upon realizing he was the cause of my displeasure.

What a sadistic bastard.

"Isn't that nice," he drawled out almost lazily, "Well, tough cookies, but I don't find your harping all that appealing during the morning either or anytime during the day for that matter."

Then turning to the mirror right by his bed, he began running his fingers through his hair to comb out the tangles that resulted from moving around during sleep.

Vain much?

This careful procedure went on for a few more moments while all I could do was stare mouth agape in disbelief.

"Done staring?" as if just remembering I was still there, he quirked an eyebrow, "Close your mouth cupcake; don't want to smell its foulness this early."

The asinine remark was enough to snap me out of my trance and mustering as much venom as possible, I snarled, "The party you threw last night left the entire house in a disarray-"

Without missing a single beat, he finished it this time, "and you want me to do something about it."

"Duh, genius, your party, your mess, you clean it up."

He yawned, stretching out his bare torso and replied, "Fine, get out"

I wasn't that easily satisfied,"I want it done and all the people out when I return, got it?"

"I'll have it done." He seemed bored, "Now out unless you want to watch me strip, and baby, that's going to cost you, I suggest you march."

Cheeks burning, I excited the room the same way I came in as to avoid watching him get ready for a shower.

I was pretty sure he was joking about the stripping thing.

Pretty sure...

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