I love you

But when will you

Love me

I see everyone

In love with someone

And then the person

Loving them back

But when will somebody

Love me

You see the

Hearts and kisses

Those piercing stares

Couples holding hands

And then you can't stop

To think when will

That happen to me

When will I be

Lucky enough to be loved back

When will I have that

One guy that sends me those

Cute notes

That can't seem to

Stop staring at me

Who tells me everyday

How beautiful I am

Who waits outside

My class impatient

To see me

And then when he

Looks at me his

Eyes shine like a

Bright star

Who makes me feel

Better just by being around him

Who would rather see

Me happy then anything else

Who waits for that breath-taking smile

And when he sees it his heart stops

All these things I dream about

One day happening to me

But while I wait

I can't seem to

Stop loving you