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The first part is just background information and a list of some of the characters beacuse there are alot, so this part should help out a little bit. I promise it will all make sense later. :)

Background info: The story takes place on a continent where the land is divided up into kingdoms between humans, were wolves, shape shifter, and vampires. There's always fighting at the borders between the lands.

Terms: Hunter – Hunters are human that hunt the supernatural. There are families that hunt and they send their children to schools to learn to fight or train them at home. Some schools recruit children that aren't from hunting families. Hunters work for their families, protect towns, pay for hire, or work for royalty.


Madeleine Rochester – Human Queen.

Vivienne/Violette - Human Queen's oldest daughters. 17 years old (identical twins)

Morgan/Maurine - Human Queen's youngest daughters. 15 years old (also identical twins)

Kasora Sullivan – Hunter in training. The Queen's niece. 17 years old

Rowan Collingwood-Sullivan – Kasora's adoptive sister. One year younger then Kasora.

Christopher Vazquez – Vampire King. 18

Haruka – trained to be a special guard. Kasora's friend.

Ryouta – Haruka's older brother. Kasora's friend. Guard.

Matt – Kasora's friend. Guard.

Okay on with the first part in italics is a dream that's a mix of memories. Parts written like this are all one event. Parts written like this are different events that aren't in any particular order. After that anything in italics is just thoughts and noises and stuff. Theres not alot of action yet but that'll come in later chapters I promise.

Black clouds of smoke started to fill the room. "What happened to you Madeleine? Others at court may not see it but I'm your sister i know when something is wrong." A group of girls hid in the trees while listening to the two women argue.

Flickering orange flames blazed in the evening sky. "I'm afraid we may have to leave the Kasora and Rowan at a safer place Zandra. The wars are getting worse and my informants tell me that Zane is getting more dangerous everyday." A young daughter listens in on a conversation.

Flames seemed to cackle as wood and stone were consumed. "This is Rowan. She'll be staying with us for a while." The young brunette looked at the small blond girl in front of her and swears that he blue eyes flashed red, but shakes it off and invites her new friend to come play with her and her cousins.

A pair of blue eyes open as the heat becomes unbearable and she tries to scream but can't when instead of air all her lungs breath in is smoke. "I'm sorry Kasora there's no sine of Rowan. We did find this." The man was holding a pendant with two dragons surrounding a shield. It was the Collingwood family crest. Kasora snatched the pendant and walked towards her three friends waiting for her nearby.

She runs to the door and into the hall but the stairs are blocked by the fire. Her mind is working a mile a minute but at the last minute she simply jumps over the banister and hope she can go on. A mistake. The ground is too far down and hard to instantly get up from the impact. "Girls, Kasora and Rowan will be staying at the castle from now on." The death of their relatives was still too fresh to enjoy being able to see each other more often.

An attempt to stand just results in falling back down. She has taken in too much smoke and landed wrong during the fall. She closes her eyes and waits for everything to go away, and then finally there is blackness. "Aunt Madeleine said I can continue training as a hunter! Vivi and Vi are angry there not allowed to learn to fight like I am though."

Pain and then relief. Air is breathed into lungs and finally she can see.

There is a boy above her. He's about her age and he smiles at her, showing that he had fangs.

Before the girl's brain can fully process this she looks around and sees a figure on the grass. It's another girl, a shroud covering her shivering form, looking much like she did the first time she arrived at the now burning building years before. They make eye contact and nod to each other, there both fine at the moment.

The girl looks at te boy who is still holding her and finally recognizes him for what he is but can't bring herself to be concerned. "How very fortunate you were there Christopher." The Queen looked genuinely concerned for the two girls that still seemed to be in shock.

"Yes I was on my way to their home to warn them but it seems I was too late. Their culture dictates that at the death of their parents they be taken in by their closest relatives and that would be you if I'm not mistaken." It was obvious from the young boy's speech that he was from a pureblooded family of his kind.

"Of course." The king answered the young vampire, speaking for the first time since the trio arrived.

"May I speak to you in private Christopher? I have news for your father."

Christopher looked at Kasora and Rowan once more before following the human King into the next room.

Together the three look at the burning home and then up into the blood red sky.



A tall blond well built teenager walked from the cool corridor to the training yard to investigate the noise that was unusual so early in the day, the sun wasn't even up yet.

When he saw what was causing the noise he really wasn't surprised. It was two girls sparring with each other using staffs. Whenever the staffs would hit each other it would make the dull thud noise that caused him to investigate.

The teenager leaned against the fence and watched the two girls. One had startling blue eyes and hair that was so dark a shade of brown it could be mistaken for black. Her face seemed calm, but he knew her better then that; if you looked closely her jaw was tight and some of her moves were sloppy, as if she was thinking of something else then the fight.

The second girl was shorter. She had long straight black hair and brown almond shaped eyes. She too looked calm, but then again she always looked calm. It made some people think she was cold but once you were friends with her you realized she was the exact opposite.

The teenager was interrupted from his musings when he felt the presence of someone standing next to him.

"Hey, Matt." The newcomer had a strong resemblance to the shorter girl still fighting with the staff. He was a taller and his hair curled a bit compared to the girl's but it was obvious they were related.

Matt nodded and replied with a "Morning Ryouta."

After a few minutes Ryouta sighed and looked about ready to interrupt the girls. Matt always thought Ryouta was two soft for his line of work, despite how good he was at it. Or maybe he was just like that when it came to his sister, despite her ability to take care of herself.

"Haruka! Kasora! Leave some energy for the ball tonight!" Ryouta called down to the girls.

The girls parried one more time before putting the weapons away and walking towards the boys.

Kaora grabbed a rag to wipe her face, Matt noticed her eyes were blood shot and she probally had no sleep. "There's not enough energy on the continent to deal wit the vultures at the Queen's ball."

Haruka frowned. "Are we expected to be there? I was under the impression we were simply at the castle to take up space." Haruka wanted to make a difference, not simply stay at an already well guarded castle.

"Actually, were here to show off her majesty's power in time of war so the nobles are reassured and can remain ignorant." Kasora replied sarcastically.

Matt coughed and leaned his head to the right indicating a group of young squires walking toward the training yard.

"Lets go get something to eat." Ryouta suggested and the foursome made there way to the kitchen for fruits bread and cheese, before walking toward the forest to talk.

No one spoke until they saw a metal gate. It was well kept and shined in the morning sun, the words Cemetery gleamed above the entrance. They walked to a small headstone where a stone snake was wrapped around it and the engraving read:

Rowan Collingwood - Sullivan

A beloved friend and fighter, taken from life too soon.

May she live longer in the next.

"Hello Rowan. We miss you." Kasora spoke first.

It was tradition for the friends to visit this grave together every year on Rowan's birthday. They preferred to remember how she was in life rather then her death. She went missing one night four years ago. It was the same night wolves were said to be loose in the area around the castle. That was dangerous during cold winter when food was scarce and animals became more daring. Rowan's body was never found but they did find her family pendant, Kasora wore it every day next to her own family pendant.

"It's not the same when we go riding without you Ann." Matt spoke second, using his nickname for the girl that was once his best friend.

"It's great today Rowan. You would have loved to be outside." Ryouta sat down and smiled sadly.

Haruka smirked. "I kicked Kas's butt this morning while sparring." Haruka informed "Rowan".

"You wish Leavenworth!" Kasora threw a grape which her friend quickly avoided and the foursome relaxed and talked to "Rowan" while forgetting the troubles of their life briefly.

Just as they were about to leave two girls stepped into the cemetery. They were twins; both were tall, with fair skin and long curling hair. One had brown hair and the other dyed her hair blond. She preferred to separate herself from her sister.

"Vi! Vivi! I thought you weren't going to make it." Kasora hugged her cousins.

"We couldn't give our maids the slip but our tutor remembered Rowan and covered for us." Vivienne told her cousin while brushing her blond hair behind her ear.

"Hello princesses." Ryouta bowed at the twins making them giggle at his antics. Because of his close friendship with Kasora, they also knew him well and there was no need for the politeness when they were alone.

"Hello Sir Leavenworth." Violette curtsied, making Ryouta smile in turn.

"Come dear brother lets leave the royal girls and their cousins alone." Haruka winked at her friends and left the cemetery with her brother and Matt.

Before Kasora could sit back down again Vivienne spoke. "Mother wanted to speak to you. I think she want's you to appear at the ball as family instead of a royal's hunter."

Kasora sighed at the thought of having to wear one of the uncomfortable dresses that were currently the style. "I'll go speak to her now. Do you think Morgan and Maurine will visit Rowan today?"

Violette shook her head. "I doubt it. They've been acting strange lately."

Kasora nodded and left to speak with the Queen.

"You wanted to speak with me your majesty?" Kasora asked the Queen, speaking formally in front of the ladies in waiting around her.

"Yes my dear. You will need to be dressed properly for the ball tonight. We have special guest attending and they would feel less threatened if you came as a member of the royal family rather then a royal's hunter."

Kasora stiffened. "Who will be attending that would feel threatened by me?"

"Werewolves, shape shifters, and vampires. What other creatures would feel threatened by you my dear?" The Queen's voice had grown cold, as if upset someone dare question her.

Kasora didn't care. "Werewolves? Shape shifters? Vampires? How can you convince them to come for a pointless ball, but you can't negotiate for peace? People are dying pointlessly every day!"

"Do you think that I don't know what it's like in battle? I grew learning to be a hunter as you did Kasora! I will not take this kind of behavior from you!" Her tone was calm but her eyes were blazing and Kasora knew she would regret it later but if she was already in trouble, why not finish what she started?

"How are you going to keep peace with werewolves and shape shifters in the same room? They can't stand each other and how are you going to control the vampires? Not all of them follow their kings command and - "

"She would know all about the Vampire King wouldn't she? I heard she's sleeping with him." One of the ladies in waiting said just loud enough for the queen and Kasora to hear.

Kasora turned to see who spoke. Most of the ladies looked nervous, whether it was because someone dared argue with the queen or because of the dangers of the ball she just mentioned, Kasora didn't know.

One looked smug, like she had just said something clever; her friend next to her looked terrified at what would happen next.

"How dare you? Do you know what would happen if you suggested that to me outside this castle? Or to another hunter? You could be bea-."

"Kasora Sullivan!" Kasora stopped and looked at the Queen. Surprisingly she looked slightly amused now, and that terrified her more then anger would have and her mind started thinking of what that could mean.

Does she think I'm sleeping with Christopher? Does she want people to believe I am? To show some sort of unwritten tie between his kingdom and ours? She is always sending me on missions that involve him. But why would she do that? Everyone knows we send our most dangerous criminals to him.

"Thank you for your concerns but the ball will continue to be held tonight. I have had a dress made for you; it will be delivered to your room." The angry look returned to her eyes.

"Yes your majesty." Kasora turned and quickly left.

"She said what?"

Vivienne, Violette, Kasora, Morgan, and Maurine were all in Violette's room getting ready for the ball; Kasora was telling them what happened when she talked to the Queen.

"That I was sleeping with him!"

"Well I find it amusing." Morgan announced while examining her nails.

"And what is so amusing about it?" Kasora wasn't in a good mood and only wanted to vent, not hear how her problems were cause for other people's enjoyment.

"Well I remember when King Christopher brought you hear and you absolutely hated him, and now a bored noble woman is spreading rumors about the two of you. You only started warming up to him when mother sent you to train with him. Because the hunter schools in our kingdom are not 'good enough for a Sullivan.' "

Kasora snorted at the queen's strange excuse for sending her to train to hunt vampires, by a vampire.

"I think it's kind of romantic. The young hunter ironically sent to train with a vampire falls in love." Maurine sighed dramatically; she was always a bit of a romantic.

"What about the ball? You said mother invited vampires, were wolves, and shape shifters." Morgan changed thee subject.

"Who knows, maybe its some kind of training?" Vivienne asked.

Kasora thought about it. "Training for what?"

"I don't know maybe to see if you can protect us if something happens?"

"Well come on then lets go." Violette announced after inspecting everyone one last time, and cutting off the conversation.

"Training or not it's dangerous to have werewolves and shape shifters in the same room, be careful."

"Relax, oh worried one. Everything will be fine." Vivienne grabbed Kasora's arm and steered her down the hallway.

The group of girls stood outside of the door and waited to be announced.

At the border of the human's kingdom...

A girl was in her front yard watching the sun go down. She was tall and might have been considered beautiful if it wasn't for her dirty clothes and hair. She was tan with brown eyes and brown hair, with muscels showing that she worked for a living.

The rolling of wheels on a rocky road took the girls attention away from the sky. It was a slave cart. She knew they came down tto her town to grab the more dangerous "criminals" and bring them to the other kingdoms, but her house was too far from the main road for the cart to be traveling here.

"Can I help you?" She asked as the cart came closer and the rider brought the horse in front to a stop.

"Yes, I seem to be lost do you know the way back to town?" He asked.

The girl was warry. He was not the usuall driver, allthough that could simply be because the old one was still of age to be dragged into one of the wars even closer to the border.

He stepped closer, and smiled disarmingly, only making the girl more warry. She slowly moved her hand to the knife hidden in her sleeve.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Before she could react the man knocked her arm away and twisted it behind her back. He slamed her head againt the wall of her house and hoisted her over his shoulder.

The last thing she saw before passing out was the group of dirty looking people trapped in the cart with her.

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