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Previously: Simon and the werewolf quickly glanced at Kasora and Simon used the distraction to bash the werewolf's head into the wall until he stopped struggling. He then turned to Kasora, his eyes still blood red and his fangs visible.

Kasora was worried, Simon was one of the most controlled vampires she knew or even heard of, for him to still be in that state meant that something serious had happened, it even explained his over troublesome behavior at the ball.

Simon smirked knowingly, making him look even creepier. "Do you think you can take me in a fight? I helped train you; I know your every move."

They were circling each other now; Kasora didn't answer him choosing instead to concentrate on his movements.

He rushed forward and pinned her against a wall, not to far from the unconscious werewolf, and smirked as if to say 'I win' and put his mouth near her neck.

She could feel his fangs and quickly slid the dagger that was still in her sleeve into her hand. "You don't know everything vampire."

Chapter 3: Just a fight and a scratch.

In the dungeons

Running footsteps woke her up. She kept her eyes closed and just listened to get a feel of her surroundings.

"What's going on up there?"

"Something happened at the ball, they need extra guards. Let's go"

"What about them?" She assumed the man was talking about the people she saw in the cart before passing out.

"Just make sure there locked in. We'll be back soon enough."

She listened until the footsteps faded away and then a few more minutes of silence before opening her eyes.

It wasn't a pretty site.

She was in a dirty cell filled with most of the same people from the cart. She recognized one of the women as a thief from her home town, Tina the Thief as the store owners called her. They weren't very creative.

Tina was looking at her. "Are you okay kid? I saw you trying to fight the driver, that was a good try."

The girl sat up and rubbed her stiff neck. "I'm fine…and thanks I guess." She looked around. "What's going on?"

Tina ignored her and braided her hair. "What was your name again? Ashley, Anna,…"

"Andrea." The girl replied. "Andrea Slaven."

"Right you live at the far edge of town. How'd you learn to fight?"

Andrea sighed. "My father was in the army, and he taught me a few things in our spare time. Now that you have my family history will you tell me why I'm in a cell? I never did anything illegal, and what about you? Thieves aren't usually put in slave carts? Is – "

"You sure talk a lot don't you? Didn't your family hear? The slave carts been taking minor criminals lately." Tina stopped braiding her hair and looked at Andrea. "I guess there taking regular people to now."

Andrea looked scared now. Her situation was finally setting in on her. She had heard stories of what happened to people that were given to vampires, they weren't comforting.

Tina noticed her expression and awkwardly patted her shoulder. "Don't worry kid; it seems there's a problem at the castle. We should have a few more days or hours to live."

Andrea was barely paying attention and began looking for her knife, thinking she would get a chance to use it, but she couldn't find it. She shrugged off Tina's hand and moved to the back of the cell waiting to see what would happen next, and praying she could escape.

Kasora was angry, she was livid, not at Simon but at herself. She was a hunter; she should have noticed something was wrong with him. But she didn't and now he had her pinned against a wall, with her only weapon a dagger that was blessed to be harmful to supernatural creatures.

To make it worse; she couldn't do anything with it. She said the comeback and she had the dagger pressed against his throat but that was it. She couldn't bring her self to do anything else. If it was almost any other vampire she would have slit his throat, enough to kill a human but for a vampire he would 'live' as long as we given blood to heal, and found out what the hell was going on. Despite knowing she should do it she couldn't do it and she'd be damned if he didn't know it.

He was laughing. "I don't know everything human. But I know you well enough to know that it's killing you to know what started the fight," His hand moved to the necklace she wore with the two pendants and he started fiddling with them. Kasora pressed the dagger harder into his neck and a little blood started to slide down his neck. "And you hate yourself for not being able to seriously hurt me."

When Simon spoke his fangs came preciously close to breaking Kasora's skin so she stayed perfectly still. "I could have killed you by now, if you weren't so lucky I would have completely lost control already."

"You're right." Kasora kicked him in the shin and pushed him away from her and into the wall while ducking underneath his arm. She couldn't bring herself to seriously hurt him but she wasn't going to let him hurt her either.

Simon got up and held out his hand, he was holding Kasora's necklace. Her hand shot to her throat and there was nothing there, he must have taken it during the fight. "Sloppy Sullivan. What are you going to do now that Zane is back?"

She froze and memories of a childhood of hearing that name whispered in hate and fear came back to her. . "I'm afraid we may have to leave Kasora and Rowan at a safer place, Zandra. The wars are getting worse and my informants tell me that Zane is getting more dangerous everyday." A young daughter listens in on a conversation.

All she could say was "Zane?"

"Yes, Zane. You're turning as forgetful as your stupid mother, and you'll die because of it, just like she did." His voice was cruel and too close, he was standing behind her now.

Kasora saw red at his words and without thinking roundhouse kicked him and was on top of him when he fell, her dagger already cutting into him. "What do you know?" All previous thoughts of not being able to hurt him were gone now.

Before Simon could answer her she heard running footsteps approaching them and a familiar voice call her name.

"Stop." Kasora could see Haruka from the corner of her eye; she looked surprised for a moment before nodding her head and singling the other guards behind her to stop, but not without everyone keeping their weapons at the ready. Kasora needed to figure out what was going on. It was her fault she was in this position and if anyone was dealing with Simon it would be her.

"What's going on Simon?" Kasora still had the dagger at his throat and he had blood all over him. His eyes were still red but something about them wasn't as feral, he looked weak. He coughed and blood came up before his eyes closed.

Kasora cursed and got up. "Get him out of here, separate from other vampires." She looked at one of the guards she knew grew up near the borders. "Go get blood from the butcher and bring it to him, I want him alive but not too strong." The guard nodded and everyone started following her orders. Technically she didn't have any authority over them but no one said anything.

Kasora watched them carry Simon away. He was a pureblood, he wasn't turned but 'born' from one of the old families, almost as old as the royal family. He would survive, even without the animal's blood he would have been able to heal eventually; it just would have taken a long time.

"Are you okay?" Haruka looked concerned. She hadn't seen Kasora this angry in years and was worried Kasora might do something stupid.

"I'm fine." Kasora said unconvincingly. They walked up the stairs together in silence. The balcony where the fight started was a mess. Blood was everywhere and all the decorations were destroyed.

Neither of the girls paid much attention to it though. Instead they walked back into the ball room.

It was chaos inside.

The avians were in a corner acting as a shield to Ava Danielle; the human nobles were being held to the side by guards and slowly brought outside the room. The werewolves all seemed to have disappeared. There were still vampires and they looked outraged. Kasora noticed the blond vampire Simon was with earlier, she was glaring at Kasora. "What's going on here? You have no right to take our kind when we did nothing. When our king hears of -"

Kasora looked calmly at the vampire and she quickly stopped talking when she saw the fire in Kasora's eyes. "I'll do whatever I damn well please. You can tell King Christopher that Kasora Sullivan personally told him humans are holding his personal advisor and that I want to know what the fuck is going on."

Kasora looked around again. The queen was talking to the avians and Ava Danielle looked disappointed before leaving, her people following her. The nobles were already gone and the vampires were waiting for the queen's attention.

The queen walked up to the vampires. "Do you know what the cause of tonight's… problems was?"

"Your incompetence is the problem." The vampire looked at Kasora. "We will tell our king of tonight's rudeness." She walked away without another word, the other vampires following her.

"Are you going to explain?" The queen looked at Kasora, angrier then she'd been in a long time.

Kasora was exhausted and just wanted t sleep and deal with everything in the morning. "There was a fight."

If the Queen was anyone else she would have rolled her eyes. "So you decided to let the guards carry unconscious vampires and werewolves through my ball?"

"When there's no other way inside the castle from where the fight was then yes. It's not my fault you invited them."

"I'll deal with you later." The queen looked around as if dismissing her. "What happened to Simon?"

"Simon was taken to the dungeon."

The queen looked at her in shock, any attempt to hold back her anger gone. "You will see me tomorrow afternoon."

Her voice was as cold as ice and if Kasora wasn't already bruised and bloody from a fight she might have been nervous as she left the ballroom without a second glance.

"What are you doing?"

Kasora looked up just as she was about to open the door to her room.

"Going to my room." Her tone implied that it was obvious.

Haruka rolled her eyes. "Not without going to a healer first."

"I'm fine."

"If you don't go then I'm going to tell Matt."

Kasora sighed. Ever since Rowan died Matt tended to be a little overprotective of her and Haruka if they were in a big fight and lost. He was a lot like an annoying older brother. "Matt was at the ball. He must already know what happened."

"He doesn't know you had a fight with Simon." She put an emphasis on Simon, as if Kasora didn't know he was stronger then a normal vampire.

Kasora considered her options. Go to her room and take care of her injuries herself so she could sleep or go to a healer and deal with more questions and Matt's harassment.

She sighed for the second time in as many minutes. "Let's go."

The healer's room was almost as bad as the ball room.

Numerous nobles were there complaining of injuries and running around looking for smelling salts for the ones that had fainted.

Kasora rolled her eyes and she heard Haruka snort from beside her. The fight hadn't broken out in the actual ball room and as far as she was concerned all this fuss was unnecessary. But if she took a second to think she would have realized that an uproar must have started from the shock of the unconscious bodies of werewolves and vampires. Not to mention the numerous guards that came barreling through.

The healer, Mrs. Cooper, took one look at Kasora and ordered everyone that didn't need to be there out.

"What happened to you, child?"

The fact that the walk to the room with Haruka gave Kasora a little time to cool down, and the warm relationship that Kasora had with Mrs. Cooper kept her from snapping when she replied , "It was just a fight."

Mrs. Cooper clucked her tongue at Kasora and moved her chin so she could see her bruises better. "It looks more serious then the petty fights you would get into at the training yards."

Haruka looked at Kasora nervously and noticed she still had that distant and angry look in her eye .She wasn't sure what caused the fight between Kasora and Simon but she knew that it must have been more then what it seemed to an outside observer.

"She was in the middle of the main fighting."

Mrs. Cooper shook her head. "Your brother wasn't so beaten up when he was here."

"My brother was here?" Haruka sounded worried.

"Yes but don't worry he was just escorting some of the nobles." Mrs. Cooper motioned towards the nobles that actually needed to be treated and were being taken care of by assistants.

Before Haruka could reply Mrs. Cooper gasped. "Who managed to almost get a bite out of a Sullivan?" Mrs. Cooper was originally from a town that was protected by hunters and knew of the more famous hunter families.

Kasora seemed to temporarily wake from her trance like state that she had entered and while the other two women were talking. Her hand slowly reached for her neck and when she looked at it, it was stained with blood.

Haruka grabbed Kasora's shoulders to keep her from jumping up. "Relax. It's just a scratch."

Mrs. Cooper handed Kasora a mirror and gave her a strange look that Haruka couldn't quite identify and Kasora was too shocked to notice.

When Kasora saw the cut she made a sound that was almost a growl.

The cut was obviously from a vampire to those that new what to look for. There were two holes that weren't deep enough to call it a real bite and a mark that made it obvious that the teeth had scrapped across her neck. It was also bright red around the spot where Simon's teeth had started the break the skin.

If it wasn't for the fact that vampire bites bled more then regular cuts, Kasora's hand and neck wouldn't have as much blood.

"Take this." Mrs. Cooper handed Kasora an unpleasant smelling drink. ", and talk to me some more tomorrow."

Kasora downed the drink in one gulp, knowing the taste was as bad as the smell. "I have an appointment with the Queen tomorrow."

"What did you do?" Haruka had walked ahead when Kasora had stopped to talk with the Queen.

"I honestly don't know. I kind of blacked out after the fight, I just remember you walking me and I think I yelled at some people."

Mrs. Cooper handed some jars to Kasora, "Make sure she takes these." and then looked to Kasora. "I still expect to talk to you tomorrow."

"Yes ma'am." Kasora knew from experience it was better not to argue with Mrs. Cooper.

Mrs. Cooper let Kasora bathe in the washroom that was part of the healer's rooms, while Haruka dropped off the medicines in Kasora's room.

Thirty minutes later Kasora was back in her own room. The sleeping draught that Mrs. Cooper had given her earlier was finally kicking in and she fell into a dreamless sleep.


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