So there he stood, waiting silently. He had been waiting for some time now, and all the while he attempted to ignore the smell of exhaust and gasoline. What he was waiting for, exactly, was not known to the average onlooker; he looked like a simple old man standing beside a garbage can, checking his watch. His thin, wispy, white hair was covered by a gray hoodie and he had on dark blue jeans.

It was odd, only to the young woman that he hadn't moved since she had arrived. Her job as the garage 'greeter' called for her to sit in a clear plastic 'office' and watch as cars would drive in and out, holding a little white card to allow them to leave. She was also supposed to answer questions, and another slew of things she didn't care about. It was the old man that unnerved her. But it didn't seem as if he was waiting for her, he had already been there when she had taken her shift.

As time passed he still didn't move, looking around the dark garage with little interest. Finally a car pulled up to the door of the garage, and the arm lifted, allowing it to pass. He approached it like a hawk to its prey, but upon better inspection he silently retreated to his old spot. The woman lifted an eyebrow. What could this man be waiting for?

She watched as he checked the time again. The family that was in the car passed and left through one of the side doors of the garage, and he observed with almost an odd fascination. A car left and the man stared at that one as well. The woman not only noticed it was a red one, but it also held a man, his wife, and his three children. The lady who drove the car greeted her and drove off after the arm lifted.

The old man shifted uneasily as a car came from one of the higher levels in the garage. This one he watched as well, almost hungrily, and the woman thought again about what he could have been waiting for. She didn't pay attention to this car; it was that old man she cared about.

A large group of boisterous people walked in, laughing and carrying on as they waited for a nearby elevator. The old man tensed at the sight of them and remained that way. The woman wondered why as a car pulled in. She could see it was a young man, probably in his twenties. He had a nametag that said 'Steve'. He put up the little white card and ran it across the machine, but the arm did not lift.

"I-I don't undershtand!" he said, the smell of booze wafting from the car incriminatingly, "Thish is the graggee!!"

She was having a dreadfully hard time understanding this 'Steve' and couldn't take the alcoholic stench. Without thinking she pressed a little red button and the arm lifted. Steve smiled drunkenly and managed to get the car into the garage without crashing it. And still the old man waited. The drunken man had made him stiffen more, but he still did not move. She racked her brain trying to find out why he was still there. As different scenarios played themselves out in her mind, she watched the old man wait.

The group of loud people pulled up and flashed the white card, and as the arm lifted, the woman could tell they too were drunk. Thankfully the person driving seemed sober enough, so she didn't think too long about it. Again she returned her eyes to the old man. He was popping a mint into his mouth that appeared to be peppermint. He discarded the wrapper and shifted in his position, his green eyes scanning the garage once again. He hadn't noticed her there, he didn't even give her a second thought, and as another car pulled up he smiled and his eyes lit up. It was an old black car that was shiny, but she could tell it was a cheaper model. The window opened and a young, handsome man looked at her. She knew him, he was John, and he lived in her building. John smiled bashfully.

"I'm sorry, I can't find my card." She smiled back.

"Oh it's fine," she managed to say, pressing the button. The arm lifted and his smile widened.

"Thank you." He then sped off up the ramp to the second floor.

The old man scurried over to the elevator and pressed the button, now filled with energy and life. He waited. When it came he practically jumped inside. The woman was puzzled only for a moment. Well, now at least he's not waiting, she thought happily. With her mind at ease, she opened up a magazine and turned on a radio. A song passed and a few other cars had come in and none had left. The man 'Steve' walked past her instead of taking the side door and winked. She shivered and stripped the man's drunken face from her mind as quickly as she could.

A white jeep that was packed with people passed by and as it entered the garage, it bounced up and the roof scratched a bit. Obviously none of the people in the car realized it since they were all talking so loudly, so she decided to keep that bit of information to herself. It passed a black car that pulled up and waited. It held an old man with thin, wispy, white hair and green eyes. He had a gray hoodie on with the hood up that was speckled with a bit of blood, and she could see the dark blue jeans he wore. He looked up at her.

"Can't find a card," he said, his breath reeking of peppermint.

She didn't sleep well that night.

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