Reflecting You


My heart reflects the light
The sun is gone

My eyes shine with a new day
The moon hangs high

My hands feel the promises
The ones that you broke

My lips try to feel your breath
Nothing but the wind whistling empty


I am here
I am waiting

There is no end to this drone


The only light was your heart
Now I'm surrounded by a life of black

The new day hidden with the flicker
Of your pale eyelids

The promises made late and close
You broke them with your hands

And your own lips
Used to feel the wind against them

As we sat under the maple tree
Just to watch the red and orange leaves
Spiral broken to the ground

I had thought that was bad enough
But that was before our leaves turned purple
Purple and black

And failed to spiral

As they dropped lifeless to the grass


They're rotting now
Everything lost in what you stole from me

Because you left

My heart weak because of the darkness
That swallows me thoroughly

My eyes unused because I know
Dawn is never coming

My hands trying to piece back together
The promises that you smashed

And the wind whistles as a hollow reminder
That you left this shell of a person

Her lips awaiting the kiss that would never come


A/N: I had a simple inspiration. And I got this. It really comes from the heart, things that I often feel. Please tell me what you think of it...