A Young Nerdy Boy's Library Book

What was it about Sim that made it so easy for bullies to tease him and copy off his homework? Was it because he skipped a grade? Was it how he constantly stuttered and blushed whenever he had to say something? Was it the way he looked- how a mess of indigo hair splayed over wide blue eyes that were vivid against light blue skin? He was always nice to them, always gentle, always compliant… why did they have to treat him like this?

"Hey nerd." A much larger green-skinned eight-year-old looked down at the seven-year-old who had been reading a rather thick book. "What're you reading?"

Sim's cheeks colored and his fox-like ears flattened against his head from fear. "Uh, um, j-just, a, um, a book ab-about, umm, star- stars, um, Mar-Maro…"

The bully now identified as Maro rolled his eyes. "Whatever, nerd. Do you have the science homework?"

Sim nodded and, marking his place in the book, fished out said homework from his backpack. He gave it and two blank pieces of paper to Maro to copy, and went right back to the book. He expected Maro to copy the work and leave, but no. Sim was clearly too captivated by the book.

"OK, what's so interesting about a bunch of stupid stars?" Maro grabbed the book and examined it distastefully. He pushed Sim down when he tried to recover it. "This is so boring."

Sim shook his head. "Um, ca-can I, uh, plea-please have it ba-back? It's a, um, a li-library book."

Maro ignored him. He had a dangerous gleam in his grey eyes. "Might as well be junked."

Sim's eyes became even wider. "No, pl-please!"

Maro nodded and started walking away with the copied homework and Sim's book. Sim wasn't sure what happened next, but one thing's for certain: you do not take a young nerdy boy's library book.

"GIVE IT BACK!" Sim ran at Maro and pushed him to the ground, quickly retrieving the book. It dawned on Sim what he had done when Maro stared up at him angrily.

Maro growled, "You…"

Sim took this as a cue to run.

This is a class assignment. We had to write a piece of "flash fiction," and believe you me, it was tricky keeping this at one page. I decided to write about Sim because he's too cute for his own good. ^^ This is canon with The Wonderful World of Imminent Doom, for those who care. Originally, Tig was held back a year (which would also make sense), but I started thinking about how Sim acted when he was younger, and him skipping a year made more sense, at least to me.

And no. There is no messing with library books.

Have a bagel. :)