By: Autumn Alonzo "Isa"


Present Day: LA

Here we are 17 years later. Kyle is going to be turning 18 and his parents have a story to tell if not Clyde will. "Kyle, you're going to be late. Hurry!" Robin yelled, from downstairs making breakfast for them. Kyle comes running down fast then out the door finding Clyde waiting for him. "Hey Clyde. What's up?"

"Not much cuz. By the way happy 18th."

"Thanks mom said you, Star and Eric would be over later. Oh yeah have you seen those new girls yet?"

"No, they say they are into witches, demons, and vampires."

"That's funny. Vampires that's nuts." Kyle said, looking at the school. "Cuz you have no idea what your mother has been doing for the last two thousand years." Clyde thought as they walked inside the school building.

In class Kyle sat waiting with his classmates since the teacher was not there yet. When she came in there was a girl by her side. The girl was about five eight. She had short brown hair with brown eyes plus glasses. She wore a black/red T-shirt with dark blue jeans. She had the best body he'd ever seen. "Class meet Tori Storm." Tori smiled making Kyle want to know her. "Tori please sit by Kyle."

"Okay. Where's Kyle?"

"Oh Kyle show your hand." The teacher said, as Kyle showed his hand as Tori just looked at him. Kyle's short light brown hair with green eyes. Kyle wore a blue t-shirt with blue jeans. His body was all muscle like he worked out a lot. He seemed to be about six foot. Then Tori walked back to him sitting down. "Hi Tori. I'm Kyle Sky. Nice to meet you." Kyle spoke in a deep voice many girls liked, but not Tori she just smiled at him. "Nice to meet you, Kyle." Tori spoke soft which made Kyle want to know her. "Alright class. Today we start a new project were you and the person you're sitting by is your partner on a DNA model of an animal." She told them as they looked at their partners. Since Kyle was by Tori that put them together.

Clyde sat in gym class when a new girl walked in. she had curly dark red hair with yellow eyes making you think of a cat. She wore an orange T-shirt with blue jeans. She looked to be about five eight then she walked over to the gym teacher. Who called them all in. "Class this is Alexandra Kit."


"Alexandra please sit over there." The teacher said, pointing to where Clyde was. Alexandra walked over sitting down. "Hi." Clyde said, Alexandra just looked up at him. His black hair was pulled up and back with blue eyes. His body looked like it came out of a story book strong and all muscle. When he spoke his voice was deep making her almost melt. "Hi." Alexandra said softly Clyde looked at her putting his hand out. "Clyde Stone." He spoke, as she took his hand. "Alexandra Kit. Call me Alex."

"Okay Alex. So how do you like it here?"

"It's nice here. I like it even with people here knowing what I'm into. So they just laugh at me, but you're the only person that has been nice."

"Well my cousin Kyle would be nice too."

"Like you are?" Alex asked with Clyde feeling a demon was near by, but only Alex was. "She's a demon maybe." He thought. Clyde looked at her yellow eyes that watched him. "Clyde." He turned to see a girl running over to him. Her black hair was shoulder length with green eyes. She put him in mind of Star, but she's with Eric. This girl was five six and looked great. When she got to him her smile faded at seeing Alex. "Clyde what are you doing tonight?"

"Going to Kyle's party."

"Forget about Kyle. Come out with me."

"Sorry, but I'd like to live."


"His mother would kill me."

"You act like she's so tuff and strong."

"She's very strong and his dad's no push over either."

"I see. Well if you change your mind call me." She said looking at Alex pissed. "Why would he talk with her and not me? I hate that girl." She thought walking away. Clyde was smiling because, he read her thoughts, which he found funny. "Clyde I don't think she likes me much."

"Don't worry, Alex. Kate is always giving new girls a hard time."


"She hates them talking with me."

"I don't follow."

"Kate thinks I'm her boyfriend."

"And are you?"

"No." Clyde said, for some reason that made her happy to know. "So Clyde when is your lunch?"

"Next. You?"

"Next too."

"Great so then you get to meet Kyle."

"He has lunch with you?"


"Cool." Alex said, thinking that Kyle might look like Clyde if so. She would like to know him, but Clyde she liked since he was the first to be nice to her. Well the bell ran so they walked to lunch together.