modern myths

where's charter of rights
for the woman that fled
Grenada for Canada
for derailment?

Trudeau drew the people in,
told them that cultures could co-exist
with the bilingualism of Canada
(when they are lying inside)

he tried to shove the shards
down people's throats &
leave them breathing
on the window pane

stuck between the
mirrors or doors; in neutral
caught between left and right
(or maybe Trudeau's just right)

when the women return to their country
the door could be locked
the country may be lost
but you can find yourself elsewhere

they are the Chinese people
who created the railroad &
an identity for Canada, an
outdated myth for generations

how many more immigrants does
the next Trudeau need to
fulfill a legacy that
betrays Canada?

a/n: This is a reading response for one of my english's based on Dionne's Brand "In Another Place, Not Here." There are some allusions to Canadian politics...MacDonald built the railroad because he wanted to connect Canada during the Confederate, but really a lot of Chinese people died building it. Then Trudeau - another Prime Minister decided in the 80s to create this sense of multiculturalism but allowing a bunch of people to immigrate into Canada, he was going to make cultures all equal to the majority culture, but people came to Canada not legally bound to have rights for practicing their culture, at least the same rights as the French and English.