What is going on? I wonder

sorting through the sensations...

but its hard, I keep getting distracted,

it keeps breaking my concentration.

A cold steel tooth catches an arm,

freezing and burning the flesh...

How can it hurt, yet it seems distant

as the arms become lined like mesh

it thirsts, this cold tooth, raggedly

it holds on while my hand...

my hand holds the tooth back,

yes that's what I'll tell myself, that's the plan.

It tastes metallic, this smell

that fills the small room...

Why does it taste like that I ask

hoping it will stop soon.

My stomach turns at this gruesome sight,

but my morbid fascination grows...

Crimson tears keep falling

as more lines begin to show.

Suddenly it stops, just a throbbing left.

With a sigh I realize its done...

I stare at the cuts on the arms... my arms,

and at the knife, both covered in blood, my blood.