First off, I'd like to wish everyone a HAPPY 2013! I hope your year is going amazingly and that it will keep on being fabulous :) Secondly, yes, I realize that I haven't updated any of my stories in a long, long while. I will. Soon. Bear with me. I'm sure you all know how crazy it gets at the start, middle and end of every semester with group projects, assignments, term papers, research essays and just getting to class, right? Oh, just me? -_- Thirdly, as you might have noticed, I've removed The Pull of Destiny from fictionpress. Reason being I've self-published it on amazon and createspace! It's available on kindle and I'm excited but hella nervous at the same time :) I want to try out amazon and see if people like TPOD enough to buy it. It's kinda scary but at least I'm taking a shot. If it isn't popular- lesson learned. If it is- success! Um, my name on amazon is Cheri Pye (they wouldn't let me use hotcheri so I had to improvise on the spot -_-) so if you're so inclined, support me! I dedicated the book to you, my lovely fictionpress family :) Those of you who've read the book might feel like reviewing it on amazon and would make me the happiest person alive! Also, that was a shameless plug. I feel quite embarrassed for myself now :p But yeah, I'm officially a self-published, book selling author now! Well, I haven't sold any books yet. But I'm very optimistic! And the paperback will be coming out soon, so who knows, you might see The Pull of Destiny in your local library soon! Gah, this is all so weird! Lastly, if you get a chance to check out the cover, yup, that's me on it. *blush* I will return soon, I promise! and i'm sorry for the bunched up text, i wrote this on my phone and document manager won't let me edit it normally. hotcheri