(A/n: this is not recommended for anyone under the age of fourteen)

I knew what was going to happen to me. As it was becoming more and more relevant, the feelings were present. I am a medium. At the tender age of eleven years old, my parents were brutally murdered by a grizzly axe wielder; with the name of "Crazy eights" McGee, who wouldn't be horrified.

It was in October the ninth to be more specific. And my mother and father and I got home from seeing the musical Les Mirabel when I just fell asleep. And how "Crazy Eights' got the number eight since my cousins, Jillian, Bobby, Cassandra, Andrew and my grandparents, Lois, Jim-Bob, Josefina, and Alastair. When we fell asleep, I had this nightmare of walking in to my parent's room to ask them if I could get a drink of water and seeing their mangled bodies on the bed. I then heard screaming and woke up immediately. I ran to my parent's room and I saw what I dreamed about; their angelic figures lying dead on their bed. I ran to my father's parent's room and they were dead as well.

As I checked the other rooms, the rest of my family was dead. I then confronted the killer and said, "You bastard, I will kill you and I will succeed." He then ran out the back door and I haven't seen him since.

It was about five years later when I was adopted into a rich family. I think they were the one who created YouTube. And it was when my brother Jack, the only one in my new family who actually listened and respected me said, "My parents are the ones who create medium hate websites. And I would like to hear more of what happened, and why you're here." I had this look of a bad memory and I then said the tragic story. It was only after when Jack said, "oh, my god. So that's how "Crazy Eights' McGee got the number eight?" I only nodded and he engulfed me in a death grip embrace and said, "I love you sis."

I then thought, I was truly loved but that night, my dream was anything but:

Kaleigh's Dream:

"Crazy, stop! This is not the way to solve things!"

"Get out of my way you stupid girl," Crazy snarled.

"Please, I'm begging you! Don't kill my Jack!"

"I don't care, I never will care now, get out of my way you bitch," Crazy growled.

As he swung his axe at jack I ran to his side.

"Jack, please Jack, wake up I'm nothing without you, please wake up."

*End of dream*

I woke up in a cold sweat the next morning. I went into Jack's room and told him about the dream. He then said in a serious tone, "we need to tell our parents." It was around noon that day when we walked into the living area and I told my new mother and father, "I hope you have heard of the murder and since then I have been having dreams that predict the future." They said, "Kaleigh, your mother and I need to talk for a while, if you could leave for the time, which would be appreciated." I simply nodded.

It was around four hours later when they called me back into the kitchen and they said, "Kaleigh, we found a place where your type of people can be in peace. Would you like to go for a drive?" I said, "Ok", in an eccentric tone.

As I got into the car, I was thinking, where are we going? And why is Jack coming? I was enjoying the amazing scenery; I saw this building called Brooke shields. I was curious about it. As the car came to a stop, I saw more clearly what the sign said: Brooke Shields insane asylum. My eyes grew wide; I knew what they were up to. I found out Jack was right.

When the car pulled up, I shouted, "what the hell? I thought you were my parents! I thought you actually loved me!" They then said in their obvious snappy tone, "we don't, we hate people who see 'ghosts' and we hate you." The last part brought tears to my eyes and I said, "Well, you have your wish, I shall be going and if you would like, help me bring my stuff in please."

My brother Jack wrote down my new address and he whispered in my ear, "sis, I'll always be your big bro, and I will never stop loving you. I have to go now. I wish you the best," and he then kissed me on the cheek and I walked to my room. It was actually very nice. Like how I'd decorate it. The main person came in and said, "Hello miss Brooks. Now, I think you're wondering why you are here. In fact, many people here still wonder why they're here as well. My name is Mr. Grayson. And your parents told me that you keep on having premonitions about the future. Am I correct," he said in his dark baritone voice, I replied, "yes sir, you are correct." He then stalked out of my room and a very mysterious boy walked in. "um, h-hi, my name's b-Brian. What's yours?" I then said, "My name's Kaleigh. Why are you here? You don't seem crazy, just shy, a little like me."

He then said, "I have premonitions in which I can heal someone. My father sent me here after my mother died. She was murdered by "Crazy Eights" McGee." I stood there with fear, almost forgetting to breathe. I then said in a soft whisper, "he murdered eight of my family members. That's where he got the number eight from." He then stroked my cheek and said, "Don't worry, most people are safe here. It's more like a rehabilitation center than an asylum for most. But I was admitted since my father says I need to be with 'people like me.'" I then replied, "that's what my adoptive 'parents' said as well."