World of Kilyana:

The Unknown Battle

By. Ashley Butts

I am fairly different from other people. My parents say I'm peculiar while my teachers say I'm strange. All of my peers call me odd. Well truth be told, I am Vincent MCario.

"Coming mother!" I spoke, typing up my book report. "Gosh!"

I stomped down the stairs, losing my train of thought. The framed photographs and paintings were shaking as I stomped. You could hear the television from across the hall. My father was watching his favorite TV. sitcom at the moment.

As I reached the bottom of the stairway, I heard my mom talking to a person on her cell phone. She seemed angry by the tone of her voice. 'What was she talking about?' I thought to myself.

"Here's your chore list." Mary, my mother, mumbled, holding the phone up to her ear with her shoulder. She gracefully handed the piece of parchment to me.

I browsed over the list and replied "You really expect me to do all of these chores? Come on mother, dad is off work this whole week. Make him do at least some."

"Don't talk to me like that young man!" yelled Mary. "You! Go to your bedroom, and you better get used to being there. You are grounded for the next week!"

"You cannot make me endure that kind of punishment!" I screamed. "Do you remember that I have to attend the Narkington high homecoming with Annabelle on Saturday?"

"Then tell her you're cancelling!" My mother barked at me.

"No. I am going even if you like it or otherwise!" I yelled. Mary's eyes began to swell in a river of tears.

"Well fine! Go, but don't expect me to care if you separate!"

"Fine!" I screamed, and then stormed away, out of the house. I moved to the other side of the window, to overhear my mother's conversation.

I could faintly hear my mother's voice until I heard her raise her voice. She said "No. I have to stay here until the time is righ-"she continued "maybe it is but I cannot leave Vincent. He is too young to get caug-"Mary waited a few minutes until she spoke again. "He may join the enemy's if I leave. You might as well take me by force, 'because I don't want to leave Vincent!" The phone call ended just after that line.

As I got to school, I met up with Annabelle. She is a blonde, French born beauty that I fell in love with.

"Yeah, and she wanted to have me cancel the dance date with you." I said, in a harsh tone.

"You're kidding me? That's horrible. How harsh!" Annabelle yelled.

"But I stood my ground and got her to let me go to the dance." I explained, being as gentle as I could be.

"Yay! Thank you!" exclaimed Annabelle. She hugged me for a long period of time, only to let go when the bell rang.

I went to my classes, all being boring as hell. Later on that day though, when I got home, I felt an odd presence in the kitchen. I checked all of the rooms in the house, but no one was here. I suddenly remembered my mother's phone conversation. 'It's not a big deal. She's probably out shopping for groceries or something.' I thought.

"Hmmmm………… I wonder where Mom and dad are. They haven't come home yet." I spoke out loud.

"They're probably out enjoying themselves, without a care in the world. Don't worry about it Vincent. Hey, my lips are shivering." Announced Annabelle.

"Allow me to warm them up for you." I declared. We moved in closer, our lips almost touching when the television mysteriously turned on.

On the top of the screen read "Attention! Attention! Lock all windows and doors immediately! A homicidal killer is on the loose! Do not allow anyone inside!" The message ran on repetitively.

"What should we do Vincent?" asked Annabelle, who is scared to death.

"Lock up the doors, NOW!" I yelled. We immediately began to lock up the house when I heard a strange noise. It was a familiar voice, calling for me.

"Help Vincent Help! He's attacking me! Save me!" screamed Mary. The voice came closer and closer until I could hear no more. "Come out here I am begging you!"

"Oh my gosh! That's your mother Vincent! She's dying! Open the door!" yelled Annabelle.

"This may be a trap you know. Anyone can impersonate my mother." I spoke. I was holding back the tears that were brought into my eyes.

"But what if it is really her?" Annabelle stated.

"Somebody! Help!" Mary screamed.

"What's wrong with you? Your very own mother is dying as we speak and you aren't going to do a damn thing about it? I am going to open the door!" screamed Annabelle. She was reaching for the doorknob when I grabbed her wrist. "What are you doing Vincent?"

"Preventing your death. Do you know what could happen? You could either save my mother or get us killed! Realize our predicament! Do you even value your life?" I questioned angrily.

"Do you value your mother's?"

"But I love you Annabelle! Don't you see! I cannot let you get yourself killed!"

My heart was racing. I got a hold of her waist and thrust her lips against mine. I only left room for my love to breathe. Annabelle grew closer to me, keeping her lips attached to me. I moved off of Annabelle and locked the door in agony.

I went up the stairs to my room to retrieve a present for her. Meanwhile near the door, Mary screamed "Annabelle, please open the door!"

Annabelle reached for the doorknob, twisted it and released it from its hinges.

"Oh Annabelle, you naughty girl." spoke Mary.

Moments later, I went down stairs to give Annabelle her gift.

"Hey Annabelle, you still there? I want to give you something I saved up for." I announced. In my hand, there was a white gold, diamond encrusted engagement ring. It had a heart shaped amethyst placed upon the band.

I noticed wind blowing throughout the base level of the house. I stood there, staring at the petrified Annabelle and the opened door.

"Annabelle! I told you to leave the door….. Mother! You are alive!" I yelled. I ran to Annabelle, trying to wake her up. She just stood still though, with no sign of breath. Her lips were stone cold.

I yelled "Wake up Annabelle! Wake up!"

"It's no use Vincent. The woman is dead." Mary spoke. "And you are our main target."

"What do you want me for?"

"For battle of course. Come with me and I would spare your life."

"Ok why should I come with you? You killed my parents, harmed the town and murdered my girlfriend!"

"Your father and girlfriend were major distractions for you. Our leader advised us to end any distractions." the strange woman quoted.

"What is so special about me?" I demanded. I grabbed a nearby lamppost and held it like a baseball bat. "I am not afraid to use this!"

"Hold on little guy, you really don't know your own strength."

Immediately after the odd woman spoke, he ran towards her, swinging the dreaded lamp around, hitting the television. The TV. shocked the lamp I held and transferred to my body.

"Arghhh…………. Feeling faint…" I whispered, while I fell cold.

"Great, now I have to drag him until he wakes up." the woman grumbled.

She grabbed my right arm and loaded me into the passenger seat of her black Infinity FX. The woman placed the key into the ignition and drove away.

Hours later, I had awakened due to the loud music. "Where am I and what in the hell is this racket?" I questioned.

"We are on our way to the Hideout. And not to mention, this music is a band you probably never would hear of, until now of course. You know I planned to see them at a music festival, but two things got in the way." The odd woman stated.

"What were the two things? I asked, rubbing my eyes.

"One, I had to find you. And two, the festival has an age limit. It's for only twenty-one and older. I'm only sixteen."

I finally opened my eyes and turned to my left. There, I saw the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes upon. She had long, sleek auburn hair that was put into pigtails. The woman had flawless tan skin that had perfect complexion. It looked like she was around the height five-feet, seven-inches. The woman was a goddess.

"You… you… you killed my family!" I yelled as I unbuckled my seatbelt. "Who are you?"

"Hey hey… slow down. I only killed your father and girlfriend. And I am Nellacarin Marico. Hey I have a question, did you really believe my impersonation of your mother? I thought I was pretty convincing."

"Yeah. You were. Then where is my mother?" I screamed furiously.

"Crap. I didn't want to be the one to do this, but if you insist. I'll explain."

"Finally, an explanation." I murmured.

"This is going to take a while but ok. We do have a while until we reach the jet." Nellacarin explained. "Here it goes."

"You would never hear of my world on earth. I live on the world of Kilyana. The planet used to be a colorful, peaceful land, until the country Akamary revolted. Mind you, this world is fairly small. My country, Millirona, is the only nation capable of defeating Akamary. You see, their nation is one of war. They train every citizen from the age of eight to become an elite warrior.

"The country raided the other nine nations, including mine, on one single day. These raids caused many deaths, in every country. The raid occurred approximately eighteen years ago. Since then, they have slowly progressed to being the one and only nation on Kilyana. But throughout the past I don't know, fifteen years, the country has been without its leader.

"We have been planning this entire time to destroy the empire, but could never obtain the eternikey trio. The key is the only way to defeat the leader."

"Sorry to butt in, but what is the key? I questioned, feeling utterly confused.

"The key is a combination of three different people. Each person of the eternikey trio has a key power. The three key powers are transforming, aqua control, and darkness. The transforming person would be able to transform into anything the character wants to become. The aqua controller can manipulate anything with a tiny bit of water, even humans. The darkness power is a peculiar one though. No one knows what it's used for. And is the only missing key." Nellacarin stated.

"But how does this even relate to me?" I stated. "Why did you capture me?"

"Hold your horses, kid. Well, I shouldn't call you kid. You are older than me. But anyways, let's leave the answer to you. Here are the questions: Why would I tell you about Kilyana? Why would I tell you about Akamary's leader? And why would I tell you about the eternikey trio?" Nellacarin yelled, along with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Nellacarin turned into a peculiar parking lot, surrounded by absolutely nothing.

"Do I have something to do with the eternikey trio?" I asked, feeling uncertain with what Nellacarin was voicing.

"OF COURSE YOU DO!! YOU ARE ONE OF THE ETERNIKEY TRIO, BOY! CAN'T YOU GET THAT THROUGH YOUR BIG HEAD?" Nellacarin yelled, loud enough for even my high school 50 miles away could hear. There was a faint silence, until we reached the jet plane. "Sorry about that outburst Vincent. It's just that, isn't it obvious? But, yes, you are for certain, one of the Eternikey Trio."

I stood in awe. How could I, a simple city boy, be one of a mysterious power group? This is crazy. Hehe, this could just be a scam to kidnap me! But would someone really tell their kidnapee everything about her? I didn't even move a single bone.

"Well here we are. Look out at the Jet. That's our ride." Nellacarin exclaimed, parking into a faded parking spot, only built for a motorcycle. "Dang! I knew I should have taken the motorcycle, but I did just get my license."

A thought just found its way to me. "How could we take a jet to a planet?" I pondered, loud enough for Nellacarin to hear.

"Oh, you'll see. It's so awesome!!" She said in a very relaxed tone. Nellacarin opened the trunk and tossed me two suitcases. "I sort of raided your clothes and put the best in your suitcases. You do need something to wear for the first couple of days on Millirona."

"Ok? Thanks..." I murmured.