Again: Nerd alert!

I'm a Fragment Without You

I've been seeing a lot of semicolons
Because everyone's an independent clause.
But here I am without any punctuation
And I'm so full of grammar flaws.

I'm a fragment without you.

Would you be the adverb to my adjective?
Could I be the subject to your action?
You're the only pronoun in my life.
Your name is the only one in capitalization.

I'm a fragment without you.

Everything you ever said is in quote marks.
Everything you never said has ellipses.
I couldn't imagine a single sentence without you.
You're everything and more to me.

I'm a fragment without you.

I can't give you a semicolon.
I'm completely useless alone.
But I know we'd make it through OK.
Together, we'd be whole.

I wrote a fan poem a while back that was composed pretty much entirely in math problems (no joke, check out CaveDwellers' profile if you doubt it... or if you're curious ;D), and I had an idea to do one at the other end of the academic spectrum for grammar! ^^ So... I'm ridiculously proud of this and feel like a huge geek. XP

Have some chocolate.