"Why Anye, why?" the poor villager moaned in pain. He collapsed to the floor. I darted into the forest. Soon after I began running, I heard the horrible screams of the other villagers.

"Ahhhhh! Who could have done such a thing?!" one of the villagers screamed. I decided not to hesitate. I kept running for my own good, for my life.

"It must have been that damn Anye girl!" another one of the villagers yelled. I quickened my pace. Suddenly, the sounds of footsteps came to my ear. They were chasing after me. Alas, I have finally entered the nearby forest. I began to jump over nearby trees and dead branches. I soon stopped hearing the sound of footsteps. I must have lost them. I was safe at last. I peered over my surroundings. I saw an unoccupied cave nearby. I walked towards it. Once I was inside, I quickly fell asleep.

I woke up to the gleaming sunlight shining outside of the cave. It took me a while to completely wake up. I exited the cave to find a bush full of berries. I made haste to find the berries perfectly intact. I collected them in my bandana and brought them to a broken log. I quickly ate them, in a rush to get away from this dreadful area. I tied my bandana around my head and began my escape. I ran for at least an hour until I reached a stream. Hmmm, this is good enough, I thought to myself. I grasped a big leaf and filled it with water. I began to drink out of the leaf. I then collapsed to the floor. I had a vision.

"This is…amazing, Vincent. I never knew that Katalina was such a pretty country," I said, grasping Vincent's hand.

"I know what you mean," Vincent agreed with me. "This is also my first time here, as well. "Oh Nellacarin, I want to be with you forever. I know, we are already married, but I just wanted to remind you for the billionth time." I pulled in close to him, and gave him a quick kiss.

"Well thanks," I murmured. I then felt a sharp pain in my back.

I woke up immediately after the vision. I had so many questions to ask myself. Who in the world are Vincent and Nellacarin? Why was I in the place of the so-called Nellacarin? Why was there a sharp pain? I needed to know these answers.

I sat down by a tree, trying to conjure up answers. Suddenly, I heard bushes. Someone was coming! I hopped up, waiting for the person to show himself. I stood there in silence, no sign of the person. I began to turn away. "Whararrrrr!" the creature barked. I immediately turned back. The creature was an Earth bear. A bear made of rock and earth. It stood a massive twelve feet. I was ready to conjure up lightning, until the bear made a sneak attack. I was caught from behind, a paw attacking me from above my head. I was pushed forward, falling into the stream. I quickly got up and out of the stream. How could I defeat this Earth bear? I needed to lure it to the water. Luckily, the Earth bear was on the opposite side of the stream. I decided to taunt the bear.

"Come on stupid Earth bear! Catch me, well, if you can," I yelled. The Earth bear began to walk towards me. I braced myself. Suddenly, the bear fell into the water! I then prepared my attack. I began to conjure up lightning in between my hands. I felt the energy surging through my fingertips. I couldn't hold onto it for too long, for I would take the blow. I released it onto the water. The Earth bear was electrocuted. I finally killed the Earth bear. Since there is no use in eating earth and rock, I walked away. "Grr," my stomach growled. Hmm, I needed to hunt.

I searched for a bird, maybe a deer. I heard a tree rustle from across the pathway. Suddenly, a small deer came out from behind the tree. Perfect, my meal for the day! I found a stick near the brush and I slowly crept after the deer. I was directly behind the deer, ready for the kill. I charged towards the deer, stick in hand. I then stabbed the deer. The deer moaned in pain, suffering as it collapsed. I then finished off the deer by slashing its neck. The deer was dead. I cut it open, dissecting all of the meat. I then electrocuted the meat and cooked it. I began to eat the meat.

Once I was finished, I started to run again. I picked up my pace every two seconds it felt like. It seemed like I ran miles and miles, for I wanted to leave no tracks. I ran until my legs ached and I collapsed. I picked myself up and sat next to one of the many trees that surrounded me. I then took a nap.

I woke up to the sound of loud screams. I opened my eyes to see a large fire with hundreds of people surrounding it. I was tied up with rock-hard ropes and surrounded by guards. I have never in my life have seen people like these. One of the guardsmen came up to me. "Good, you are awake. You are able to see the speech," the guardsman told me. I picked myself up and looked above the guardsmen's head to find a leader of some sort standing upon a large rock. I took this opportunity to screen my surroundings. There were few trees around, probably due to the guardsmen and others clearing the fields. I couldn't see much except the many people surrounding the fire. I turned my attention to the leader. He began to make his speech.

"My fellow soldiers, villagers, and guardsmen, I welcome you to the ruins of the country known as Millirona," the leader began. I then had a second vision.

"Nella, I know that we have had our differences," Vannya told me. "But we are now related. Please, accept me.

"I guess I have to, for Vinny's sake," I admitted to Vannya. "I know what happened that night years ago."

"What?" Vannya questioned me. "What in the world are you talking about?"

"You know all too well," I yelled. "You tried to seduce Vinny!"

"Oh, sorry," Vannya apologized.

This time, I didn't have to fall asleep to see what is happening or what has happened or what will happen. I then turned my attention back to the leader.

"We will gain a new world, a reformed one," the leader announced. "We will control Kilyana to do our bidding. We will capture all of the reincarnates, power controllers, and demons we can get our hands on, like this woman here!" He then pointed to me. I guess that my lightning power is what they are talking about. All of the people looked at me in disgust. "We will control all of these creatures to do as we wish! Now, let's get a move on! We need to capture more creatures! Don't forget to bring the prisoner!" the leader commanded. A few guardsmen picked me up and dragged me behind. I thought to myself, how could I let myself be captured? I tried to conjure up some lightning, but my hands couldn't connect. I then thought of something I have never tried before. I began to think up a lightning storm. Suddenly, the sky turned a navy blue and it began to rain. I heard the sweet sound of thunder soon after. My favorite and final part came next. A lightning bolt came down on the ground, blowing away dirt and rock into the air. One of the bolts cut through the rope that was tied around me. I quickly escaped, thanking my powers. I ran for my life a second night in a row.

I ran until I couldn't see the thunderclouds anymore. Once I was far enough, I took a rest. I then fell asleep. I had a third vision that day.

The sound of the dying victims made me feel at home. I ran away as soon as I possibly could. I ran to Vinny. He grasped my hand. "This was a bloody battle," I told him.

"I know," Vincent agreed. "Where are Matt and Lindsay?"

"I don't know," I confirmed.

I immediately woke up after the vision. I am being haunted by a woman named Nellacarin. I don't even know who she is; let alone who Vincent, Matt, and Lindsay are. I am terrified at how I am having these dreams, or visions. I need to talk to someone about these things. I set off to find someone who could help me. I walked in the forest for an hour or two until I stumbled upon a village. There were many wooden huts and villagers walking around, shopping for daily items. I had to ask a few villagers where the historian is. I bet that a historian would know what happened in the past. I may have a clue of what my visions are about. I stumbled upon a pair of strange-looking villagers.

"Hi," I greeted them. "I'm Anye. Who are you two? And, do you know where the local historian is?" They were one boy and one girl. The boy had short-black hair covering his right eye and wore a black shirt and a pair of black pants. He had hazel green eyes and is approximately six feet three inches tall. The woman had long blond hair pulled up into a ponytail and wore a red shirt and black shorts. She had blue eyes and was around five feet and five inches. Strangely, the woman had abnormally long fingernails and had, oddly enough, big muscular legs and arms. They smiled sweetly.

"Well, I am Cory and this here is my sister Leneltra," Cory greeted me. He held his hand out. I shook his hand and then pulled back. "How odd, we are also looking for the local historian. We have a couple questions to ask him."

"Yeah, I hope you have luck finding him," Leneltra snapped at me. "Let's go Cory, we need to find them. We shouldn't spend our time talking to a rugged girl like her." She then turned around and began walking away. Cory kept standing across from me, though.

"Leneltra, remember that we have a couple of questions to ask him," Cory told her. "Why don't we join you, Anye, right?"

"Yeah, why not?" I told Cory. We began walking away in the opposite direction of Leneltra. "So, what type of questions are you going to ask the historian, Cory?"

"Well," Cory began smugly. "I am going to ask him about my weird dreams. I keep dreaming that I am…um… an old ancestor. It's kind of funny, actually. I don't even know anything about him except his name, and that he has the same power as me. I keep hearing a group of people saying that his name is Vincent or something like that." This is completely weird. There is a Vincent in my dreams as well!

"That is funny, for I have the same problem, a little," I told Cory. "Except I don't know if Nellacarin has any powers of the sort. Not to mention that I'm not related to her in any way. Yet, she is married to a Vincent." I thought that I must have heard his jaw drop.

"Wow, Nellacarin is the one that is married to my ancestor Vincent. This is creepy," Cory concluded. "So, what do you dream about?"

"I dreamt once that Nellacarin was with Vinny near a stream, another time that they were in a battle and two people named Lindsay and Matt were not there, and one where Nellacarin was confronting a woman named Vannya about her seducing Vincent," I explained. His eyes widened.

"This is fairly weird, but my dreams aren't about those," Cory told me. "They are all about the war between Millirona and Akamary. I don't know much about this war, so I need to ask a historian about this. And, don't tell her that you know, but, Leneltra has dreams that she is Lindsay. It's all jacked up, if you ask me." I thought the same way. We walked down the streets until we hit a sign that read: Historian Center.

"This must be the place," I confirmed. We walked into the office. There was a woman that was sitting at a desk.

"Do you have an appointment?" the woman demanded.

"Yes," I lied. "We are lord Arch and lady Kilya. We have an appointment for 11:20 a.m."

"Oh, I'm sorry about the confusion," the woman apologized. She must have bought the lie. "Right this way you two. Mr. Kyanto will be with you shortly." We walked into the office and waited there for Mr. Kyanto. After two minutes of waiting, he finally came in.

"What brings you two here today?" Mr. Kyanto asked us.

"We have a lot of questions to ask you," Cory began. "What was the battle between Millirona and Akamary about? Who are Vincent and Nellacarin MCario and Matt and Lindsay Lyleson? And, finally, why are we having constant dreams about these four?"


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