"Leneltra!" I screamed, running to the edge of the building. I saw her fall, down onto the sidewalk. Yet, she didn't crash. Her body was floating, not touching the surface. Leneltra gracefully slid her feet onto the sidewalk. Wow, it must have been one of her powers working. I ran down the stairs of the building as fast as I can, trying to get Leneltra out of sight as soon as possible. Anye and Nicolo tagged along with me. As soon as we reached the base floor, hordes of people were surrounding Leneltra. We pushed many people out of our way to reach Leneltra.

"Thank God you are here," Leneltra pleaded. "Now, please, get me out. These people keep asking my random questions. I don't feel safe." I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the crowd. God, so many people kept grabbing at her! I seriously thought that I was going crazy! When we re-entered the building, Vincent, Nellacarin, Matt, and Lindsay were waiting for us.

"God, it takes you guys forever to save someone!" Lindsay giggled. "Oh just kidding. We all are going to go to our hotel room." They began to walk out of the building. We followed after them. Soon after, we arrived at a hotel. God, it was amazing. It was so elegant and decorative on the inside! We rushed up to our rooms. "I call the window bed!" I yelled when I was running, leaving Nicolo in the dust. Anye and Leneltra are sharing rooms while I am sharing a room with Nicolo. I quickly opened the door and jumped onto the bed. Sadly though, I was bounced off.

"Ouch!" I yelled. Nicolo came in here, laughing his butt off. He dropped his suitcases at the foot of his bed.

"Well I guess that you shouldn't have jumped onto the bed," Nicolo chuckled. I scowled at him. "Anyways, what should we do since we are here, in New York City?!" he exclaimed.

"Hmmm, I think that a romantic, thing would be cool, 'cause I've been feeling a little bit of oddness from Anye," I answered.

"Well, I know what you can to give her," he grinned evilly. "And you can't buy this at a store. Or on the internet." There was a long pause. I have no clue what he is thinking. "Oh come on! Don't you get what I'm getting at?!" Nicolo asked angrily.

"I have no clue," I murmured. Nicolo slapped his forehead.

"God, do I have to explain it to you?!" he asked rhetorically. "Sex. You can give Anye sex." This is the reason why I am so overprotective over Leneltra.

"Are you that dumb Nicolo?" I asked him. "Do you forget that Anye is only 14?! Wow, all because you and Leneltra are together doesn't mean that I want to be like that with Anye!" I yelled. Nicolo looked like he was taken aback by my comment.

"I am not with Leneltra," he scowled at me. "We are only friends. That's all we are going to be. So, please, don't assume that any longer." There was another long pause. "I only offered that option to you 'cause that was the only one I could think of." A second long pause came over. "I'm going over to Leneltra's room. Just, think of what I said. It may come in handy," Nicolo said, walking out of the room. Great, the only guy I can really talk to just left. Hmmm, maybe I should consider his advice. Whatever, I will just decide later. I walked out of the room and saw Anye texting someone outside of her room. "Hey Anye!" I said enthusiastically. She flipped her phone shut and looked up at me. "Hey, do you think that we can do something later?" I asked her.

"Yeah, that would be great," Anye agreed. "Why don't we go somewhere fun, like times square?" she suggested. That did sound like a good idea.

"Yeah, that is a great idea, Anye," I encouraged her. I glanced at my watch. It was 3:15p.m. "I'll pick you up at six. See you then." I gave her a quick kiss and walked back into my room. I put on a pair of clean jeans and a black shirt. I actually decided to comb my hair. I looked into my room. Dang, I looked hot, if I say so myself. I looked at my watch. It was only 4:00. Great, I still have loads of time to kill. I turned on my iPod and scrolled through my songs. Gosh, Vincent packed my iPod with so many songs from this era! I finally selected a random song. The song "The (Shipped) Gold Standard" by Fall Out Boy began to play. Hmm, it's pretty catchy. This is actually pretty good music. I began to zone out.

I felt a cool surge of air hit me. "What the hell was that for?" I asked angrily. Nicolo was hovering over me.

"Nothing, I just didn't want you to be late for your little date with Anye," he smirked. Crap! I looked at my watch. It was 5:50! I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. Crud, I need to re-do my look! I re-combed my hair and walked out of my room. Anye was standing outside of her room again. She glanced up at me. Anye looked great. She had on a small pink tee and some denim skinny jeans. She also wore a pair of stiletto heeled sandals on. Her makeup was a pretty light pink shade. Damn, she looked hot!

"Hey, are you ready?" I asked her.

"Yeah," she replied. She grasped my hand. "Let's go." We walked hand in hand out of the hotel, and into Times Square. "Ooh, where should we go first?" she asked me. How am I supposed to know what is in times square?! I've never been here in my life!

"Why don't we go into every building?" I asked her. She looked at me. Her eyes made contact with mine.

"Ok, that sounds good," she shrugged. Ugh, my effort isn't working right! We walked into the nearest shop. I didn't know that so many things could be sold in one tiny store! Every wall was stocked with practically a billion items!

"Wow, this is breathtaking!" Anye gasped. She looked at me. "Do you want to leave? I can tell that you don't like this place." God, how could she know what I am thinking?! "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I can tell what people are thinking. That 'skill' of mine was sort of 'unlocked' when I was training. Cool, isn't it?" Oh my god, Anye is a mind reader.

"Yeah, that's cool," I shrugged. We walked around, looking for a place to eat. After looking for, like, thirty minutes, we found a good place. We had a good time eating dinner. Anye was being all talkative and fun. Wow, I am really starting to… love her. When we were finished we began to walk back to the hotel. When we reached her room, she let go of my hand.

"Tonight was great Cory," she told me. "I really believe that I… love you. I know it sounds odd, but, in the time that I have known you, I felt something that I have never felt before. And it's love. I love you Cory." She gave me a long, passionate kiss that must've lasted a lifetime. I pulled away from her. She had a confused look on her face.

"I love you to Anye," I told her. "Goodnight." I opened her door for her. Surprisingly, no one was inside. I looked at my watch. It read 10:00. Wow, it was pretty late. Maybe I should take his idea…

"Wait Cory, I want you to come with me. Spend the night with me," Anye whispered in my ear. She grasped my hand and drew me into her room. We sat on her bed. I began to caress her neck with kisses. Anye gave a little moan. We began to lie on her bed. I continued to kiss her while I slowly took her shirt off. She then began to unfasten my pants. She slid them off. I then did the same for her. I finally began to take off her bra. Great, I was able to take it off with ease. It would be real embarrassing if I couldn't. I was now revealed to most of her. I only had her underwear left. I then slid them off of her person. She was all for me. Lastly, she ripped off my boxers, stripping me down to my birthday suit. I was all for her. We then went under the sheets. (an: I am just leaving it there!)

I woke up the next day, lying next to Anye, in her bed, in her hotel room. Wow, we finally had sex. I guess I took Nicolo's advice after all. I heard a vibrating tone. It was Anye's phone. I turned over to Anye. She was still asleep. I glanced back at the phone. Hmm, I bet she wouldn't mind me looking at her messages. I flipped her phone open. Looks like she got a message from her coach, Hunter. It read:

I miss you babe. When you get back to Millirona, I will be waiting for you in the beach house. Again, I miss your touch, your beautiful skin against mine, your everlasting kiss. Love you.

Oh my god! Anye has been cheating on me! I can't believe it! I love her! I closed her phone. Anye woke up immediately after. "When were you planning to tell me?" I asked her demandingly.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Anye murmured. Like she didn't know!

"I know that you've been cheating on me with Hunter," I scowled. "How could you do this? I loved you."


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