you lick my secrets off my lips,
tasting them & announcing that they
have a bitter sweet taste, kind of like
sour skittles.
we snatch our pieces of rainbow out of
the sky & wrap its warm stripes around us
like a blanket, its colors embroidering
themselves into our skin & becoming one
with us.
we are not one color, but every color,
& we frolic around in a naked daze with
dandelions & roses in our wild hair.

we stand on the middle of a white line,
spring & Indiana on one side,
summer & California on the other.
twirling & dancing, winters vodka slips
down our throats & falls magic rides
on the wind & morphs into animals,
all of them running alongside us &

our pieces of rainbow eventually slip
through our bodies & back into our minds,
gone for now but resting until another day
when the disapproval of people that we don't
know & the ones we love gets to be too much.

until then, we love each other even with
the dismaying looks of do-good people.
holding hands, we also hold up our heads high,
& say, 'we're rainbow girls," knowing that
there's a world where everything that is

is okay.