Author's Note: This story stems from an online rpg character I developed a few years ago. Although I still use her for a Vampire: Dark Ages game I run, she is in a much different form there then her original conception. Because of this, and because I loved the world that was created primarily by myself and my brother online then later abandoned, I wanted to continue with her journey. I have a general idea of how this should play out but please bear with me as I may have to adjust a few parts of the plot around to make sure I stay true to her and not stray into the V:DA character. This opening part is what I originally posted on the site when she was first created, the second chapter starts with her new journey.

Camina, Kealin, Nia, and all other characters, events, and places are mine. In some cases I use the name of real locations of which I do not own. If you wish to use or borrow any characters or other information from the story I can be contacted via the e-mail found in my account. Nothing is to be used without my expressed permission. Thank you! Enjoy!

The Actual History:

Camina Sibylla Wistar is the only child of King Casimir and the Queen Tasya. She was primarily raised in the nobles summer home of Ofarie in the forests just outside of Necoraii, better known as the City of the Night, and the capital of Pulsia. Young Camina was groomed to be her father's successor, studying language, strategy, weaponry, and other disciplines. But the mysterious death of her mother coupled with turbulent political times left Casimir on the throne and Camina free to pursue other interests.

Camina spent much of her early life haunting her father's castle and honing her skills. Near her two hundredth birthday she left home and traveled her father's lands, extensively criss-crossing the peninsula, what was then called Phantismoria. Near two hundred and fifty she returned to pay respects to her mothers tomb when she happened upon a tomb raider, Kealin. Lucky for Kealin he wasn't caught at Tasya's mausoleum and quickly the Princess and the raider became friends. Between Camina's command of ancient languages and Kealin's copious experience the two made for a great pair. They stole from tombs to give to museums and save the artifacts from other less reverent raiders. The two, though both obsessed with treasure, only kept a small percentage of their plunder throughout their partnership. But as Kealin was demon himself he was of a mortal variety and eventually died, leaving a heartbroken vampyr in his wake. Camina returned to Phantismoria, as the duo's occupation had taken them nearly half the way across the world, and found that although the outside world had changed, Phantismoria remained the same.

Camina's history grows hazy here, we know she was in Phantismoria, but little is known of what she did. That is until her four hundredth birthday. Casimir grew tired of ruling Phantismoria and in a public appearance pulled Camina to his side and proclaimed, "My Queen!" thus elevating Camina from Crowned Princess to Queen. When Casimir stepped down and went on his 'royal vacation' Camina took over the reins of the country. One of her first acts was to change the name to the one that it is now known as, Pulsia. She ruled Pulsia for nearly two hundred years, till her father returned and she surrendered the country back to him. Again the Queen's history grows hazy. It is thought that she participated in the Mullah Rebellion in Misra; it is also believed that she again teamed up with an unknown partner, but nothing is known of the nature of their partnership or activity. From here the Queen becomes a bit of a mystery. She isn't in Pulsia, and sightings have been made of her from Luristan to the far away continent of Gigues. But her current whereabouts are unknown.

A second note: This is verbatim from my old copies of the rpg. Sorry for the abrupt change in pov. And for anyone not in the know italics are inner thoughts, and I should note that although Kealin is a demon he's of the kitsune variety (a fox demon) hince his pilfering abilities and his charm. I will tell you this, although this is part of her backstory, it was also a challenge on writing the saddest thing I could think up. And yes I won with this submission. Grab a handkerchief cause here we go!

"We'd just raided King Zaclas of Mornth's tomb, and had barely escaped with our lives. We found more there then we'd planned, and neither of us could leave anything behind." Camina said wistfully staring into the fire.


"There, that inn will do for the night." Camina nodded as she squirmed in the saddle. It's night; I want to press on! She glanced over to her companion, but he needs rest. They were four days hard ride from their last raid and she wanted more distance should the authorities investigate. The horses trudged another few hundred yards and to the front of the Doe's Head Inn. Kealin was the first off his horse, Camina prepared to dismount when Kealin came to her side. "I'll see if there are any rooms, stay with the horses?" Again the vampyr nodded in affirmation. The smell of his blood wasn't entirely dampened by the drizzle, now due to his proximity she could smell it again. He patted her leg and ducked under her horse's neck and toward the door to the inn. His wound's still bleeding…. He should have healed by now. I'll have to look later.

The kitsune's strength was one to be rivaled only by demi-god, but Camina had a bad feeling. All of the other arrows had come from the right, somehow they had tripped an ancient booby-trap as they had moved down one of the halls in the burial chamber. But the arrow that had struck Kealin had come from the left, and it had come alone, not in a barrage. Between the drizzle and her fatigue she hadn't been able to discern how bad his injury was, he had pushed her away when she had tried to inspect it when they were in the tomb.

"They only have one open room, I guess you won't mind sharing?" Kealin said as exited the inn. Camina smiled in response.

"Share? With you?" She gave an exaggerated sigh, "I guess I have no choice." Kealin smirked as he took the reins and lead them around the back of the inn. The two stabled and unsaddled their horses and relative silence, then took their loot and their other belongings toward the staircase at the far end of the stable.

"The barkeep said this will take us right up to the floor our room is on." Camina looked up at the taller demon, meeting his amber eyes.

"Was the barkeep male or female?"

"What jealous already? My dear Circe, we've just arrived!" he laughed as he started up the stairs.

"It was male." She muttered as she followed behind the white haired devil.

The room was at the end of slightly cramped wooden hall. A gently worn rug ran the length of the hall but Camina didn't seem to notice any of her surroundings. Now without the drizzle she could get a clear indication as to how bad Kealin's injury was. It was a simple wound, but it wouldn't stop bleeding. Kealin stopped abruptly at door 302 and Camina nearly ran into him. He cut a glace at his pale companion before, without aid of the room key, started to open the door, but he was stopped by a sudden coughing spell. Camina's brow furrowed, injured he may be but sick he was not.


"It's," he coughed less venomously, "nothing."

"Horseshit." she replied, pulling back his hand that had been covering his mouth, revealing red flecks over the vaguely callused palm, Kealin's blood. "That's not a good sign." She opened the door to their room and led him inside.

Their quarters were simple. Not extravagantly furnished, but everything was clean and well maintained. Camina nodded her approval before sloshing off one of her three bags onto the floor. Kealin busied himself with lighting the lamps and candles while Camina explored the room. Sadly their wasn't much to explore. A bathroom adjoined the main room, and that was all. The main room was equipped with a bed of decent size, a few end tables, a desk, chair, and window seat. Her eyes stopped on Kealin who was unpacking part of his bag.

"Sit down" she ordered as she crossed the room. The tomb raider looked up in confusion.


"Don't give me that crap Kealin. That wound hasn't stopped bleeding and now your coughing up blood. Hell, you're almost as pale as me!"

"Angel, I'm just a little tired cause of that arrow, you're acting like I'm poisoned or something!"

"You haven't stopped bleeding, that's not normal, especially for you, that wound needs tending."

"I can do it myself." He scoffed. She pushed so he sat on the bed and pilfered a roll of gauze from his bag.

"Off with the shirt mister."

"Honestly if you wanted me out of my clothes, all you had to do is ask."


"Come on Camina, we just got here I'll take a shower and bandage it then."

"It's bothering me now." She stated calmly. Kealin mouthed an 'oh' before surrendering his shirt to the impatient vampyr standing in front of him.

One Week Later

"I've done everything I can think of for him miss; it's up to him and how much he wants to live. But between us, I don't think he'll last the night." The vampyress looked the other way as she tried to absorb the words of the Healer.

"Um, thank you. I left some money with the barkeep, he will pay you for your services." The man gave a quick nod and headed back down the hall, Camina returned to their room. She flopped into a chair and stared at the bed-ridden fox. The blankets were a mess and his hair was no better, she had finally pulled it into a braid to keep it from knotting. If he lived though this he would never forgive her for allowing his exceptionally long locks to become a mess. But it was his face however, that illustrated how grave the situation was. Kealin had never been darkly tanned, but unlike Camina his skin did react to the sun and he always had a healthy glow. But that was gone. He was a ghostly white; blood even drained from his lips, and his hairline was damp with sweat. He had been running a fever for days now, and it wouldn't break. She sighed before rubbing her eyes. Worrying was something new to her. Not that she was overly spontaneous but the possibility of the death of someone dear to her was an entirely new experience for her, and one that she wasn't enjoying in the least.

"Why the long face?" Camina looked up in surprise, Kealin was awake! This boded well.

"I'm concerned about you."

"I'm fine," he started to sit up before Camina crossed the room in milliseconds and gently pushed him back to the pillows. "Circe, I want to sit up."

"You need to save your strength, you shouldn't be awake. Go back to sleep." She started to lean down to kiss his forehead.

"Am I contagious?"

"No angel. You aren't that kind of sick."

"Then stay with me tonight, I don't want to sleep by myself." She smiled, he never did. "Well?" She nodded, willing the candles to extinguish before she took off her boots and slid into the bed. She had just gotten comfortable when Kealin spoke up. "Circe?" she felt fingers in her hair, she started to nuzzle closer to him when she realized that he shouldn't be awake.

"Kealin?" she asked surprised as she sat up. He gave a weak smile.

"What angel?"

"Save your strength! Go back to sleep!" she seemed appalled that he still wasn't following her advice.

"I've slept enough. And don't argue with me Circe, I won't have it." She sighed and stared at him a moment before returning to her previous position. They laid in silence for what seemed like hours before he spoke. "I want to tell you something Camina." Internally she swallowed hard, he had used her full name not her nickname. "I want you to know that I don't regret anything we've done, and I don't want you to either." He paused a moment. "No matter how stupid or how brilliant, I was happy that you thought me worthy to travel at your side."

"Kealin I don't want to hear this, it sounds like goodbye."

"It might be goodbye Circe, but let me finish." She gave a slight nod. "I do not regret the things I've done, but only the ones I did not do."

"Did not do?" Kealin never holds back, if he wants something he goes for it with his all.

"I was afraid because of your lineage that you would say no, so I never asked."

"Asked me what?" she replied, sitting up again. Her eyes could see him in the near total darkness and she knew his night vision to be very good. Internally she knew what he was going to say, he just needed to say it. If he could have blushed he would have been.

"To marry me." she smiled.

"I would have said yes." he nodded.

"I knew you would, it was your father I was afraid of."

"If I was happy Kealin, he would have allowed it."

"Is it to late now?" she shook her head 'no'.

"I don't need a ring or a ceremony to tell me I'm yours." He seemed relieved. "But because I do care about you, I know you need to rest. So quit trying to stay up and go all sentimental on me. You're as bad as a kid trying to avoid bedtime!" he shot her a full grown grin before giving a slight tug and pulling her back down to his shoulder.

That Morning

Something woke Camina. Something wasn't right. She slowly came to her senses going through a mental list of what it could be. No one trying to kill them, they weren't in dire straits… wait. Kealin. His heartbeat was weak, faint; the lack of sound had woken her. She knew what that meant though she didn't want to believe it. She slowly sat up, trying not to disturb the sleeping fox. Most definitely that was what had woken her. His breathing was shallow, his fever hadn't broke but he had quit sweating. Things were not looking good for him. She brushed a few bangs back into his hair and watched him for a moment. Will he go in his sleep? She bit her lip thinking, she didn't want him to suffer anymore then what he already had, but then again this may be the last time that she would ever get to hear his voice again.

"Kealin?" she whispered. Their was no response. She tried again a little louder. "Kealin?" an ear flicked, he had heard her. "Kealin wake up." She said anxiously. His eyes opened slightly before he blinked hard a couple of times and focused on the vampyress.

"What Circe?" She let out the breath that she hadn't realized she was holding.

"Your dying love."

"I have been all week." She looked down, she had never told him the Healers assessment hoping that it wouldn't come to this.

"I've been thinking… there is one thing we haven't tried." He stared at her wanting her to continue. "I could…. I could… I…" she took a deep breath and shut her eyes, stuttering was not becoming. "I could turn you." He smiled.

"If I wanted immortality then I would have asked for it Camina, but thank you for the offer." He winced as he tried to fight back a coughing spell.

"But, I can't loose you!"

"You were meant for eternity, you'll survive. I on the other hand wouldn't. You and I both know how long those who are sired last. If I let you do that then I'm just a fake. The powers wouldn't be mine, they'd be a copy of yours." She could hear the weakening beat; he had a minute, five at the most left. She watched her vision tinge pink as unshed tears began to well in her eyes.

"That's not true the gift is different for everyone."

"But very dependent on who they get it from."

"Kealin, I…"

"Let me go Camina."

"I don't want to."

"You have to," he smiled and reached up to touch her face. "Do you think the last thing I want to see is you crying? Do that when I'm gone."


"You spoiled little princess, to used to getting her own way. For once let me have mine."

"Listen to me you dirty old fox, I could stop your suffering."

"If having you for a nursemaid is suffering then I want agony." She smiled. They stared at each other for a while; even though she tried to block it out she couldn't help but to register the slowing and weakening of his heart. She leaned over, stealing one last kiss from the fox. Thud.. Thud…. Thud.

"I'll watch over you from the next life." He whispered, she tried to smile and fight back the flood of tears.

"I… just wish I could follow." He gave her one more half smile before his eyes slid shut. A few more slow agonizing beats came to her ears before the once comforting sound stopped. Camina bit her lip as she tried futility to fight back tears. She tried looking the other way, into the burning dawn light, but her eyes fell back to the fox. "Kealin!" she cried, tired of restraining her emotions to try to protect him. She fell onto his body, bloody tears staining the sheets. "Kyrie eleison! Kyrie elesion1! Hoc ego facultas non ferre!2"

1 Kyrie elesion-greek lord have mercy

2 Hoc ego facultas non ferre- latin. Closest translation meaning 'this I can not bear'