He looked up and saw the sunlight glinting through the water. It was simply another day and already he was bored. But what else was to be expected from a 300 year old merman? He never really spent his time anywhere near the surface of the water; his body was certainly not adjusted to the lack of pressure, but today was special. Not only was today the first day of summer up on the surface (he learned to track the seasons to know when to stay away from certain places) but today was also his birthday. He wanted to celebrate it by seeing the surface again. It had been so long since he had been up there….

He poked his head from the water and scanned quickly. It was all open ocean, but he could tell land was somewhere nearby. When he saw that there was nobody else around him, he rose more up out of the water and took in everything he could. It was incredibly risky for him to be up here, he knew the risks. After all, since humans had discovered the fact that mer-people did exist, they hunted them and captured them until they were pushed to the brink of extinction. He assumed it was because people didn't like change, it was obvious evolution called for humans to return to the water. Humans, however, didn't like that idea.

The sky had a multitude of clouds and the sun was hidden, but he found it beautiful regardless. He could almost see why people would want to stay on land, things were much more beautiful up here, but he wouldn't give up his life in the sea for anything… even if it was a little boring.

He dipped under the water and swam quickly to a beach nearby. Again he poked his head up from the water, but much more cautiously. He saw only two people there on the sand, and they were leaving. He wondered for a moment as to why they were leaving so early in the morning, or for that matter why they were there. Regardless they packed up and left, and when they were completely out of sight, he swam closer.

There was an object lying flat on the sand. It was dangerously close to the incoming tide and as he drew nearer, he could see odd markings on it. He pulled himself onto the beach and sat down next to the object. Quickly he snatched it up and inspected it carefully. It seemed to be a box of some sort, but he didn't have long to learn its secrets.

"Oh my God, what is that!?" he heard someone yell. He easily made his way back into the water and he could hear the people running after him.

"Come on, go faster!!" he heard. He managed to turn around under the water and see three people frantically taking off their clothes to reveal their bathing suits. He wasn't afraid though. He didn't manage to get to being 302 by getting caught, and by humans no less. And thus, he darted from their sight and went deep into the open ocean.

After a few moments of staring at the box object under the water, he returned to the surface near a giant rock formation that jutted from the water precariously. He placed the box down on a flatter part of it and scrutinized his odd object. It seemed to have a vent of some sort in the front and an antenna at the top. There was a dial on the side and he attempted to turn it. Nothing happened and he frowned. What was the point of a dial if it didn't do anything? He turned another dial on the other side of the object and a loud static sound filled the air. He quickly turned it more and voices erupted from it. Static was still obviously present, but it wasn't as bad as it had been before. He listened.

"-nd so I told him, the only way to –ell her ho- you feel is to –ke the feelings…"

He had absolutely no clue what they were talking about, but the little object was very interesting. He turned the dial more and more voices came, but they sounded odd. Some of the words were hard to understand and some words were stressed and stretched out as odd sounds played in the background. It was the weirdest thing he had ever heard.

Suddenly this little box became much more interesting.

He turned the other dial again and the voices rose, and when he turned it the other way they grew softer. After setting it at the desired volume (what he called 'loudness'), he changed the other dial repeatedly until he could find something he understood.

"-and our biggest problem at best would have to be the government. I mean what is up with them? They're not only destroying the environment with all of this offshore drilling, but there's nothing coming from it! Face it: we're almost out of all our fossil fuels and…"

He rolled his eyes and turned the dial more. Another one of those odd-sounding things came from it, but before he had a chance to change it, whatever it was stopped and a regular voice spoke.

"And that was our last music selection. Now let's head over to Marissa to find out the time and temperature…"

He stared at the box for a moment. Did they just say music? Oh yes this box was incredibly interesting.

He turned the dial until he found more music. He then dived under the water with his box, but found it didn't play too well. He knocked it against the rock, but it was still hard to hear. It was more vibrations then music; it sounded much better above the water.

After placing it back on the rock he noticed that despite being wet it still worked. Usually most of the things he found that made sound didn't work wet. Still, even if this worked, he didn't want to break it by leaving it under the water. Instead he decided to hide it above water. He didn't care where right then, instead he wanted to listen to the music. Out of all human inventions, this one was probably his favorite.

So this is a oneshot because I'm rather lazy. This mer-guy does not have a name, but he's a serious character of mine. So yeah R&R people.