It was that night I snuck you in

Now it seems more like a dream

We were so in love then

So happy

So free

It was 1 A.M.

You sat on the couch

And said "I feel so naughty"

I smiled at you because

Even though our relationship was over

My love never died

But you know what?

I don't care anymore

I don't care about you

And your stupid blue eyes

And your stupid smiles

And the way your stupid perfect hair

Falls in front of your stupid perfect face

And last but not least, your stupid perfect beautiful body

I hate you now

You tortured me

Killed me

All that's left to do now

Is bury me

Bury me now

Take a damn shovel and put me in the ground

Because I can't stand you now

And the more I talk to you

The more I hate you

You made me think

I wasn't good enough

You made me think it was my fault we didn't work out

Well I was wrong

It was your freaking fault

So in thanks to you,

I write this pitiful poem

Just to get my feelings out

Just to have something to do

Since I have nothing left of you