A/n: Yeah I know people hate this and rather go straight to the poem so go ahead and read lmao =]

Btw a lil info on this poem, I gave it to my Now boyfriend a few hours before he asked me to be his girl lol.

He wanted to read my poems and I tough what better way to give him a clue then to give him the poem I wrote for him.

Baby Take My Hand

and take me as one.

Forget anything and

Everything and just

kiss my Breath away.

Hold me tight

and call me baby....

Call me yours

and no one elses

Make me smile,

Make me laugh

and tell me those words

I've been yearning to know.

Don't slip away...

Hold me tight....

Don't let me go..

and under the stars let

our hearts bind as one

Baby, make my wish

come true and be mine...

Always && Forever!!

Let time fly by

as we kiss our way

towards the stars tonight...

Baby, love me now

and forever.

Stay by my side by day && by night

Leave me breathless at your sight.

Cuz without you Im lost so just

hold me tight toinght

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