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It was already getting late, but then that didn't matter anymore. There was no turning back at this point. He invited me to sneak out from room the girls were sleeping in, so that we could talk privately. I didn't know what was up, but he sounded so urgent. I decided to play along with his request. I found my way into the old school gym and saw him in sitting on the lower bleachers. At first, he didn't seem to notice me, but as I got closer he stood up. A beautiful smile—the one that all of the girls are gushing about—spread across his face. I couldn't help but return it.

"What is it you want to talk about?"

He stepped closer to me. Even though it was quite chilly, I felt otherwise. The way our bodies were always touching made me feel quite warm in and out. "I wanted to talk about us." He said in that silky voice of his.

"What about us?" I said, almost in a whisper.

"Take a seat." He said as he sat. I silently sit beside him. I was alarmed for I was seated a bit too close to him. It was as if our elbows were just inches from touching. Before I was able to move a bit further, he suddenly said, "Hey."

"Again, what's up?"

"I don't know. I guess I just wanted to be alone with you." His eyes bore into mine.

I looked away and giggled. "Funny. Why, I wonder?" Deep inside, I was quite pleased. I knew I shouldn't have felt that way, but I honestly was glad that he asked me to meet up with him. It was sorta like a secret rendezvous by two lovers. Well, maybe I was reading too much romance these days.

"What are we really?" he asked again, making me turn to him. "Friends?"

"Well, yeah…" I didn't know what to say next. His beautiful blue eyes were intoxicating, and his breathe was sweet against my face. I saw him lower his gaze, and realized that he was looking at my lips. He licked his as he looked at me again.

"Really?" He said hoarsely as his face moved closer to mine. My heart was thumping hard. This was the last thing I'd expect. As his eyes closed, mine followed suit. I felt his lips touch mine, and I could suddenly hear my heartbeat in my ears. It felt good. I heard him groan as he pressed deeper and began parting my lips with his tongue. Wanting him to do as he pleased, I began to open my mouth, but let out a gasp of surprise as his kiss turned from gentle into urgent. His arms suddenly gripped me in a fierce hug as he deepened the kiss. I felt as if he was urging me to kiss him back, and realized that I've been still the whole time. I moved my lips a little against his.

I heard him moan in satisfaction. I think I was doing it right. With his mouth still on mine, his hands suddenly started moving up and down my back. He was pulling me even closer to him. It hurt a little, but the newly discovered pleasure just came rushing through my body. I gasped for air as his lips moved from my cheek then down to my neck. It felt so good, yes, but then something in the back of mind told me that this wasn't right. I was going against my principles wasn't I?

As his hand found its way to the zipper of my pants, I pulled back and yelped. He placed his hand over my mouth. "Shut up or else we're done for." The silky voice I adored was gone. He sounded angry. After that, he started kissing me again. It didn't feel good anymore—it was too rough and demanding. I felt tears forming in my eyes. Kissing him was a whole different story from what he was expecting of me right now.

I didn't know what to do next.

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