Chapter Five

I tried my best not to mind the fact that Jordan and I still weren't talking much. He was awake the whole time during Homeroom—which never happens. I guess it's because his new job doesn't require much work, but… he was talking to someone else and completely ignoring me.

"So, what kind of music do you like, Jordan?" Patty, the ebony-skinned girl who sat behind Jay, asked. I think I saw her bat her eyes at him.

"I like Daughtry and some of Hinder."



"Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber..."

` I blocked out their conversation by grabbing my math book, and trying my best to read it. How could he ignore me then talk to someone else? Jay didn't talk to anybody! Well, he's the man-of-few-words type, so no one actually gets a decent conversation from him, but me. Oh my. Why am I getting jealous? Possessive, even? I shook my head.

When the bell rang, I immediately stuffed my books in my bag then rushed out of the room for English. I failed to notice that Blake suddenly appeared at the doorway. I rammed into his chest. This is so embarrassing.

"Hey, I'm sorry—"

"It's okay, Bianca. Good morning." Blake gave me a smile that made me want to swoon.

"G-good morning, Blake." I tried to smile back without looking too happy to see him. I think I failed. "What brings you here?"

"I'm here to see my princess."

I look around to see if Amy Fester was around, but I didn't see her. "Amy isn't here. This is the Homeroom class for juniors."

Our eyes met. "I meant you, not Amy." He gave me a wink as he moved his face closer to mine. I wanted to turn away so he wouldn't notice my blushing, but his eyes kept me in place. There was really something about this boy's beautiful blue eyes.

"Move." Jordan said as he pushed pass Blake. He glared at me for a moment before he walked away with a chattering Patty. I frowned, and Blake seemed to notice.

"Is your friend always like that?" He whispered. "Don't let it get to you. Smile, Bianca. A frown doesn't suit you."

The thought that Jordan was still mad suddenly slipped my mind the moment Blake put his arm around me. I must be dreaming. Why was the campus crush wasting his time on someone like me? We talked as if we've known each other for so long. The scene was like in those shows you see on TV—everyone stares and makes way for the Populars. I wasn't a Popular though, I was always just Bianca Walter—just another ordinary face. I could hear people whispering things like 'Who is she?' and 'Lucky girl! She's with Blake Andrews! Omg!'

When we arrived at my English classroom, I felt a bit dazed. I tried to look at Blake. Maybe I was just having another daydream. This couldn't be real. Without knowing it, I was touching his cheek and he chuckled as I did. He took my hand, and kissed it. I felt ticklish all over.

"Meet me at the parking lot after class."

I only nodded. I couldn't bring myself to say anything.

After my last class, I received a text message from Jay.

From: Jay =(

I'm picking up Mikey today. Don't worry. Let's talk later. Miss u, Bee.

What a sudden change of events! Maybe things will work out with Jay after all. Another text message followed Jay's though. It seemed to have made things complicated.

From: Blake

Princess, come over to the parking lot. Look for a black convertible. See ya.

I had to choose where to go. If I ditch Blake, I might lose him. If I let Jordan wait for a bit, he'll surely forgive me. Jay, please give me a chance. Putting that thought aside, I rushed to the school's parking lot.

Even for this time of the day, the parking lot seemed eerily empty. Usually, kids would be hanging around in their cars or waiting around for their girlfriends/boyfriends at this time. Only a few cars were present, and the owners were nowhere in sight. I spotted the black convertible right away because it seemed to stand out. It almost looked brand new from where I stood. A boy was leaning against the car. I just knew that it was him. I tried not to look excited, so I controlled my smile and walk. When we were a few steps apart, he showed me a bouquet of probably two dozens of red roses.

"So beautiful! Who's it for?" I dared to ask as I admired the flowers.

"For you." Blake handed the bouquet to me, and I was awestruck.

I couldn't control the glee within me, so I smiled shamelessly. He returned my smile as he looked into my eyes. "You're a wonderful lady, Bianca Walter." He took the bouquet from my hands and settled it on his car. He held both my hands against his chest. I couldn't help but notice how hard and strong it felt against my skin. I tried not to blush. I couldn't even look at him straight in the eye, but he always gently tipped my chin up whenever I averted my gaze. "Look at me. I want you to see that what I'm about to say is sincere… I like you, Bianca. I want to be with you." Blake gently squeezed my hands when he saw the shocked expression on my face. I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. "Hush." He said as he put a finger to my lips. "I won't ask you to be abrupt with your decision. I can give you time to think. You are a princess, a lady. I will court you properly. Will you let me, Bianca?"

"Yes." I said, firmly. He liked me. He thought I was a princess. Blake Andrews, every girl's dream, wants to be with me. I felt like fainting on the spot. "Yes. Yes. Yes."

We rode his convertible to this fancy restaurant called Kawaii Neko. We sat on a low table that had cushions for chairs. The waitress that got our orders wore a floral patterned kimono, and a headband that had cat ears. She seemed to be interested with Blake because she kept winking and smiling at him. She practically ignored me when I asked her about the restaurant's best seller. She was even reluctant to leave our table. When she came back with our orders, Blake tried his best to dismiss her politely whenever she asked, "Is that all, sir?"

"Wow. You get so much attention, Blake." I couldn't help, but comment.

"I wouldn't say that." Blake answered coolly. He took one my hands as he said, "If I did, then you'd be all over me by now." He winks at me, and all I could do was blush furiously.

We ate in silence. I tried my best to look as if I knew how to use chopsticks, but the sushi kept on slipping from my hold. At first I thought he didn't notice because he was busy with his plate of sushi, but I was wrong. He smiled at me, and used his chopsticks to put the sushi in my mouth. I felt like a little kid, but I couldn't find my voice as usual.

After the having dinner with Blake, he dropped me off at my house. Aside from the bouquet, he gave me a teddy bear, and a kiss on the forehead. While I was walking towards our front door, it was as if I had a spring in my step. I was in Cloud Nine until an angry Jordan opened the door. There goes my chance for making up with him.

"Where have you been?" Jordan asked as I walked in the house.

"Out. With Blake." I automatically answered.

"Your mom won't like the idea of you coming home at night because you were out with a guy." Jordan shut the door and locked it.

"C'mon, Jay. It's barely even six! Give me a break." I pleaded, but the icy expression on his face failed to thaw. "Jay…"

"Bianca, what happened to that promise to yourself that you're gonna act responsible while your mother is away? You said you wanted to gain her trust, right? This won't do you any good." Jordan eyed the teddy bear and the bouquet. A look of disgust crossed his features, but then it disappeared. He sighed heavily. "Just take those things to your room, wash up, and eat some supper. Mikey and I left you half of that apple pie you like. It's on the table." Jordan looked at me with a blank expression on his face. "Good evening, Bianca." He walked to his room even before I was able to greet him back. I felt horrible. I looked at the bouquet and teddy bear in my hands. I felt relieved that they actually existed, and that I wasn't dreaming about Blake confessing to me. It made me feel a bit better, but I wish I could share this happiness with Jay. I placed Blake's gifts on the sofa, stripped off my jacket, and went to grab a bite of the pie. I couldn't finish even one slice.

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