one - Once upon a time.

A/N: The first in my 'once upon a' reasons why I love him.

Have I mentioned I want to be with you,
Forever and ever it seems,
I wish that we could come alive,
I don't want this to stay in my dreams.

Every time I think of you,
It makes my little heart fly,
As long as I know I can count on you,
I will never cry.

How can I sum up what love means to me,
It never fails to make me smile,
To be with you every single day,
Without thinking I'd walk a mile.

I've never really believed in fairy tales,
Or a happy ever after with me,
But then you turn around and look my way,
Finally, I can see.

Spending my forever with someone else,
I've only got one choice,
I want to spend my life with you,
We stand united, and have one voice.

/time and time again you make me smile./