There's a guy in my class

He sat beside me once

During geometry that day

He never left till lunch.

I stole a glance and saw

He had vegetables, that's all

What I had was much more

Chicken teriyaki for four!

I certainly couldn't eat all

Have to share some after all,

To that boy who sat beside me

All throughout geometry.

I invited him over

Gave him some chicken

Before he took a bite

He was asleep again.

Is that the reason why

He remains soundless as a fly

Studying geometry all night

Couldn't even take a bite?

I banged the table

And he awoke

Almost dropped

What my mom cooked.

I saw the surprise

On his face

I was nothing

But amazed.

Warm hazel eyes

Wavy chestnut hair

Was it rude

Of me to stare?

A nerd so beautiful

Can it really be?

But it ruins nature's art!

Oh my gawsh, he looked at me!

No equation can state

The butterflies in me

Or why in the world

He sat beside me

During geometry.

I guess I stared too long

He chuckled at me

"Is there anything on my face?

Too bad I can't see."

We laughed for awhile

Until the lunch bell rang

We raced to our class

'Til the final twang

Later that day

While in the library

He dropped by to say


My heart skipped a beat

As I saw him there

It sure increased the heat

I see hearts everywhere!

He sat beside me

And asked how I was doing

"Fine" I said in reply

I hear the silence echoing.

"Geometry." He whispered

And pointed at my paper

"Is it wrong?" I asked

Nervous at his answer.

He shook his head

And smiled at me

"Everything's right,

Right as can be."

The following days

Made me happier

Developing our friendship

Life felt much lighter.

One day I visited him

"He's in the hospital" I was told

Chills up my spine

Despite the summer

I felt cold.

I burst into his room

And saw the grin on his face

"I'm dying soon

Can I have a final embrace?"

A minute or so

He was gone with one blow

Hot tears from my eyes

Then I realized,

I was in love with the guy

From my geometry class.