Jessica Martin walked into the urban café that was down the block from her loft. She inhaled deeply, taking in the aroma of fresh coffee beans, and bread before placing an order for a black coffee, and finding a table for two in a back corner. She took a small sip of coffee, unloaded her laptop, and started to work on editing pictures. She was concentrating on filtering light onto a bride's face when her cell phone rang.

"Braxton!" She squealed into the receiver after realizing her mentor was calling her from California where he had just moved.

"Jess, what the hell are you doing?" He asked in his typical accusatory tone.

Braxton was pacing in his new office in Newport Beach, trying to keep himself from catching the next flight to the Podunk area near Springfield, Missouri that Jessica grew up, keeping her from possibly falling in grave danger.

"Sitting at the café, editing. And waiting for a meeting," she answered taking off her glasses, and taking a sip of the coffee.

"Would that meeting include arrangements for throwing off your mother?" he asked.

Braxton knew quite well how much Jessica's mother, Maria, wanted her youngest child to get married. On one of Maria's rare visits to Denver she tried to make Braxton propose, even though he insisted he was gay many times. He didn't know why Jessica ever told her mom she was bringing someone home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

"Don't judge me. You know how my mom is, I was desperate," Jessica insisted, as she moved to adjust a crop on a photo.

"Yeah, she has more balls than I do, but that isn't the point. Why did I have to hear from Abbey that you had hired an escort?"

Jessica winced, she knew she shouldn't have ever told her loudmouth friend Abbey about her diabolical plan. Or at least that's what she thought it was, an escort allowed her to keep her mom from setting her up with some loser she went to high school with.

"What, you thought Abbey wouldn't tell me?" Braxton exclaimed, knowing well that Jessica's silence was that of embarrassment.

"I was hoping she wouldn't," Jessica exasperated.

"You know her better than that, who the hell gave you the number to an escorting service anyways? And what if he expects to act as a prostitute and sleep with you? Then what are you going to do?" Braxton all but yelled.

"Annie," Jessica said softly. She took another sip of her coffee as she tried to fight off the impending headache she could feel starting.

"Annie is a wedding planner Jessica! She will con you into anything you know that! Fuck, I swear you're going to make me move back to Denver."

"But you just got settled in Newport, and my clientele is growing so rapidly. If you were back in town then I would just be your assistant again, and damn it I'm enjoying being the boss," Jessica huffed.

"Stop being so petulant," Braxton scolded. "You're only 21, and a damn talented photographer. I just don't know why you're falling for your mothers wiles, and bringing home a man."

"I may only be 21, but you do realize that all of the friends I left back home in Missouri are all married. I'm the only single one, and that isn't normal where I'm from."

"You're a city girl now, and you're allowed to have random sex."

"Hopefully I can find some of that soon. I have to go; my boyfriend should be here in the next five minutes. I'd rather not scare him off since we haven't reached any agreement, and arguing with you would qualify as something that may scare him off. So have a good day, and when you book a celebrity wedding, you know whom to call. Love ya," Jessica rattled before closing her phone.

Jessica looked around the coffee shop to find that luckily nobody was staring at her. She put her glasses back on and started to edit more pictures from a million dollar wedding she shot the previous weekend. For being 21, Jessica was accomplished in the Denver wedding industry, becoming Braxton's assistant when she was 18 allowed her to be recognized easily and booked even quicker. When Braxton decided to move to Newport Beach to find love, and become a famous photographer he left Jessica his office, clientele, and reputation.

Justin finally found a parallel parking spot close to the café where he was to meet his next client. He maneuvered his new Range Rover into the spot, popped a mint, and took a deep breath. After this client Justin was hoping to be finished with saving for grad school; he was only 22 and was on the quick route to becoming a psychologist. A fellow student had introduced him to being an escort years before as a means of studying people. And study people he did, there were women he went on dates with that were complete nut jobs, cougars, and just plain antisocial that provided him with more insight that he thought capable into mental disorders. He shrugged his coat on before he moved to brave the nippy November temperatures and meet this Jessica Martin.

Jessica hadn't sent him a picture when she arranged the meeting, just saying that she would be working on a laptop in the corner of the café. As Justin entered a bell dinged above his head, and he started looking around for a woman working on a laptop. Which he should have known would have been too vague, there were at least four different women working on laptops. As he approached the counter to order a latte, he spotted the slim girl working on a laptop in the corner. Her long blonde hair was braided and resting in one plait over her right shoulder, the trendy glasses she was wearing were perched on her pert nose, and her full lips were pursing in annoyance at what was on the screen. He was completely entranced by her; she was too beautiful to be the woman who was hoping to hire him. He shrugged off the hope and approached what was his normal clientele, an older woman who was giggling at her laptop screen.

"Jessica?" Justin asked the woman, who lifted her head and shook it no.

"Excuse me," the blonde Justin was eyeing interrupted his search, by placing her petite hand on his arm.

"Yes ma'am?" Justin answered, turning to take her in fully. The dark denim jeans she was wearing encased her slim hips, and the long sleeved white shirt she was wearing hugged her tight enough to show the womanly curves of her body without being obscene.

"I'm Jessica," she said softly, as she brought her eyes up to meet his.

Jessica couldn't believe her luck; she wasn't expecting such an adorable hunk of man to be the escort she hired. As he reached out to shake her hand, she took him in, his dark hair, blue eyes, and generous smile made him even more attractive than she originally anticipated. The fact that he was taller than her five feet seven inches was a perk, as well as the not overly muscled physique he had was making it hard for her to think cognitively.

"Where are you sitting?" Justin asked her, smiling. He knew well where she was sitting, but didn't want to seem as if he already singled her out.

"Over here," Jessica said as she moved to show where she was sitting.

Justin couldn't help himself as he watched her ass sashay away from him; he hurried after her to pull out her chair. As she sat, Jessica offered him what Justin knew was going to be a problematic smile. He knew she could convince him to do anything just by smiling at him.

"So, what were you working on?" Justin asked, trying to figure out why this beautiful girl would need to hire an escort to come home with her for Thanksgiving.

"I'm just editing some pictures from a wedding last weekend, hold on let me save what I've done then we can figure this out," she said as she started to shut down her laptop.

"So you're a wedding photographer?" Justin asked. She simply nodded, and continued to shut down the laptop.

"So, I think we should start with introductions, and then maybe figure out the stories we're going to tell my family," Jessica said turning into all business.

"Well, okay. I'm Justin Campbell, I am a student and I'm getting ready to start my grad program, I was born and raised here in Denver, and my birthday is May seventh," Justin offered.

"Jessica Martin, I'm 21, and run Martin's photography. I moved here when I was eighteen from a small town outside of Springfield, Missouri, which is where you will be spending the holiday, and I apologize in advance. My mom is on my case for me to get married, and I'm simply too busy to date which is why I called you," she offered.

"So how did we meet? I think it's only fair you make up the story," he said eyes lighting up with mischief.

He already liked this girl; she was quick-witted, and extremely beautiful. Just the fact that she was from a small town made sense, she was very understated in comparison to the other women he had met in this upscale area.

Jessica faltered; this man was doing something absolutely insane to her thoughts. Normally she was calm, collected and had the aura of being a young professional, but she couldn't look at him without feeling like a giddy middle school girl.

"I say we met at one of the weddings I was shooting, you were a groomsman. My mom knows I don't have much time to date," she shrugged.

"Works for me. I'd say at least three months ago, and we were obviously in love at first sight," Justin smiled thinking as to how she was the closest thing he ever had to love at first glance.

Jessica nodded and fiddled with her hands. She didn't expect to feel such an instantaneous attraction to a man, especially one she was paying to pretend to be into her. She instantly wished she would have met him in a different situation, perhaps the sizzling electricity between them would have been there without the money.

Justin felt his hands twitch on the table; they wanted to reach across the table and take Jessica's hand in his. He shook his head trying to get rid of what he was thinking; he couldn't mix business with pleasure. He relaxed into his chair slightly, and started to drink his latte.

Jessica took a glance at her watch, and noticed she needed to leave for her office. She had a meeting with a client to book a wedding for next May in thirty minutes.

"I know this may seem a little forward, but do you want to go on a date to actually get to know each other better?" Jessica asked nervously.

"Sure, I don't have class Tuesday evening, and since we're flying out Thursday that would be a good idea," Justin said brightly. He was becoming excited; he actually wanted to take this woman out on an actual date, and not just some escorted thing. He wanted to woo her, and prove to himself as much as her that he was capable of normal socialization.

"Sounds fantastic, here's my address, pick me up at seven," Jessica said as she scribbled her loft address down on a napkin. She handed him the napkin, and placed a kiss on Justin's stubbly cheek, and ran out the door.

Justin sat there dazed clutching the napkin. Had she really just kissed him? Was that her sweet scent still swirling around him? He shook his head to alleviate his stupor, trashed what was left of his cold latte, and hustled back to his car.

As he walked into his apartment, he realized his roommate John was still there, the faint sounds of a headboard hitting the wall penetrated the air. Justin laughed as he grabbed a piece of pizza from the fridge, and went to his room. As he started his paper over the behavior of adolescents, he couldn't concentrate. The blonde haired, emerald eyed, absolutely breathtaking girl who he had just met kept penetrating his thoughts. He walked away from his computer, and decided to take a shower.

As Justin lathered up his body, he found himself fantasizing what it would be like to have Jessica in the shower with him. He felt himself starting to grow hard and reached down to stroke himself. He continued to think about what it would be like to have Jessica's lithe legs wrapped around him as he pounded into her in the shower. Justin felt his movements become faster, as his release hit him he let out a grunt.

"This is fucking insane," Justin muttered to himself as he started to clean up the shower and himself again.

Jessica was hurrying to make it to her appointment, there was an accident on the highway due to snow that was now falling that made her a little late. She had called her assistant Danielle to stall the best that she could. As she parked her M-class, she felt relieved.

"Sorry I'm late," Jessica said as she shook the hands of the anxious bride and mother who were sitting in her private office. She took notice of the expensive coffee that was sitting in front of both of them, courtesy of Danielle.

"It's truly okay. Your assistant was quite lovely," the mother assured Jessica.

Jessica took notice of the tone, and inflections in the mother's voice. They had money, and lots of it from the sounds of things. She easily secured a contract that would pay her rent for the next six months with those two.

As she waved her clients out the door, she turned to find Danielle her soft-spoken assistant staring at her expectantly.

"Danielle, just say what you need to," Jessica sighed, as she went to sit on the plush couch that was in the waiting area.

"Did you honestly hire that escort?" Danielle went to sit at her desk, and looked at when the next appointment was.

"Actually, I did hire him. He's quite attractive, and young, my mom will completely believe it!"

"Meaning, you want to get him naked in your bed," Danielle hedged. Even as quiet as she was, she knew how to peg Jessica faster than her older brother Will.

"I'm not saying getting him naked would be a bad thing, but I don't want to have to pay for those sorts of affections. I have a vibrator for that and Sunshine is wonderful."

"You named your vibrator?" Danielle asked, shocked.

"You would too if you hadn't had a boyfriend since you were seventeen," Jessica said, trailing off at the end.

"You aren't still pining over him are you?"

"Not anymore, my mom told me Daniel got married last summer to the girl he cheated on me with. Apparently he's still going to the community college there," she shrugged.

"Good, you're too talented to be stuck in that town the rest of your life. Now, you missy need to go to the spa with Abbey next week before you leave, and finish editing the shots from the Simpson wedding, scoot," Danielle snapped.

As Jessica sat down at her state of the art computer, she was still laughing. For only being three years older than her, Danielle treated her like a little sister. She was one of the two friends that Jessica still had in the city, and would trust with her life. She imported the two shots that she finalized before meeting Justin, and started on the ones of the wedding party. As she stared at the smiling bride and groom, she wondered what it would be like to stand there herself; she had envisioned her wedding to Daniel many times when they were sixteen and laying in his bed naked together after making love. But now she knew those fantasies were ridiculous, she would probably adopt a child when she was in her forties like Annie, the wedding planner who referred her often.

When Saturday finally rolled around, Jessica found herself waking early as always, and getting ready for a wedding. She put on a professional Chanel suit that allowed her to appear as if she belonged, but still blend into the background as not to distract from the wedding. She carefully curled her hair, and applied her makeup before she left to the salon where the bridal party was getting ready.

Justin rolled out of bed sometime around three on Saturday. He glanced at his calendar realizing he had to go to a wedding with a client today. Heidi, was an almost forty knockout that he accompanied to social events regularly. Today, it was her nieces wedding.

"Justin, dude, who are you going out with today?" Justin's roommate John asked as Justin was getting ready to leave in his Hugo Boss suit.

"Heidi, it's her nieces wedding," he answered.

"Well you look dapper, have fun getting paid, you whore!" John called as he closed the door.

Justin's walk to his Range Rover was short due to the reserved parking spot. He was picking Heidi up for once, acting as if he was a real date. The charade of being into multiple women was starting to wear on him, even though he wasn't pretending to be into his newest client Jessica.

The chapel where Jessica's bride was getting married was absolutely gorgeous. She was glad she had already shot a wedding there over the summer that allowed her to know the lighting, as well as how to capture the best shot. As she was shooting various still shots and guests arriving, she could feel someone's eyes on her. Trying to be inconspicuous she turned to pretend to take a photo, only to realize that Justin's blue eyes were staring through the lens at her. Jessica gasped as she lowered the camera from her eyes, capturing Danielle's attention.

"Something wrong?" Danielle asked under her breath.

"My boyfriend for next week is here, with an attractive 30 something," Jessica hissed, trying to ignore his stares.

"Oh! Which one is he?" Danielle asked while scouting the growing crowd.

"Dark hair, blue eyes, pretty smile, and grade A hottie," she sighed.

Jessica lined up her next shot as the music for the families to enter started. Danielle nodded knowingly as she positioned herself at the front of the aisle to capture the groom's face when the doors opened. Jessica moved to the doors towards the back of the chapel to capture the entering shots, as well as the first photos of the bride. Behind the scenes and special moments were what she specialized in.

Justin watched her as she flitted around the chapel capturing the moments. A slight kneel here, adjusting the lens there, and smiling when she captured the first kiss were all things that caught his attention. Heidi's hand on his leg was barely registering as he took in all that was Jessica. She called to him in the most primal of ways, he found himself wondering when he traded in his cock for a mangina when the thoughts of their wedding took over his mind.

"Are you feeling okay?" Heidi whispered in his ear as they were exiting the chapel.

"I'm fine, truly," he smiled back, before kissing her temple. Picturing her as Jessica made the ability to do so easier.

"Well, come on sweetheart. I need you to spin me around the dance floor a few times," Heidi chuckled as she sat in the SUV.

Jessica and Danielle loaded up the equipment in Jessica's car before they hurried to the reception hall halfway across Denver. Danielle turned the radio off, and started to grill Jessica immediately.

"So, I have to give you credit the escort is extremely attractive," she said hoping to get a reaction.

"His name is Justin, and I know," Jessica sighed wistfully.

"But that woman he was with, you know damn well he's getting paid to be with her," Danielle chuckled.

"That's the only thing keeping me from dry humping him on the dance floor tonight," Jessica said evilly. She had thought about abandoning her camera, and rubbing his face in her cleavage many times during the ceremony.

"There's a private bathroom at this hall, I advise you take use of it," Danielle grinned.

"I'm working, and that woman is paying for his time. I can't very well interfere, it would be extremely rude."

"Your loss; something tells me the way he was eye fucking you he wouldn't mind," Danielle said.

Jessica thought about how strangely blunt Danielle was being today. It wasn't completely out of her personality; it just seemed to be something that had started happening more recently. She only had a tendency to say things like that when she was getting laid regularly, or in a relationship.

"Are you dating somebody?" Jessica asked as she came to the realization.

Danielle immediately blushed, and hit Jessica in the arm lightly. They were pulling into the reception hall, and hurried to get some pictures before the guests arrived.

"I am dating someone, but it's new and I don't want to jinx it," Danielle confirmed as they started to unload equipment.

Jessica nodded her head knowingly, she remembered what it was like when she first started dating Daniel and didn't want to jinx it-too bad it was unnecessary as he cheated on her anyways. She gave Danielle a reassuring smile, and moved their equipment in, and started to take pictures. She knew Justin was there, and definitely was watching her.

"Give him a show girl," Danielle whispered as she circled the room.

And give him a show she did. Jessica found herself wiggling a little more in her walk, and bending over more than normal. When a drunken male guest grabbed her ass, she just laughed it off and shoved him back towards the bar.

Justin followed Jessica across the room with his eyes. Heidi was oblivious talking with her sister, the bride's mother, about how the wedding was allowing him to pay attention to her. He watched as she bent over exposing her ass to him, and when the drunken frat boy that was introduced as a cousin grabbed her ass he saw red. He felt himself getting up from his seat, when Heidi asked him where he was going he just simply said the bar. The same bar where he saw Jessica steer the groper.

"Damn, that photographer has a fine ass," He heard from the cousin.

"She does, but you should keep your grubby hands off of it," Justin said under his breath before he took a shot. If he had to watch Jessica be groped, when all he wanted to do was touch her he needed a buffer. He followed Jessica as she spoke with her assistant, handed off her camera, and went to the restroom. He involuntarily found himself following her.

"Jessica," he said softly as he knocked on the door. He could hear the sink running, and assumed she was washing her hands. When she opened the door a crack, he was blown away. She had shed her jacket, leaving her in a pink silk blouse that brought out her eyes somehow.

"What?" she hissed.

"Can I come in, please?" He asked softly. She nodded and opened the door enough for him to enter without causing a commotion.

Justin took in the quaint bathroom, and realized Jessica's jacket was hanging on the door hook, and a few buttons had come undone on her blouse. All the while Jessica was just staring at Justin, fighting her basic instinct to strip down and fuck him in the dingy bathroom.

"You know she's just a client right, it's not a real date," Justin said in a hushed whisper.

"I know that; I'm paying you, too. It isn't as if I had any real claim to you," Jessica laughed out in a hysterical tone.

Justin winced, but hurried to put his poker face back on. He couldn't let this beautiful, slightly possessive woman know how bad he truly wanted her. At least not yet.

"Jessica, you've been on my mind all day," Justin whispered in her ear, as he placed his hands on her hips.

Jessica shivered at the contact of his warm hands on her. She wanted this man, in a sense a man-whore, more than she had wanted anyone since she was fifteen. She leaned her ass into his groin only hoping to get a reaction. But what she got was so much better.

Justin, couldn't handle it when she ground her ass into him. The caveman that lurked underneath his controlled gentleman façade screamed to get out. So much so that he whipped her body around, and pressed her into the wall. Her breasts were pushed into his chest due to the fuck me pumps she was wearing, and he could feel her rapid heartbeat even through his suit jacket.

"What are you doing?" she asked him, trying to calm her heartbeat.

"The only thing I've wanted to do all night," he replied.

And with that he pressed his lips onto hers. His touch wasn't hurried, but it wasn't soft either; it summed up exactly what both of them had wanted all night. Jessica let out a soft moan, as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. They were locked in the embrace for at least 5 minutes before there was a knock at the door.

"Jessica, and McHottie, they're getting ready to do the toasts. So, if you two want to keep under the radar you better be clothed, and out of the bathroom separately in less than three minutes," Danielle's soft voice radiated through the door.

"Busted," Jessica said, as Justin cursed under his breath.