I am silenced

Silenced by fear

Silenced by the thought of judgment

Silenced by you

I am unable to speak

Unable to breathe

Unable to be myself

My feelings are constantly being suppressed and I live with the constant fear of rejection, hatred, and violence for being myself

So I am silent

I am a bird with clipped wings,

I am unable to soar, unable to fly

I am a caterpillar trapped in a cocoon of fear

I remain silent and ugly, but deep down I have a voice and I am beautiful, but you'd never see, never know of just how beautiful I am and how strong, meaningful, and powerful my voice is, for I am silent

But I am unable to have a voice for the fear of judgment, of getting hurt just because I am different from you

And just because I have different beliefs, ideals, and looks about me does not give you thee right to deem me as flawed, but it is no more

I have a voice; I will not remain silent forever

But today I will for all of those who have felt this way, whether it be gays or transgenders, lesbians or bisexuals, blacks or whites, or whoever else it may be

I am silent for you today and all the rights you deserve and the voice I know you have

I am silent today because I want change

I am silent for those who have been hurt or murdered for fighting for their rights and fighting for the right to be themselves

I am silent for you today

I want those birds to be able to fly and to soar high

And I want those caterpillars to turn to butterflies

And I want the fear of being judged, rejected, and hurt to disappear

I am silent