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Chapter 1



"I'm Jason,"


"Can I get you a drink or something?"

"I'd like that, thanks,"


Karen was irritated. Jason could practically see the thundercloud over her head as he tried to sneak out of the front door. He wouldn't be surprised if the phone she was holding in her hand cracked in two at any second. "Where do you think you're going?" She said, in that voice he knew better than to ignore.

"To… the park?" He tried. Wrong answer.

"Unless 'to the park' is code for 'going to get myself killed', you're a lying little shit," Jason groaned and resisted the urge to roll his eyes.


"No! Alice has told me all about it. Honestly, you would have to get your fists out, wouldn't you? Over some girl you've known for less than a month," Jason felt himself blush to the roots of his (very long) blonde hair. Karen pinched the bridge of her nose. "I'm your sister, and you're still blushing. Honestly! What a pathetic little romantic you are,"

"Shut your face,"

"Still, you're not going,"

"I am,"

"No, you're not,"

"Try and stop me," Karen rolled her eyes. "They've actually got her, you know! As a hostage!"

"So call the police! My God, am I the only one with any sense left around here? As if they'd actually hurt her!"

"You don't understand," Jason grumbled. "It's the principle of the thing,"

"Fine, fine, you can go," Jason looked up, astonished. "But I'm coming too,"

"Wha-! No! No way!" Karen already had her coat on and was walking out of the door. "Damnit Karen…"

"This place is a dump," Karen observed coolly, her hands stuffed into her pockets.

"They're not exactly the mafia; I imagine casinos were hard to come by,"

"Hm," Jason knocked on the door of the disused warehouse three times, and it was yanked open with a screech of rusty metal hinges. "I'm here, just like you said," He said, sounding for all the world like a character in a bad movie. "Where is she?" A burly-looking guy on the other side of the door jerked his head backwards and Jason walked in. Karen followed to a raised eyebrow. After their eyes had been given a chance to become accustomed to the gloom, Karen ascertained that the room was packed with burly-looking guys, and that the trophy (idiot) girl in question had her hands behind her back and was in possession of one of them. "Jason!" She cried, seeing him, and Jason went to go to her. Karen grabbed him by the back of his jacket. The idiot was really going to get himself killed. A considerably skinnier-looking guy sat on a moth-eaten chair and surveyed the two of them. "Are you going to apologise?" He said, at long length.

"For what?" Jason said, challenge written all over his face. Karen was starting to worry.

"For punching my good friend here in the face," He gestured to one guy with a pretty impressive black eye. Karen grinned.

"He should have kept his hands to himself," The boy in the chair pulled himself onto his feet (he was at least a head taller than Jason) and walked up to him. Without warning, he stuck a fist into his stomach. Jason dropped to his knees, gasping, and was kicked in the face. Karen ran forward before he had the chance to land another blow, and thanked good grace that she was surprising enough to halt his hand. "What the hell?" Karen just gritted her teeth and ignored the sound of the trophy idiot crying.

"Don't touch my brother," She said, hoping her voice came out forcefully.

Please don't hit me please don't hit me please don't hit me.

He dropped his hand.

Thank god for that.

"What's this? Big boy Jason still has to hide behind Mummy's skirt?" The boy said, although there was little malice to his tone. He sounded as though he were a particularly bad actor.

"Good joke. It'd be hilarious if Mummy wasn't dead," Karen snapped, then clamped her mouth closed and snapped both hands over it before it said anything else very stupid. And I thought Jason was a moron.

"Shit, sorry," He scratched the back of his head casually. "Why are you here?" Karen removed her hands from her mouth.

"To keep him from getting killed," The boy grinned.

"Aw, come on. I wasn't gonna do much damage. He's just gotta apologise, is all,"

"Never," Jason coughed from the floor. Karen closed her eyes slowly in disbelief. I've half a mind to give him a good kicking myself. The trophy girl was starting to sob. "You can kill me first, Aaron," Aaron chuckled.

"Jesus, how melodramatic," Karen was inclined to agree. "Alright, I'll strike you a deal," A what? "I'll give you back your girl and you can go free… and alive," Aaron glanced at Karen. Fantastic! I could kiss the gang-leading, brother punching bastard! "And in return, I want to date your sister,"

Did I say kiss?

"Wha-What?" Everyone in the room looked equally astonished.

"My sister?"

"Date?" Karen spluttered. Aaron nodded, smirking. Jason had struggled to his feet and opened his mouth to make what was going to turn out to be a frustratingly chivalrous remark, no doubt. "Deal!" Karen practically yelled before he had another chance to get himself punched.

"Karen!" Luckily, Jason was at that moment distracted by the release of his girlfriend, and before anybody could blink, they were burying their faces in each other's blonde ponytails. Karen could only stare as the burly gang members shifted their weight from foot to foot and murmured awkwardly.

"What's wrong? You want a little affection too?" Hot breath tickled her ear and large hands rested on her shoulders. Karen jumped out of her skin and whirled around, finding herself pressed up against Aaron, who was grinning like the cat who got the proverbial cream. "I have a boyfriend," Karen snapped out, succumbing to her automatic 'back off' instinct. Aaron leaned in closer (Way too close, if he kisses me I swear to God I'll castrate him) and grinned wider. "I know. It's me,"

"Ah, shit,"

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