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Chapter Five:

It had been a long day. After walking in on Riley with that woman, the rest of my day was pretty terrible. I was bitchy to everyone when I was only really mad at myself. I didn't understand why I was so jealous of the way she looked at him.

I walked into his classroom at the end of the day and saw the red headed woman standing by his desk. She was flirting. Something about that made me intensely angry. The worst part was: he was flirting back. I knocked the door and he glanced up and smiled. That lit up my heart.

"Jeanette? I've got to help my student out. She's struggling. We'll talk more tomorrow." He said, indirectly asking her to leave. She frowned and nodded.

"Ok, have a good day, Riley." She sounded disappointed and I had to try everything possible to keep the smug look off my face. I walked over and sat in the desk closest to his. He smiled sympathetically.

"I'm sorry, Leyla. She invited me to have lunch with her today and I couldn't say no. It would have been awkward to have you there. She might have noticed if I'd been staring at your chest the whole time." He explained with a wink. I blushed, remembering I wore the revealing shirt for a reason.

"It's fine. Who is she anyways?" I questioned, trying not to sound like I already hated her.

He stood up and went to close the door. "That's Ms. Rowling, another English teacher from down the hall." He turned back and motioned to the back of the classroom. "Why? Jealous?" He added with a smirk. I flushed and followed him back, enjoying the way he wrapped his arms around me once out of sight of the door's window.

"No, I just wish I could lay claim on my man." I said teasingly. He couldn't help but chuckle at that.

"Pretty sure that was accomplished yesterday." He winked and leaned in, placing a passionate kiss on my lips. My thoughts were immediately surrounded with him. I could barely remember the bimbos name after that.


"So, what was with you today Ley?" Marissa asked as we sat in Rachel's kitchen. Rachel was dancing next to the stove as she watched the water boil. But even though she seemed to be distracted, she turned and joined in.

"Yeah, you were extra ba-ba-ba-bitchy!" I threw a marshmallow at her as she laughed. "Is someone pmsing?" She was practically singing as she spoke and I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

"No, I was just…pissed." Marissa raised her eyebrow and I knew they expected more. "I don't know. It was a bad day, Charlie was getting clingy, and…" I paused, wondering how to word it. "I'm struggling in English again." They seemed to accept that, more concerned with the "Charlie" issue.

"Eww. I hate that guy. He's so…creepy." Rachel said and I nodded with a grimace.

"He thinks because I broke up with dumb ass, I'm looking for someone else to follow me around like a horny puppy."

"That's so disturbing." Marissa said, shaking her head back and forth as though trying to rid her mind of an image.

"Yeah, he needs to back the fuck off of you or we'll get into his kool-aid." I laughed at Rachel as she poured the pasta into the boiling water. I took another sip of hot cocoa and munched on a marshmallow.

"Whatever guys. I don't want to talk about Charlie right now. I kinda just want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie." They agreed and we ended up passing out there on the couch to the end credits of some cheesy, romance movie.


I woke up in the middle of the night from a bad dream about being rapped by Charlie. Thankfully it had shifted to being in bed with Riley. I was wide awake at 4 o'clock so I went up to my room, quiet enough not to wake the girls. I sat at my computer and read through email. As I sat there, a tiny message at the bottom of my screen popped up saying Riley was online. I smiled and wondered if I should say something. Before I could give it another thought, another screen popped up.

"Morning." It said with a smiley face. I grinned and felt butterflies in my stomach.

"Good morning."

"Just so I know it's really you and not one of your friends or anything….What line in Romeo and Juliet made me think that you had come back from your downfall in English?" I smiled wider as I read this. It was so like him to say that.

"O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon,
That monthly changes in her circled orb,
Lest that thy love prove likewise variable." I recited, having memorized that section after our tutoring session. He didn't respond for a moment and I was beginning to wonder if I had gotten the question wrong. Just as I began worrying and thinking of any other possible time he could be thinking about, he responded.

"And don't you have a similar question for me?" I grinned, I could almost see the smirk that resided on his face. It took me a long minute to think of something that would make him laugh because I already knew it was him.

"Why did I say you were mature two days ago?"

"I came prepared :D" was his response which made him seem the opposite. I couldn't help but giggle and began typing. This went on for a couple of hours and we talked about a lot. I told him about my parents job and how they were always gone. He told me what he liked most about teaching. We avoided the topic of what we were as a couple or what this would turn into. He was probably conflicted because of the complications. And I just didn't want to sound like a needy, teenage girl. So I stuck to mature topics. He asked me about books I liked and I asked him about music. At about quarter to six I decided I should probably go get ready for school.

"I was wondering if we could ever take…this outside of the school. If we had somewhere to go we'd have a better chance." I said to him, curiously. I'd had many fantasies about having him in my bed or getting to see his home.

"I've thought about it. Where would you like to go? We can't come to my place because I have a room mate."

"You could come here? My parents are never home." I hated talking about my parents to him. Made me feel like I was still a child.

"I'll think about it. It could be weird…." I frowned, glad he couldn't see it.

"ok. Well, I guess I'll see you at school. Thanks for the chat."

"Anytime Leyla." I smiled and signed off before deleting the history. I hurried downstairs to wake up the girls before making breakfast for the three of us.

"Hey Leyla!" I was walking down the hallway, headed to Riley's classroom for lunch when I heard my name. I turned back around to see Charlie trying to catch up, doing that weird half run people do when they don't want to run but the person their trying to talk to is too far ahead of them. He looked like an idiot.

"What?" I asked rudely.

"I was wondering…you wanna go out tonight? Get a bite to eat or something?" He asked and looked smug. "I'll buy."

"You think I need you to buy me dinner? I've got my own money, thanks." I said and kept walking.

"Wait! I didn't mean it like that. I meant…ya know? Like a date?" He said and I shook my head.

"Charlie, I'm only going to tell you once so listen closely. I'm not interested in you. And I never will be." I said and his face fell. "Buh-bye."

I left him standing in the hallway looking embaressed and dumbfounded. I couldn't say I really cared. He bothered me and I needed him to understand how I felt. I walked to the english hall and could hear laughing before I even reached his door. I froze to the spot and glared. She must have been in there. I turned the corner and knocked on the door. He looked at me and his face brightened. When Jeanette turned to look at me, he gave me a quick wink before motioning me inside.

"Hey. I was almost finished here. Still need help on that essay?" He asked me and I sat in my usual desk. It was a good think I a decent actress.

"Yeah. I'm struggling on some parts of the play. I can only understand so much Shakespeare before my head explodes." I said and he chuckled. Jeanette stood up then, looking a little disappointed that I had cut her lunch short.

"Alright, I'll see you later Riley." He smiled and closed the door when she left. He walked to where I was sitting and sat on his stool in front of me.

"So how was your morning, Miss. Watson?" He asked, kindly.

"It's been good so far. Got asked out today though." I stuck my tongue out in disgust. He furrowed his brow.

"You didn't say no because of me did you? I don't want to hold you back from guys your age." He said and I smiled.

"No, the guy's a down right creep. I want nothing to do with him." I said and he nodded. We started talking like we had been over the computer and even jumped when the bell rang. "Did you think about what I mentioned this morning?" I asked, standing up and grabbing my bag. He chuckled and rubbed his eyes.

"I had wondered when this would come up." He teased with a smile. "I have thought about it and I don't think it would be a good idea."

"Oh, I understand. You were right—it would be weird." He sighed.

"Give me your address. I'll meet you there." I raised an eyebrow. "Nothing we've done had been a good idea. Why start now?"


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