fall to the ground,

i don't want to do this anymore,

a voice asks me if i'm okay,

i can't answer,

they get my name,


call me,

i'm the attention of the moment,

someone's driving me,

the pavement moving,

my hands shaking,

then my body,

i can't make it stop,


stark white walls now,

reminds me of school,


a prick on my finger,

what's my name?


harder, faster now,


i can hardly stay in the wheeled chair,

i weakly get out,

i can't seem to throw away this nausea,

they ask me if i want to be put on an iv,

i can't answer,

they take it as a 'yes',

but i silently scream a 'no',


i'm of age,

is this what i get?


frigid to the touch,

a reassuring hand on my shoulder,

i bearly feel it,

it's my best friend's mom,


more voices,

i almost fall getting on the stretcher,

they buckle me in,

figures as much,


why are they taking my heart rate?


i feel like i'm dying...

am i?


asking me questions,

am i answering them right?


but the sirens are echoing,


joking how i want to be a nurse,

they can't find a place for the iv,

i want to scream,

get me out,

i'm ruining this for everyone,

i'm fading,



i never wanted this,

why did He give me this?

i can't handle it,

they think i'm a drama queen,

i don't know what to do,

i'm freakin'clueless,


insulin, strips, meter,

they snicker at me,

i don't know which i need,

id tag?

they inform me i should have known this,

i've never known anything,

i should have been more careful,

why don't you know this?




what is wrong with me?

i've always been the freak,

the misfit,

now it's permanently branded,

i can't stand it,


why does everything happen to me?

how much more can i take?

i can't think straight,

i feel a harsh, stinging sensation,


why do i need more medicine?

the direct pain,

i feel violated,

what have they done to me?


time is of the essence,

they want tests,

i know what's wrong with me already,

can i just go home?


plastic everything,

two blankets,

i can see the liquid going into me,

i'm feeling tired,

can i rest my eyes again?


i wake up,

i'm not staying,

screw this,

i call a taxi,

am i high?


he comes,

asks if i'm alright,

am i ever?


i want to fall asleep again,

so tired,

so weak,

is this time any different?


i wished for some attention,

is this what i wanted?

no, no, no, no,


sirens, sirens,

i never want to hear them again,

i don't want this,

i don't want this,


He has chosen me,

for this fate,

do i need to become dependent?

inject this drug everyday?


it seems like it?


what else do you got?

hit me,

hit me,


i arrive,

lights off,

does anyone care?

i collapse into bed,

i don't care.