A/N: I have a tune in my head and this poem fits with it... I don't know if anyone else will get it but if not then... never mind (:

Little girl sat at home
Crying out; she's all alone
She wonders why she's always low.
She cuts her body, dyes her hair
Disappears and no-one cares
Does anybody see her go?

Little tears roll down her cheek
She'll never show that she is weak
A smile will hide the pain inside.
She whispers to the evening stars
And asks that they may hide her scars
No-one'll know how much she cried.

Little voices in her head
Tell her she'd be better dead
Somehow she just carries on.
But tonight she's gonna recognise
The hidden truth within their lies
Will anybody know she's gone?

Little grave dug in the ground
Inside she doesn't make a sound
She waits for darkness to appear.
A stone above the grave declares
To anyone with passing cares
'The lonely ones will always disappear.'