With only one orange eye, she had the power to change history.

Chryseis was not a pirate, a mutant, or a Cyclops; she was disabled, scarred war soldier.

She was the stuff of myths, though; the reincarnation of a culturally significant evil deity, her presence did not bode well with the overly religious residents of her homeworld.

One of her many talents was her power of utter devastation— she could puke up Egyptian plagues, and was the source of natural disasters; her name was pure irony, Lady's truth. To help levy her powers, she had Venus flytraps on her temples, which also served as odd antenna. She also knew that her organs were very alien when compared to regular, human systems, but it was due to her half-race specie.

She had hair that had the appearance of clear, optical fiber; they reflected pastellish hues throughout, and was cut short in every place but two collarbone-length, corkscrew-curled locks on the sides.

In Nifl, a conservative land of brunettes and redheads, her white hair stood out; negatively, at that, since non-conformity was a sin, and white hair represented Bifrost, the devil she was reincarnated from.

White-haired children were torched alive by their own mothers without mercy; the fathers would dump the ashes into opposing battlegrounds. It was a symbol of Nifl's lack of mercy for the nation's own children in the face of evil, and that Luminescedell and Muspel, the other two nations, would back away from the frontlines in disgusted horror.

Then again, in a land where the only acceptable bread-winning-job was a priest or civil servant, fascism was never so prevalent.

It couldn't be communist, since the poor bastards were too damn selfish.

Born with average beauty, Chryseis was the daughter of an aristocratic, powerful family, the Montblanc clan; her mother Lycoris was the eldest, gorgeous daughter. Her father Azrael was a friend of the family who helped the clan out in a couple of tight spots.

They also ate people.

Her parents were nonchalant, careless cannibals who preyed on Lycoris' admirers; the reach of this woman's beauty was powerful enough to spread to married straight women, and Azrael's jealousy was described by Lycoris to be 'lovably protective'.

Being a god did that to you, apparently.

Her father the god of death, her mother the goddess of beauty; sex and violence, literally married for once. As Azrael had viteligo, and an overall frightening appearance, his marriage to the most beautiful women stirred outrage in the masses. Chryseis was the first product of their blasphemous union, and she turned out pretty well, but the less said about her three insane siblings the better.

Chryseis lived with Salem, who was father-approved; he often ran medical checks on her, and published his findings about her odd anatomy in scientific journals. Considering the level of conservatism, science journals were strict black market fare, and even mentioning the theory of evolution resulted in a hanging.

Was that extreme? For these people, no; they would do anything for the Lady— their God[dess]— and this meant eradicating [or containing] all minorities, liberals, artists, and especially scientists. They viewed blonde hair as holy, black hair as attractive, and white hair as evil. The paler the skin, the less defects, and the more distance from liberals? The closer you are to the Lady's standards.

A white-haired, disabled, viteligo reincarnation of a dark goddess, whose best ally was a devoted liberal scientist spelled disaster fifty times over. No wonder nobody liked Chryseis.

Funny, since she was the only person in the entirety of Nifl capable of compassion.