Title: And So He Watches (2/2)
Romance/General/PG-13 (for implied slash)
There are many things that people don't know about the Vampyre and the Fallen Angel. Even things they don't know about each other. So what can they do – but watch and learn?
Time Line:
Spring, 2466 A.S. Six months after Tales of a Fallen Seraph.
Sin – 465 years; Draca – 110 years; Gwen – 26 years; Kyris – 50 years

And So He Watches - Shadows

"The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence. No, not in silence, but restraint."

Contrary to popular belief, Draca knows the meaning and practice of restraint.

He knows quite a bit about restraint, in fact, and both he and the entire world are fortunate for that. Could you imagine what would happen if he couldn't restrain himself when the bloodlust or Vampyric hunger hit? It would not be a pretty picture, believe him. No, he knows restraint. There are simply many times where he finds restraint unnecessary. Most times, actually.

For life is far too short (well, not in his case) and the world could be paved times over with things left unsaid. So why should he curb his quicksilver tongue and wicked wit? Why should he contribute to it? He is a man of impulse, a man of action. He is incredibly open when it comes to his thoughts on a person. If he likes them, they know it. If he hates them... well.

If he hates them, they're more than likely already dead.

He restrains himself when Sin's little fanclub is around, though he makes a point to never stifle his amusement. Sin probably thinks it's their endless fawning over him that amuses him to no end. Wrong. What gets him is how Sin treats them. He treats them like glass and gives them small gestures of affection. He sees them as innocent – ignorant of the world and its workings. Draca knows otherwise. They come from families of smugglers, thieves, and assassins, after all. He restrains from telling the man that his over-protective nature and guardian morals are what really draws them to him. Though he'd love to see the look on Sin's face if he ever told him.

With Gwen it is much the same – though both Sin and Kyris are guilty of this. To them she is still a child to be protected and nurtured. He, however, is the one who trained her, taught her to be manipulative and sly. There is nothing innocent about her – not in the way of childlike innocence, at least. She has them all fooled, and it's not wonder to him how she mastered the art of manipulation so quickly. She's been unknowingly doing it for years.

With Kyris his restraint is more an issue of self-preservation than social etiquette. He absolutely adores the barmaid and everything about her, and he has surprisingly little restraint when it comes to the fairer sex. (Philanderer they call him. Bah! He cannot help that he adores women of all breeds.) Couple that with Kyris' extremely short temper and you have a recipe for disaster. Or simply pain, on his part. The incident with Gwen years back was a perfect example of the beautiful torture he endures at the woman's hands. It's worth every second of it, too. But he is wary of her limits and the thought of what she may do to him if he actually tries to pursue her gives even him nightmares.

Yes, he knows a thing or two about social restraints such as these. It's called tact, and he would be a terrible thief and spy if he was not well-versed in it. And while that's all well and good, there is a new, startling type of restraint he is forced to learn.

Emotional restraint.

To set the record straight, he admits that he is an emotional person. He feels what he feels, damnit, and to hell with anyone who ridicules him for it. He usually allows his emotions to flow freely, and they usually make a direct path from his brain to his mouth.

But a smile is all it takes to change all that. A simple, genuine, happy smile that he's never seen the likes of before. He embarrasses himself in that moment, too busy choking down a surge of something that he can't even think of anything to say. He can't even focus on anything but that smile and the way his heart seems to try to crawl out of his chest in that moment. He flees instead, and almost stumbles at the burst of warm laughter that follows him. The very next day a similar smile has even more similar effects on him, and it isn't even aimed his way that time! It is the beginning of a new kind of torture – a new kind of restraint.

He can't understand it, why he feels this way. And so he watches in an attempt to find his own answers. What kind of spy would he be if he didn't?

He correctly pins down the symptoms of attraction quickly – mind going blank, the inability to speak, the urge to reach out and touch, etc. Discovering that he is attracted to his partner actually surprises him little. The man is beautiful – his Angel blood (regardless that it's Fallen) allows for nothing less – and Draca is not exactly new to the attraction of the male form. Though to be sure, it is not as familiar to him as the allure of the fairer sex. However, he's had his fair share of male conquests over the years.

He is and always will be a thief in nature. When something catches his eye, he wastes no time in capturing it for his own. That includes those people he's attracted to. But instead of claiming Sin for himself, he restrains his attraction. And as days turn to weeks and weeks to months, he finds he has still done nothing to alleviate that attraction. No, instead he sentences himself to far too many sleepless days (and sometimes nights, when his schedule calls for a change) filled with images that leave him sweating and disconcertingly sticky and wanting to bang his head against a wall in utter frustration. And yet still he does nothing.

He continues to do nothing even as Kyris and Gwen sit him down one night while Sin is on commission to bloody interrogate him on the subject. He attempts to throw them off track with tangents and one word answers, but they are not to be deterred. By the end of the night, he's accomplished nothing more than receiving many an eye roll and exasperated "Typical"s for his trouble.

He realizes only weeks after his "interrogation" a plausible reason as to why he has remained inactive, and will continue to do so, as things seem to be. Unlike his other conquests (for lack of proper term), he has a previous relationship – a partnership, a friendship – with Sin. And, as cliché as it is, he is loathe to taint that. He can count the number of people he calls friends on one hand. Why should he gamble what is already so good?

So he restrains himself. Retrains himself from letting glances lock longer than appropriate; from letting touches linger. He kills the impulse of so many things when it comes to Sin, for a million reasons that, if he truly thinks on it, amount to nothing. More importantly, he kills the urge to do something, if only to stop the knowing glares that are constantly being sent his way – courtesy of a certain barmaid and Kitsune.

He'll be damned if he ever admits it to anyone, but he really does hate restraint.

"The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence. No, not in silence, but restraint."

Walk on, Traveler of Worlds.

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