There was one problem with this new life that I'd never anticipated, it wasn't something that I'd ever expected to have to think about again other than in not so fond memories. And what was this problem? Nothing to do with my strange body swap or death, no it was much worse than that. It was school.

When I'd left school I had assumed that that would be the end of it and it had been a huge relief. Even if my life had been pretty messed up after leaving I never once regretted it or thought to myself that maybe I'd made the decision to quickly and hadn't been thinking about my future. So when I found out that I had to go back to school I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, but there wasn't much I could do about it. I could leave school but I'd feel a bit bad, like I was going against Brian's wishes by doing so. He hadn't left school so he had probably wanted to continue with it.

Another of my numerous problems at the moment was my brains insistence of still thinking of myself as Daisy and Brian as someone I'd just met. There had been several close calls in which I'd almost started talking about Brian in third person before realising that they thought I was Brian. It was hard though, so hard to just lose my entire identity and be given a new one within the blink of an eye. But if this was going to work in any way then I was going to have to accept that fact and move on.

In my attempt to become Brian I spent most of my time in his room, in my room, just looking at things. It was a pretty standard room really, despite being almost triple the size of my old room. It had way more luxuries than my room ever had as well, including a computer and a TV. There was the occasional photo that I found stuffed in a draw but not much that would give me an insight in to the type of life he'd had, he wasn't a girl and he didn't keep pictures of his friends up on his wall like I had done and that made my job to discover who he was even harder.

Personally I thought that the best way to find out who someone was was to go through their mobile phone messages and photos, something I'd done on several occasions in the past, but unfortunately it wasn't an option here. The phone had been crushed in the accident and although his parents had ordered me a new one it wouldn't help with finding out anything about him. Of course I could get away with not knowing a lot of things, due to the whole amnesia excuse, but I wanted to have at least some sort of background knowledge in to his life, something to base the decisions I made on and to guide me with how to act.

After searching his room top to bottom I was still no wiser. When I'd found a locked drawer it had taken my forever to find the key hidden in a little gap behind his bed and I'd got so excited, thinking I'd found a diary that would contain all of his deepest secrets. When I opened the drawer I realised that I'd been stupid. If this had been a girl's room then maybe I would have found the imaginary diary, but Brian was a guy and all I found was a load of porn. I shut the draw, locked it and put the key back in its hiding place. Somehow I doubted I would be needing to go in to that drawer again.

The last few days I had before school started I spent mostly in my room and worrying about going to school. I'd made the decision to stop referring to Brian as another person. I'd tried it before and failed but I couldn't afford to fail once I started school. I was getting a new start in life and I didn't want to be seen as the freak who wandered around talking about himself in third person. Of course I had no idea who I really was at school, for all I knew I could already be the freak. But I'd spent so much time looking at my new body critically in the mirror while trying to get used to it that I'd decided being a freak would be unlikely. I looked like the stereotypical popular guy and I definitely wouldn't complain at that. It would be nice to be popular, it had never happened to me before.

I'd not been a loser as a girl, but I definitely hadn't been classed as popular either. I was just one of those people that was there. I'd had friends, but none that I had been particularly close to. I'd blended in to the background people, with the sort of face that people recognised but could hardly ever put a name to. The same had gone for the teachers, I'd been well behaved enough to blend in with the class but not good enough or bad enough at any lesson for them to pay any special attention to me and I'd been quite happy with that, I'd never been thrilled at the idea of standing out in a crowd. But now things were different and everything was changing so maybe standing out would be a good thing. I'd been given a second chance and I wasn't going to waste it.

The morning of my first day back at school arrived and I was up bright and early. Really early, hours before I had to be. But I was so nervous about what would happen that I hadn't been able to sleep well and by about five am I'd given up trying to get any rest and instead started wondering about what I was going to wear. I'd gone through my wardrobe and found way more clothes than I could ever imagine a guy owning. When I say wardrobe I don't mean a piece of furniture that contains a few hangers and clothes stuffed in to it as I'd always imagined most guys having. Instead it was actually a room, a really small room, but a room nonetheless.

In the end I'd settled on some black jeans and a tight fitting t-shirt of some band I'd never heard of. I had to admit that I looked pretty good as I stood in front of the mirror checking myself out. If I'd still been female and met Brian looking like this he was exactly the kind of guy I would have gone for. I pushed that thought out of my mind, there was no point thinking about what could have happened in the past. Daisy was dead, Brian was all that was left and I had to make the most of that. I had to make the most of life, because who knew how quickly it would be over.

Several hours later the doorbell rang and I was called downstairs. It was a friend who I would be walking to school with. His name was Daniel and he'd visited me a few times in hospital and a couple of times since I'd been at home and our conversations had mostly been awkward. He hadn't known what to say to me, I could tell he was trying to avoid talking about the accident but couldn't think of anything else to talk about, and I had the problem of trying to work out who he was, how I usually acted around him.

The last time he'd visited we'd actually managed to have a somewhat normal conversation and he'd started introducing me to video games that we'd played together before the accident and I was surprised to find myself having fun. Not so much with the games because I was awful at all of them, but whilst playing I felt like we'd bonded a bit and that through Dan's interaction with me I was finding out who I was. So when he'd offered to walk to school with me I'd jumped at the offer, so glad to have someone with me when I entered that building again.

And it would be again, because I'd been in the building before. The school I would be going to was the same school that Daisy had gone to and recently left. It was slightly weird, but I was grateful for that fact, at least it meant I wouldn't end up going around getting lost and not knowing where my maths room or whatever was. It was one less thing to worry about and as I had a list as long as my arm of things to be worried about it was nice to make that list a little bit shorter.

The walk to school had started out quiet and a little bit awkward but by the time we'd got there we'd relaxed in to each other a bit again and were chatting normally. The chatting continued until he lead me to our group of friends. There were five faces and while they seemed vaguely familiar I think that was probably just because I'd seen them around before rather than any of Brian's memories coming back to me.

Everyone, except for one girl, had acted carefully around me, avoiding mentioning the accident and having trouble of what to say. But the girl, Selene, hadn't bothered with the caution everyone else used and I actually found it refreshing and easier to talk to her than anyone else and by the end of the day everyone else had followed her example and conversation had become less awkward.

Before going home we'd arranged to meet up later on in the evening to go clubbing. I'd been a little hesitant at first, I'd never been clubbing before. It hadn't been something I'd been in to before and even if I had my parents never would have let me, but apparently it was something everyone expected Brian to want to do and so I'd agreed.

When I'd got home I'd mentioned it to my parents who hadn't seemed surprised at all, in fact they'd seemed happy that I was getting back in to routine so easily. It was slightly weird that they were so happy that their under age son was going to go out drinking but I didn't stop to question it, just accepted the fact happily and went upstairs to change.

As I'd never been clubbing as a girl I wouldn't have known what girls wore, but it was even harder to work out what guys wore. In the end I kept the jeans and just swapped the t-shirt for a slightly silky red shirt with a loose fit. When I went downstairs as a test my parents made no comment about my choice of clothes so I hoped that meant that I was wearing something appropriate.

After dinner and a bit of TV the doorbell went at about ten, my friends were here and we were walking the short distance to the club. My parents hadn't batted an eyelid when I'd told them I'd be going out at ten even though I'd expected them to look at me like I was crazy. Daisy's parents had always expected her home by nine on a school night so the idea of not going out until after she'd usually had to be back by was slightly crazy, but apparently just another benefit of my new life.

Seeing my other friends it looked like I'd made a good call on my choice of clothes, the general theme seemed to be smart casual and my outfit seemed to land in that category. The seven of us were walking to the club together but we'd ended up splitting in to two groups when four of them had wanted to grab something to eat first. Having already eaten Dan, Selene and I continued on our way to the club and arranged to meet them when they arrived.

We got in without being IDed but I hadn't been expecting to get IDed after standing in the queue for half an hour and seeing everyone that was being let in, there were lots that looked a hell of a lot younger than I did and so I made the assumption that this wasn't exactly the kind of club that was too strict on ages.

The wait in the queue wasn't exactly fun, especially when it had started to rain and none of us had thought to bring an umbrella, but it was definitely an educational experience. It turned out that Daniel and Selene didn't get on. And I don't mean they just had a slight difference of opinion occasionally, I meant that they couldn't seem to have a single conversation without arguing. It was a little awkward but entertaining at the same time. And it meant that one of them was almost always talking to me in an attempt to avoid talking to the other and I was quite happy with that, it was nice to be the focus of someone's attention for once.

By the time we'd got in to the club and the others had arrived it was past eleven but as my parents hadn't mentioned anything about a curfew I was fairly certain I could stay out as late, or early, as I liked without any consequences, which was just fine by me.

We'd all been crowded around one of the few tables around the edge of the room chatting for a while when Selene put her hand in mine and led me out to the dance floor. Dancing was weird to say the least. I was a guy and expected to be the strong one in charge but I couldn't manage it, thankfully either she didn't notice my awkwardness or she didn't mind, either way she appeared to be in her element.

I realised that I was getting envious looks from most of the guys in the room and it was then that I looked at Selene properly for the first time. She was good looking, seriously good looking. The kind of girl Daisy would have killed to have looked like with the perfect figure, long legs, flowing blonde hair she was pretty much perfection personified.

She leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine and I supposed I should have expected it but it still made me jump a little bit. We kissed whilst swaying to the music for what seemed like forever. It wasn't unpleasant really, just strange. My hands were placed awkwardly around her waist and hers around my neck as she pulled me closer and pressed her lips harder against mine. At least one of us seemed to be enjoying ourselves.

The rest of the night continue as it had started out, with me alternating between chatting at the table with the others and being dragged out on to the dance floor to make out with her. Every time I got back I received increasingly amused looks from everyone but Dan who announced he had to go home or there was no way he'd be able to get up for school later. I glanced at my watch and saw it was half past two in the morning and realised I had to be up for school at seven so I said I'd walk back with him which earned me a surprised look from him and an annoyed one from Selene.

Did the fact that we'd spent most of the night making out on the dance floor mean we were now boyfriend and girlfriend? Did that mean I was supposed to walk her home? Were we supposed to arrange a date? I had no idea what I was expected to do so I gave her a quick kiss before following Dan out of the door and leaving the others behind.

We walked in silence for a bit but it felt slightly awkward and I couldn't help but try and break it, I hate awkward silences.

"I don't know how they can stay out that late and still get up for school." Dan gave me a curious look.

"You used to. And besides they probably won't turn up until lunchtime."

"Oh. Right."

We continued walking in silence after that but it felt a little less awkward than before. More than once I caught him looking at me with his mouth open as if he were about to say something but then changed his mind. Eventually he spoke.

"So what's going on with you and Selene?"

"How do you mean?"

"You two used to hate each other and now all of a sudden you're giving everyone in the club a floor show?" We used to hate each other? Crap. Why had no one told me this before? Anyway, it was too late to go back on what had happened now.

"The accident kind of put things in to perspective for me. Life's too short to hold a grudge." He nodded as if considering that for a moment before he responded.

"I guess it was just a surprise to me. And I didn't really expect you to be dating so soon."

"Why not?" he paused for so long that I thought he wasn't going to answer me.

"Just... you know. With the accident and everything. It was traumatic. I just guess I thought you'd take a bit longer to get over things. But you know, it's good that you're moving on and all."

I nodded at that but didn't reply, I didn't know what I was supposed to say. We separated when we reached my house and I arranged to meet him here and walk to school tomorrow.

I entered the house as silently as possible and it looked like everyone was fast asleep as I sneaked slowly up the stairs. I was fairly certain I didn't have a curfew but I didn't want to test that fact by waking my parents up at three in the morning. When I got upstairs I stripped off and climbed in to bed with a happy smile on my face. Considering that was my first day at school I had to say it went better than I could ever have expected.