transatlantic flight

stranded on the island –
stuck in the vessels
between death and sure death,
you can jump or you can give up

you can find yourself in
the ocean – it's calming
that feeling of letting yourself go
the unreeling, surreal sinking

but can't you thrash through
the water you're throwing
the waves all around just for
one more chance at thriving

still there's a decision caught
in your chest – you heave through it
tongue tied & the unfeeling
of your body touching the sand

there's an urgency in your legs,
but your body is too tired, the
fight is lost before it has even begun,
but your mind ignores all body signals

one more wave, one more thrash
you can reach shore before sunset,
but your body slows down, you
soak up the sun, breathing & heaving

the sun feels good against your skin,
it dries the water off your arms
& you feel the warmth of it embracing you
after all, it will always be there tomorrow