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Chapter 1: Picketed

Brooke was sitting in the cafeteria, alone. She fidgeted with her hair, impatiently watching the clock tick. Brooke really didn't have friends, mostly because she was strange, she had outrageous clothes -- not to mention hideous brown hair. She was currently wearing a dull black sweater matching along with black baggy pants.

"Nerd alert." giggled an soft oh-so familiar voice. Claire Daley, she was one of popular girls at school. Claire hated Brooke, Brooke hated Claire. Brooke had many haters, thanks to her unnatural gift of beauty.

Dana, another of Claire's friends was also along with Claire. "Nah.. just forget her she's not really worth torturing." Dana replied, a soft giggle escaped her rosy lips. She was true definition of beauty and fashion. Its like she had this weird kind of ability to attract a guy -- as if she was a man magnet. Yup, Dana McMillan was a man magnet.

"Just leave me alone! I've never did any harm to neither of you -- so why do you always pick on me huh?" asked Brooke, assuredly with no hesitation.

Claire and Dana, giggled and soon turned into contagious laughter and they were quite surprised when she remained calm. "We.. ha ha well ha ha om... ha ha." a couple of random words were heard, Brooke couldn't quite make out what they were referring to. OK Brooke, their jerks alright. Don't take them seriously, their just being just plain mean!

"Seriously, Brooke. You should be arrested by fashion-police, I mean you're clothes are even more spookier then a Halloween costume." Dana stated, with every word her voice rose. Loud enough for everyone in the cafeteria to hear, snickers filled the room in seconds. In a few minutes, everyone was laughing uncontrollably

Ned Adams, a boyfriend of Dana stood up. "Dana, I think you should leave the nerd in her little fantasy world." he remarked, the laughter rose at his remark.

"Nerd central much?!" Claire loudly remarked, her eyes twinkled in a sarcastic way. Brooke was badly outnumber, a small tear rolled down her cheeks. Brooke stood up, and excused herself from the cafeteria. She was surrounded by snickering cruel kids. She hurried off, and ran to the bathroom.

"Why am I so ugly?" she asked herself, as she starred at her reflection. Her brown bushy hair stayed still, she wept every time she remembered when Claire and Brooke tortured her in the past, especially Ned.

Brooke left the washroom, fighting back tears. It was no use, she wouldn't say in the bathroom forever. When everyone laid eye contact with her, they starred at her with disgust, disgraceful looks on their faces. Lastly, she saw Ned and Dana their hands were gently entwined. Brooke turned to the next corner, and heard a faint sneer. I will be back Emeralds. Brooke trembled in terror, fearing what Dana's next attempt will be.

"It's Emeralds! She doesn't even earn that title." said Claire snidely as ever, her arm rested on Brooke's crush. Eric Anderson. Brooke wide-eyed, and could not believe Claire would steal her crush. Of course, their my enemies would should I expect from them? Horrible. Torture. Disgraceful! She shouldn't deserve Eric, I do!

Brooke was insanely jealous of Claire and Dana. They had clothes she would trade her right arm for, not like she'd have any use of them. Boyfriends, that are irresistible. Their precious brunette hair, bouncing off their shoulders. They had this weird power of bribing people, and torturing them. It's as if they had a sixth sense.

It was time for dismissal, Brooke was glad that school was over, after all Dana and Claire are super-popular, cheerleaders and can do whatever or whenever they want. Brooke ran straight towards her room, not having any thought of what happened today, it wasn't close to being positive -- she was tortured, picketed and teased. There's nothing positive with that. Brooke's sobs were heard through the door -- Brooke's mom, Annabelle who was slightly worried of her daughter. She tiptoed towards her tearing daughter.

"Bonbons what is the matter? Those mean girls picketing you again?" Annabelle, known as Mrs Emeralds asked.

"Oh, mother it's those awful girls alright, mother can't we just move or something?" she asked, hoping her mother won't ignore her plea.

Mrs Emeralds gladly excepted the offer, and said. "Also, father got a job at a town called Heather field. You're father also found a nice house, the greatest news of all that you're being transferred to a new school!" announced Mrs Emeralds, Brooke jumped in glee and her mother joined in the happy dance.

Nobody will know me at my new school. Maybe I can improve my looks, that way no body would laid their eyes off me!

Brooke had a slight idea, about changing her complexion. "Mother, why don't we bye new clothes?!" suggested Brooke.

Mrs Emeralds agreed with her daughters request, and started packing their clothes. They had two week minimum to prepare and leave their old house. Brooke excitedly danced, and hugged her mother in happiness. She never thought, she'd be so happy in life. Those nasty girls -- and their boyfriends are officially out of her life for good. Brooke wondered what kind of people will be in her school -- perhaps people will be more kind-hearted than the people in her old school.

Good bye, snickering ville.

"For good." Brooke thought out loud.

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