A thousand souls on a thousand places
Are born and die every day
It's not my place to ever question
Who will leave and who will stay

I approach him with apprehension
Slowly, though I've waited for years
I kneel and take his head in my hands
I'm an angel, the Angel of Tears

I have nothing to do with the reasons
I am not the one to fill holes
I do not provide explainations
I'm just collecting their souls

He gasps, tries to focus his eyes
What he sees is the ultimate thief
I turn my face upwards and cry
I'm an angel, the Angel of Grief

I come, leave a body behind
I move on when my work is done
I never forget any of them
And I miss every single one

I close his eyes, press on his chest
To force him to draw his last breath
My heart is breaking for all of them
I'm an angel, the Angel of Death