I knock the bottle of wine off the counter.
It falls.
Fragmenting all across the floor.

I look down at the red liquid pooling around near my feet
Maybe I should clean it up,
....but.... it sounded so beautiful
Like the sound of faith shattering

Maybe I should take the
Jagged glass shards out of my skin
...but the sound of me slicing
felt like a friend long lost

Maybe I should wash the sanguine vinegar
From the hem of my white Jeans
But why would I want to
wash out love forever more?

I kneel down,
accept the pain as the
Sunken Glass
shifts in my flesh

I graze my hand across the scattered glass
hoping to feel

...not sure what.

A trickle of crimson
falls down my fingers as I lift them up
I smile knowing what I have accomplished

but not really

I drag my forefinger across my lips
and taste
the two types of wine

the taste of
hope smeared against hate

i gently set myself down
spreading myself evenly

the uneven surface

i revel in the smell of
lurking peace

letting myself breathe what i am

apr. 18, 09