I used to live in a state of
Eternal winters
Cold and bleak.
Where day was full of
Clouds of grey and
Snow that fell
Heavy and relentless.
The night would get
Frigid and dark
And I'd be locked in my
Little internal room,
Praying for a better day.

My eyes used to be
Dull and lifeless
Viewing but not seeing,
The colors within them
Faded and long lost.
Like murky windows
That nobody could look through...
None cared to peer into them
And so they remained
Closed portals.

My heart was once a
Fragile crystal drum
That beat in awkward rhythms.
It was a fractured toy
Given to uncaring hands
That smudged its outsides
And hid the life within.
This little object finally
Broke, raining little shards
Of unkept promises
Onto an unforgiving floor.

And I was certain my life would
Never see anything but
Bleak futures.

Then one day
A messenger came
Not in the form of verbal arrival
But rather in a form of

The winters around me had
Started to melt,
And a warmth wrapped me up close.
Suddenly things had colors bright
And pulsed with energy strong
A feeling racing through my being
Informed me,
No more lonely winter days,
Spring has come.

My faded and long forgotten eyes
Came back to life again,
Squinting at first in such a light
That blinded me with strength
But shrouded me in comfort.
The colors grew strong,
And a newfound gleam had been born...
And I saw the look of somebody
Who cared to look back at me...
Somebody who looked within.

You picked up my heart from the floor
And cradled it gently in your hands,
Asked me if I needed help to fix it...
Even if you never offered aloud.
Instead you struggled relentlessly
Until every piece was back in place,
Then stared at the object in your hands
And declared with timid confidence,
"This object is beautifully fragile,
And needs a caring hand to hold it.
May I be that caring hand?"

There is no more winter cold.
There are no more forgotten glances.
My eyes are alight with a passion,
My heart brims with warmth and joy.
This body pulses with an energy that
Had long since been lost...
And recently re-found.

In the darkest hours of the night
Or bleakest of times that fall down...

In the coldest times of the year
When all the meadows fall barren...

I hold you close to me and
Never dare to stray,
For if I ever were to lose your light,
I may never find my way again.

You radiate into my life
Everything you are...

So radiate.
Radiate eternally.
And know that when you find your times
Drawing darkness upon your life...

I will be there to radiate for you.