Apologetically Angry

She plays the quietly wounded,
The one that has suffered
A hurt feeling or two
But swallows the bitterness
And tries her best to fake
Her own forgetting.

But an untreated wound
Causes so much unjust pain.
She grits her teeth
And moves along
Fearing a confrontation
That could possibly make
The situation worse.

She's the one who hides away
And explodes with emotion
Only when she's alone.
Who terrorizes the silent walls
With her crying curses and
Screaming swears.

She's the one that doesn't get it
When she tells her love
To leave her alone
Because she's been wounded,
And selfishly wonders if
He'd chase after her
When she rejected him.

And she knows it's just an episode,
A small bump in the road
That litter the trail
But for now she is sullen,
And apologetically angry.