The Moment Before

Wired up creature
Taken into a chamber of
Lights ablaze,
Center stage.
Stared at with mutiple
Pairs of eyes
Staring down,
Murmuring loud.

Suddenly a strong inhale
Of intoxicating air
No fragrance,
No resistance.
At first there is nothing
And then
The eyes retreat back
The body falls off track.
The lights of the room
Slowly swirl into a vortex
Wrapping around the
Creature who inhaled the
Poisoned air.

The creature feels unstationary,
Floating away into space
Writhes desperately
Afraid of the heights...
The creature sails.
The bodies belonging to the eyes
Have become fuzzy blobs
In a gelatin universe;
Their voices turned to
Buzzing static...

The creature claws at the nothing
Spiraling and whirling in midair
All the colors melding
No more lights,
And no sounds.
Stop spinning
Can't stop

The eyes go back.
The creature sleeps.
And the world returns to peace.