Living Through the Storm

The sky turns black and ominous
The air turns heavy with hostility
Winds are warm as blood and
Sears the body to the core
Then there it is—
The first crack of lightning
Splits the sky
With abrupt violence that
Leaves a gaping wound
Thunder roars, demanding argument.

The lightning cuts the sky
Repeatedly, a samurai's accuracy
And murderer's coldheartedness
Until finally there is rain.
Heavy, hot, hard rain
Full of emotion and while it
Is devoid of voice,
It tells the tale of misery,
Despair, and anguish.

And somewhere in this torrent
Of terror and destruction,
There is two, captured in the
Crossfire of warring forces,
Sparring for control.
The innocent run, but are
Stricken blind by rain
Nearly ruined by the lightning
Deafened by the thunder.
Hell has fallen upon the world,
And has taken two prisoners.

The storm tears between the two,
Its brutal nature seeping
Into the innermost workings of
Their minds,
Twisting them into creatures
That are defending only themselves,
Sending waves of bitterness
Crashing over two souls that once
Were bound to protect the other.
Distorts the words of peace
Into daggers, causing injury.

And it rages on for hours
Before the energy ebbs away,
And an eerie silence floats down.

The sky is grey with numbness
And the wind weakens until it dies.
The land is nearly devastated,
Branches of once beautiful trees
Laying scattered on a battered earth
That once held beauty,
But now holds bruises of a
Turbulent time.

Underneath one of the trees
There she is, laying in a
Foundation of mud and debris,
Her body quivering with distress
And her eyes staring blankly
As they look around and wonder
What has occurred.
She rises to sit, tucking her body
In close, resting her head upon
Her knees, revealing bruises
Upon her arms and scratches
Along her face.
She is battered,
She is beaten,
But she still holds on.
There is a force stronger than
Pain and war that keeps her
Holding on.
That force is her bind to another.

In a little cavern hidden
Quite a ways from there
He's hidden himself inside
And stares at the wall.
The cavern is not much longer than he
And he's taken sanctuary in
This womb of darkness,
Waiting it out. Not just the storm,
But also his warring thoughts.
What made him run from her
In the midst of all that destruction?
What made them throw daggers
To begin with? What insanity drove
Them to this point.
He begins to wonder where she is,
And crawls out from his protective
Hideaway. He sets into search,
Hoping to God he isn't too late.

She's been pacing around the lands
For three eternities, to her it feels.
Her mind can't help but drift backwards
As her eyes look forward at the sunset.
She folds her arms tighter across herself,
Shivering with emotions swelling.
Emotions of dread, sorrow, and fear,
All answering a single question:
What if he doesn't come back this time?

Suddenly, a gentle force up from behind,
A pair of arms around her shoulders,
Pulls her back, and makes her turn around.
She peers up and into
A pair of timidly hopeful eyes,
That match beautifully with a smile
That brims with relief and uncertainty.
At first, there is an empty look
Upon her battered countenance,
As it takes a moment to all sink in.

But then a smile settles on her lips,
And her eyes fill up with eager tears
Throwing herself into the arms of her protector,
The force to which she is forever bound.
His arms tighten around her, and he rests
His head atop hers, closing his eyes
And silently voicing his relief to the air,
Feeling as if the missing half to his being
Had finally found its place once more.

And they both silently breathe
A sigh of relief,
Reunited once more after
Living through the storm.